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Descubre más sobre Calvin Harris: su cumpleaños, lo que hizo antes de la fama, su vida de familia, curiosidades, popularidad y más. The BRIT Awards are swiftly approaching and music fans are eager to learn more about the nominees.Google searches have revealed a strange development — Americans seem to wonder if Calvin Harris ... Natalia Barulich 13 de enero de 1992. Tiene 28 años (en 2020). Introducción : Vida Personal : Familia y Educación Relaciones Personales : Carrera Profesional, Trabajos y Fortuna : Medidas y Datos Interesantes : Vea la sección anterior Calvin Harris y The Weeknd sorprendieron a todos con su gran colaboración, la cual nadie se esperaba en realidad.. Los cantantes Calvin Harris y The Weeknd unieron sus voces para su primera colaboración artística con 'Over now', un sencillo que mezcla el género pop con algo de punk y rhythm and blues y que por supuesto ya se encuentra disponible en todas las plataformas digitales. Inicios de Calvin Harris en la Música Calvin Harris comenzó a crear música desde temprana edad, pero a los 21 fue cuando estrenó canciones, como 'Da Bongos' y 'Brighter Days'. En el 2002 firmó un contrato bajo sello Prima Facie, tomando el nombre de Stouffer. Después de un breve recorrido en la escena se cambia el nombre a Calvin Harris ... Calvin Harris Parents: David Wiles (father), Pamela Wiles (mother) Calvin Harris Siblings: Edward Wiles (older brother) Sophie Wiles (older sister) Calvin Harris Marital Status: Single Calvin Harris Children: None Adam Richard Wiles, widely known as an electronic musician Calvin Harris, grew up in Scotland, UK. Adam liked music and soccer from the very childhood. Calvin Harris Bio, Edad. Calvin Harris nació el 17 de enero de 1984 en Dumfries, Escocia y su signo solar es Capricornio. Nació como Adam Richard Wiles a sus padres David y Pamela Wiles. Mientras que su padre, David era bioquímico, su madre (antes Pamela Noon) era ama de casa y madre de familia. Datos de Calvin Harris. Nombre Verdadero: Adam Richard Wiles Nombre Artístico: Calvin Harris Donde Nació: Dumfries, Escocia Fecha de Nacimiento: 17 de enero de 1984 Edad: 36 Nacionalidad: Escocés Género(s): House, electro house, EDM, pop, dance pop, electro pop, big room house, deep house, tropical house, funk, nu-disco, eurodance Actividad: 1999 - Actualidad ... Tenemos 13 artículos con el tag Calvin Harris. Los más recientes son: Estrellas que comenzaron a salir con las parejas de sus amigas…, 9 estrellas que se enojaron con sus fans en pleno concierto, 20 famosos que cambiaron de nombres y NO LO SABÍAS The Weeknd and Calvin Harris have teamed up for new song “Over Now.” This marks the first time the two pop heavyweights have worked together. The song’s accompanying CGI-enhanced visual ...

Nmom and My Books

2018.02.19 20:54 wixbloom Nmom and My Books

This is gonna be the third wall-o-text post I write today, for which I'm sorry. I feel like it's all coming out.
When I was 10, on the last day of my winter break before 4th grade resumed, my mom took me to the mall with her, just the 2 of us, to spend some quality time with me. We ate some crêpes and then she said she wanted to buy me books. She let me pick two. One was O Menino Maluquinho, a cherished Brazilian comic character who, if I were to describe the strips in terms of U.S. comics, is sort of a cross between Peanuts and Calvin & Hobbes (but he's not that, he's his own thing). The other was kinda chosen for us by the salesman who was accompanying us: Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, which I'd never heard of (this was years before the movies came out, and the hype hadn't reached my town yet, though it would soon). Until I was 24 or so, I always recalled that moment as my happiest memory with my mother (at 24 she began this long hoovering campaign on me, so I got a lot more "happy memories"...)
I'd always been a reader and my parents had encouraged me by getting me lots of picture books, including books in English, but Harry Potter was my first Big Kid book, and it marked the moment when being a Reader became an integral part of my identity. For, I think, a few months, she would brag to everyone about what a voracious reader I was, very unusual in a country where 44% of the population doesn't read and 30% have never purchased a book.
It's strange to think that I have Nmom to thank for sparking that, because for the rest of my life, she never went back to approving of my relationship with books.
You see, books were independence. They were something I could turn to to feed my inner world, with or without her. I'd whip a book out anywhere and start reading it wherever. In the middle of a family meal, in the car, during a party, at school during recess. Eventually my mom began to claim she felt embarassed that I did that, that I was being socially awkward and rude to others, that I looked like a weirdo. She hated that I had this world of wonder and thought at my fingertips that she was too damn stupid to have access too. She'd complain whenever I wanted new books, and complain that I read them too quickly. By her dumbass logic, 30 reais was too much to spend on something that was only going to keep me entertained for a couple of hours, but if I took a couple of weeks to read the same book, it would be a more worthwhile investment. Yes, she actually told me that.
I think with time she also started feeling like she was being bested. She loves to think she's "an intellectual" but the truth is that, while neither stupid nor uncultured, she's pretty intellectually limited, has no imagination nor sense of humor, and her enjoyment of reading begins and ends with very straightforward, realistic narratives, because she can't wrap her head around either fantasy, magic and imagination or really experimental, complex, challenging literary fiction (both of which I love).
When my parents split up, and my Edad moved out of the house, all her abuse got worse, and her dislike and mockery of my reading habits was no exception. It came to a point where whenever I get a new book she would scold me and say we had plenty already, and from that to her straight up yelling at me whenever she saw me bring a book into the house, especially after I ran out of shelving space in my room (I only had 2 single shelves mounted on a wall; not too much space at all, so eventually I started just piling books on the floor next to my desk).
Fortunately, she was an idiot, so I could just smuggle the new books my dad got me under my coat or in my backpack before going in, and unload them into my room, and she literally never noticed that there were new ones. She didn't even know which books I did and didn't have, just that she had to screech at new intrusions, like a territorial bird.
When I left her house, and then left my father's house to go live alone, my love of books took on something of an obsessive quality, I think. I became an English Literature major, was dealing with a lot in my life, and eventually I developed this, in retrospect, kinda OCD-like belief that if I ever found myself with nothing to read I would be in Danger and Bad Things Would Happen. Everytime I went to visit my mom (I was LC at the time, visiting about once a month) I'd steal some of her books from this series of hardcover, leather-bound works of classic literature. Not many, 8 or so total I think. She had them carelessly stored on top of a cabinet in her laundry room, and never really noticed them gone, except to remark vaguely, once, that she "had no idea what she'd done with some of those books" because she couldn't find them anymore. It was childish, and the guilt I experienced from doing this made the experience completely Not Worth It, but at the time it seemed like payback both for the emotional damage she put me through and also for the fact that she threw away some of my stuff without my consent when I moved out.
Even after I'd moved out, she'd tease and mock me whenever she saw me with a book. I remember at one point, she went with me when I went to get bloodwork done and she teased me about the book I was holding onto for dear life because I have medical trauma and hospital environments are a nightmare for me (the book was The Museum of Eterna's Novel, a beautiful piece of writing). Even the last time we traveled together, last year, she mocked me because I was reading a book while on a boat tour through the beautiful Douro river in Portugal (can you think of a more pleasant place to read a book, though?). And she actively celebrated when I said at one point that I was no longer able to read like I used to since getting burnout syndrome halfway through college.
After going NC, my passion for books was sparked back full-force. My library has only grown since, I'm reading frequently again, and since October I've made sure to buy at least one new book a month (but usually more). My library currently has circa 600 books (I want to count them someday soon) and I hope to only expand and grow it with time ^
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