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She was born on Wednesday, January 31, 1973. Is Portia de Rossi married or single, who is she dating now and previously? As of 2020, Portia de Rossi is married to Ellen DeGeneres. Barbara De Rossi is a member of the following lists: 1960 births, Italian people of German descent and Italian actresses. Contribute. Help us build our profile of Barbara De Rossi! Login to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. Ellen and Portia’s love story from secret dating to marriage. Portia de Rossi has revealed she used to abstain from eating for up to 10 days when she was a child model. On 24-7-1983 Daniele De Rossi was born in Rome, Italy. He made his 25 million dollar fortune with AS Roma, Italian National Football Team. The football player is dating , his starsign is Leo and he is now 37 years of age. He is dating a perfect woman who is by his side in all the major and important moments of life. His cars might fill most of his Instagram but his family also frequently makes it to the page. He has not yet revealed any plans to get married. Short Bio: Alexander Rossi currently aged 25 was born on 25th September 1991 in Auburn, California, U.S. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi first met in 2000, and they got married in 2008. In 2010, de Rossi legally changed her name to Portia Lee James DeGeneres, though she continues to professionally go by Portia de Rossi. The couple celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in 2018. de Rossi was reportedly extremely nervous about coming out eight years ago, telling reporters that she used to perceive being gay as 'strange,' due largely to the lack of notable famous lesbian figures. 'I just didn't want to be a lesbian,' de Rossi stated. 'I'd never met one for a start and I just thought they were strange and that they hated ... Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are Hollywood royalty. The celebrity couple has been married for 11 years (they wed in 2008), but before they were an item, the Arrested Development star was ... Dating Rossi pipes. From the beginning of its activity and until, surely, 1918, the most part of Rossi pipes was just marked with 'REAL BRIAR', 'VERA RADICA' or 'BRUYERE GARANTIE' (or something similar): this can easily be explained by the enormous amount of pipes daily producted, which requires the fastest solution. BRUYERE GARANTIE On 31-1-1973 Portia De Rossi was born in Horsham, Australia. She made her 20 million dollar fortune with Sean Saves the World, Unity and Scandal. The actress & model is married to Ellen DeGeneres, her starsign is Aquarius and she is now 47 years of age.

Xbox Gamescom 2020 Sale - Region by region comparison per game [No VPN required] for Hungary, Norway and Czech Microsoft Stores

2020.08.26 18:48 SuperHotUKDeals Xbox Gamescom 2020 Sale - Region by region comparison per game [No VPN required] for Hungary, Norway and Czech Microsoft Stores

The following description is not provided by this sub or any of it's contributors.
Xbox.com Store
I thought it would be useful to put together a region by region comparison for purchasing games from the current Xbox Gamescom 2020 sale at face value from non-UK stores using any credit or debit card (fee free cards e.g. Monzo, Starling, Revolut are obviously ideal) without the use of a VPN. You are largely limited to the Hungary, Norway and Czech stores - the following list identifies which store is most cost effective per game and also notes where you are better off sticking with the UK store. Note - the following list may not be 100% up-to-date as the Xbox store has been playing up all day.
To get an idea of the savings to be made per game please refer to @DigitalKnight UK Gamescom sale post and also this week's Deals with Gold post.
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2020.08.26 04:22 JimmyMangrove Viva Italia: A Novel Coronavirus Novel Chapter 1-5

1. Lucressi for President
My name is Lucressi Vicente Palamaro, and if there’s one thing I definitely am, it’s Italian. Right now, I’m sitting on my balcony in a high-rise pretty close to the center of Milan. The sky is turning burnt orange in the dusk; it’s your standard evening sun: beautiful but groggy, with an energy akin to the cessation of day-drinking. Lazy and stupefied. On their balconies, my neighbors sip boiled tap water and munch stale garlic bread dipped in Extra-Chunky Praegu™ sauce. The scents tantalize my nostrils. But I am not tempted. I have no time for food. Sentinel duties preoccupy me completely. My binoculars are trained on the space between two nearby apartment buildings, through which I observe a craggy Italian mountain. A mostly barren mountain, spotted with patches of dark green grape vines. I notice a boy herding sheep up a rocky crag. He’s got a towel wrapped around his head as protection from the still-potent sun.
I run inside, find my telephone charging on the counter, dial 911.
“Police? Caio, Police,” I say. “There’s a boy on the loose. An ambulator. A violator of lockdown. A shitter-onner of decency. He’s walking sheep up a crag in the mountains. Yes, absolutely. Spreading coronavirus. Not even wearing a hazmat suit. My uncle, he’s 82! Highly at-risk. That prick’s gonna murder my uncle. You gotta do something, police. Which mountain is it? How am I supposed to know. Well, I live at the intersection of Sfumato Street and Leonardo Di Caprio Lane. And the mountain, from my vantage point, is visible between the two apartment buildings just north of me on Meatball Road. Does that narrow it down for you? It does? Great. You’re sending someone right now? Good, thank you.”
I return to my balcony. The boy has situated himself on the edge of an ancient stone well. He’s got a stick slung over his shoulder with a sack tied to the end. From the sack, he removes a loaf of bread and what appears to be a hunk of gorgonzola cheese. A little lamb nuzzles against his knee; he pats it on the head. No doubt, he’s just transmitted coronavirus to the lamb. And now whoever eats that lamb is gonna die. And whoever wears clothing made from its wool is gonna die. The boy is a murderer, plain and simple. He munches a bit of cheese, tears off a hunk of bread with his teeth, chews vigorously, with satisfaction. The smug satisfaction of a deranged psychopath. I watch him pull a flask from the sack and take a slug of wine before slipping off the edge of the well. He balls up his towel, lays it on the ground, reclines.
How can the boy nap peacefully, knowing full-well he’s murdering millions of people? I’m always astounded by the psychopath’s ability to maintain a clear conscience in the face of his unholy transgressions against humanity. Here I am, a man of high moral understanding and noble social concern, performing self-assigned sentinel duties for the good of the people, yet I can hardly sleep at night thinking of all the dead elderly. All the dead at-risk. And I’m not even responsible for killing them! How can this murderer slumber like a contented babe? A satisfied infant made drowsy by the rich milk of his loving mother’s teat. Murder nourishes his soul. What an ass-munch. A big stupid dummy. And a real jerk, to boot.
Rumbling. Chopping. A helicopter passes overhead. All of the good, moral folks out on their balconies: they point at the helicopter. What is its purpose? Why is it passing so low overhead? Has it located a dissenter? Why yes, it has. Thanks to me.
The helicopter slows as it approaches the mountain. The boy, conscious now of the whirly bird, rushes for cover amongst the grape vines. But his efforts prove futile. The helicopter unleashes a relentless barrage of machine gun fire. The boy rips in half. His head explodes like a balloon filled with red wine. His coronavirus-tainted blood seeps into the ground, defiling the earth. The helicopter has no choice but to fire six missiles into the vineyard, incinerating and purifying the soil. Eradicating the tainted sheep. Bringing salvation to the masses.
My compatriots, me and my scientifically aware and morally superior brethren, we erupt in cheers of gratitude and praise. Our government loves us. Our government has neutralized the threat so that someday—perhaps not this year and perhaps not next year or the next—but at least some year sometime at some point in the future, we will leave our apartments and once more roam the streets of Milan, attending fashion shows and admiring marble statues and watching soccer games and eating ravioli and, of course, drinking red wine brewed by our elderly grandfathers, who remain alive because of people like myself. Having by then cemented my reputation as a covid-eradicator, I will embark upon my political career. I will ride the coronavirus like a rocket to the moon. The moon being a metaphor for the Italian Presidency. Such is my destiny. Such is my fate.
When the cheers die down a bit, I can’t help but cry out, “I, Lucressi Vicente Palamaro, your highly scientifically aware and socially conscious brother, am responsible for the destruction of that corona-infested vermin. It is I who informed the police. It is I who saved your lives. And not just your lives, but, even more important, the lives of your at-risk, elderly loved ones. Viva Italia! Viva Milan!”
“All hail Lucressi Vicente Palamaro!” cry my neighbors. They lean over their balconies and throw imaginary food and imaginary gold and imaginary roses at me. A dark haired girl of 19, flanked on both sides by her approving parents, blows me kisses. In a year or twelve, once the curve has properly flattened, they will present their daughter to me, no doubt about it. They will make her available to me for courtship rituals. Me and the girl: we will go on rural walks and her parents and grandparents and siblings and uncles and dogs and cats will trail behind at a respectful distance. And I will pause and pluck a delicate daisy and place it behind my beloved’s ear. And her relatives, they will sigh plaintively, wishing they, for even just a single moment, could experience a love as pure as mine. Yes oh yes. I, Lucressi Vicente Palamaro, shall someday marry that girl. Unless a better option comes along in the meantime.
“You’re most welcome!” I shout. “And now, I have a special little surprise cooked up for you. Wait one moment.”
“What is it? What could the surprise be?” shout my balcony-imprisoned neighbors as I disappear into my apartment.
I return with a Spanish guitar, rest it in my lap, tilt one ear toward the guitar’s hole and one ear toward the heavens, channelling the muse of the angels. A chord, I strum. Such lush sounds. Everyone marvels at the beauty of this chord, the first chord of the traditional folk song Italians are the Best and Your Shit Country Can Eat a Dick.
A man clutching a saxophone leans over the edge of his balcony. He winks and nods at me before bringing the saxophone to his lips. How unexpected! How delightful! Me and the saxophone guy: we play as one, as a single heart; we symbolize the unity of the Italian people. Not just the unity, but the collective soul of Italians. More Italians procure their instruments. An accordion joins the fray. Yes! Then a keyboard. Housewives keep time with tambourines. Children clap rhythmically. Old men shuffle their feet, dancing. No wait. Scratch that. All the old men are dead from coronavirus. It’s actually men between the ages of 55-65 who shuffle their feet. Not young, but not particularly old either.
Every Wop within a four mile radius is on his or her balcony, playing along or listening. The coronavirus might confine our physical bodies. But it cannot confine our souls! Why? Because we are Italian! That’s why! We invented garlic bread. We invented mozzarella sticks. We invented chicken parm. We invented espresso. We invented the steam engine, the television, the printing press, modern dentistry, and iPhones! Once a peoples invents iPhones, that peoples’ soul is free forever. Not even coronavirus can crush the soul of iPhone inventors. Pepperoni Bagel Bites? That was us! Scissors? Us too! Though we did not invent running with them: no, no. That was the French. But airplanes? Hell yes, that was us. And Extra-Chunky Praegu sauce? 100% the product of Italian ingenuity.
We play through the song once, and then, on the second go-around, we begin to sing. Collectively. As one. Channelling all that we are: which is to say, Italian. It is our favorite traditional folk song, and it goes:
We are the Italians, and we’ve got gigantic dicks.
But your country? It slobs on knobs, your country is our bitch.
The French are homosexuals in scarves and lame berets.
And the Spanish are a bunch of Moors, not to mention latent gays.
Switzerland? Not even a country. It’s just parts of other ones.
And the British? They can’t cook for shit, those pompous limey bums.
America, Ashmerica. They’re faggots through-and-through.
But Italians? We’re the best, and we shit all over you.
A most heartwarming experience, all of us separate but together. Hopefully, someone is recording the proceedings and will post this evidence of our unity to various social media platforms. So the whole world understands that Italians are one heart and one mind. The adversary can cage Italians, but it cannot cage our souls. We know why the caged bird sings: because its heart is filled with eternal hope. The enemy will not overcome. And who is the enemy, the cager? Psychopathic sheep-herding boys. Middle aged women roaming alleys because they “need to stretch their legs.” Coughing toddlers intent on watching the world burn. Old men (well, actually men between 55-65) walking across grass just because their dogs need to shit. But really, these people are the mere henchmen of the true villain, which is invisible. Microscopic. Miniscule. Floating in the air. Attached to sneeze guards in restaurants. Hanging out on railings in shopping malls. Covertly hiding under table tops. Biding his time. Waiting to strike. Waiting to kill the at-risk and elderly and then…everyone else in the world. But the enemy will not succeed.
Why? Because I, Lucressi Vicente Palamaro, remain vigilant. I am the sentinel of my block. And the adjacent blocks. The sentinel of everything within binocular vision, really. And I have some powerful binoculars. 100x magnification. Or maybe 10x. The magnification factor is not printed on the binoculars themselves; I better check the manual. Yes, I will go do that now. It’s a matter of life and death. It’s a matter of the survival of the Italian people and 5,000 years of history. To think, the fate of the nation rests on the zoom capacities of my binoculars. A great responsibility weighs upon these shoulders of mine. But I am up to the task, for I am Lucressi Vicente Palamaro, and I am Italian.
2. Luigi’s Grave Error
Holy shit. They’re out there singing again.
I take a bong hit, exhale a milky stream through my nostrils.
They started with Italians are the Best and Your Shit Country Can Eat a Dick and now they’re onto I’ll Stay Inside Forever, For I Love My Fellow Man. After that, they’ll most likely do Please Government Contain Us and Save Us From Ourselves. They’re gonna be at it for hours. They always are. And I’ll bet I know who started it: that rat bastard Lucressi Vicente Palamaro. He’s one helluva royal douche, though I’ll admit he does more than his fair share in the fight against coronavirus.
But those tambourines, man! Once they get going, they never stop. If I die of coronavirus, at least I won’t have to hear tambourines anymore. Should I infect myself? Suicide by coronavirus? It’d probably be a lot easier to just jump off my balcony. I’ll do it while Lucressi’s out on his, making another speech about his own greatness. Land right on his fat head. Snap his neck. Break his back. Yes.
I’m going crazy. It’s this weed. No, it’s staying in my apartment 167.25 hours per week. For the last 6 months. With no end in sight. Only leaving my house once a month for my allotted trip to the supermarket. Draped in my (state-issued) hazmat suit. When the fuck is this curve gonna flatten?
I take another phat rip. It goes straight to my head. Feels real good.
Uh oh.
A cough coming on. Got a bit too greedy with that last hit. My lord, hacking up a lung would feel amazing right now. You know you’ve taken a good hit when your face turns red and you nearly suffocate from hacking. At least, that was a good hit 6 months ago. Now a hit like that could put me in a Rehabilitation Center.
I must, absolutely must, restrain myself. If my neighbors hear a cough, they’ll inform the police. I’ll have the fuzz beating down my door in less than two minutes.
My throat irritation grows stronger. I look like I’m laughing, my chest heaving up and down. But inside my heart is filled with panic. Water. I must have water. I lift up the container resting by my feet: it’s empty. Fuck. And I finished my last liter of cola last night. The tap water is infested with coronavirus, so it’s of no use. I should have boiled a fresh batch of tap water last night, but I was too lazy. There’s gotta be some other form of liquid that might soothe my throat.
I rush to the kitchen: I’ve got liquid dish soap, a bottle of Drainex, a bottle of Windex, and an aerosol can of Lysol. Those liquids won’t do. No no. In my pantry, between silent heaves, I find a jar of Extra-Chunky Praegu. Ole faithful. Every Italian has a jar of Extra-Chunky Praegu on standby. And now this jar is going to save my life.
Frantically, I twist the lid, but it won’t budge. My hands are too weak and tiny—the product of my mother’s prenatal crack addiction. And I’ve got tiny feet to boot. And a micro-penis. Not to mention man-boobs. Gynecomastia it’s called in medical parlance. And worst of all, if you lift up my ballsack, you will discover a half-developed vagina, its entryway leading nowhere. A vestigial vagina, one could say. Except it never had a use in the first place. It’s not the remnant of evolutionary forces, but the remnant of crack addiction. Specifically, my mother’s. Oh, why couldn’t Mamma love me enough to cease smoking crack for just 9 months? Why did she put her addiction before her unborn child? Why did she force me to live with the byproduct of her own weakness? It’s not fair! I hate you, Mamma! I hate you, Mamma! No, wait, I take that back. I love you Mamma! You are everything to me. My troubles are my own fault: I shouldn’t have rushed inside your egg before the other sperm had a chance. If I mind being born so much, I should have let another sperm live instead. You know, a sperm that actually appreciates what he’s given. A sperm that doesn’t act so entitled. Isn’t that what you always called me, Mamma? A self-entitled sperm? I should be grateful that I have hands at all. Some moms smoke so much crack, their babies are born with little nubs for arms. And two heads! And congenital heart defects. Pulmonary valve stenosis. At least I don’t have that. It could be worse. Isn’t that what you said? Oh, Mamma! Mamma! I love you, Mamma! Why didn’t you love me?
In my fit of self-loathing anger, I forget about the primary task at hand: soothing my raw throat. I lose sight of the goal completely. And as a result, I make a grave mistake. I cough. Not a big, heaping, hacking cough. Just a little soft cough. But it is enough. The music outside stops instantaneously. I feel more coughs coming on. I have to do something. If I cough again, cops in hazmat suits will put a battering ram to my door and take me away. Or just execute me on the spot.
I can’t think clearly. I must access the Extra Chunky Praegu. It’s the only way to soothe my throat. The tap water is five-parts coronavirus to one-part H20. It’s not an option. I throw the glass container against my kitchen floor. It shatters; I fall to my knees, lick Extra-Chunky Praegu off the floor.
Outside, my neighbors wail from their balconies: “A cough! Did you hear it? Someone in our very building has the coronavirus. Rabble rabble rabble! Rumble rumble rumble!”
“Silence!” shouts Lucressi Vicente Palamaro. “We won’t hear another cough over your wailing. If we want to identify the evildoer, we must listen for his cough. And yes, he WILL cough again, as one of the symptoms of coronavirus, assuming it is not asymptomatic, is a lingering dry cough that lasts for weeks, if not years. So cease your rumblings!”
The neighbors comply. Total silence reigns supreme. Thankfully, the Extra-Chunky Praegu, one of the finest inventions in the history of Italy, is doing its job. My throat is alleviated. I need not cough again.
On my hands and knees, I continue to lick away, grateful that I will live to see another day. But then, a terrible thought dawns on me. I pause mid-lick—my tongue still stuck to the floor—so that I can contemplate this terrible thought in more depth. The coronavirus lives on linoleum surfaces for up to 12 millennia. It’s a scientific fact verified by leading virologists from across the globe. And just 6 months ago, before the coronavirus pandemic really hit us, I had allowed friends and family and plumbers and prostitutes to traipse about on my linoleum floor. Without a doubt, the soles of their shoes carried infinite payloads of coronavirus. Which is now living on my floor. A floor to which, at this very moment, my tongue is attached.
Dear. Lord. I’ve just contracted coronavirus!
3. Mario the Innovator
The problem with hospitals is that they’re overwhelmed. The doctors in them: they don’t have time to develop coronavirus vaccines. They’re too busy treating the elderly and at-risk. That’s why it is up to me to develop a vaccine. Being retired, I’ve got time on my hands.
They told me a man can’t have a baby just because you unsewed his bellybutton and attached a synthetic vagina to his stomach. And then, using a turkey baster, you injected 6.5 fluid ounces of baboon sperm into his stomach. He lacks the internal organs necessary to carry a baby, they told me. And he produces no egg. And baboon sperm can’t inseminate human eggs in the first place. That’s what they, the scientific community, said. And you know what? They were right.
But this time, I will prove the scientific community wrong. They say developing a vaccine is nearly impossible since the coronavirus mutates 36 times per nano-second. By the time we have a vaccine, it will have morphed into a different variety of coronavirus, most likely the dreaded covid-20, and then our vaccine will be worthless.
Our preeminent virologists must invent a special type of vaccine, one that mutates along with the virus. But again, they’re too busy saving the at-risk and elderly. The acute crisis has diverted them from finding a long-term solution. It’s a hopeless situation, they say. A retired anesthesiologist (that’s me) does not possess the requisite knowledge to create such an advanced vaccine, they say.
They are wrong! Never underestimate anesthesiologists! And never underestimate me, the esteemed Dr. Mario Vicci. Italian born, Dominican Republic educated. Winner of the Western Milan Community Hospital Employee of the Month Award, October 1984. Seducer of 13 different nurses between the years 1974-2004. Vanquisher of pain. Bringer-onner of unconsciousness before surgery. Imagine having your arm amputated without anesthesia. You wouldn’t like it, would you? Thanks to me and my anesthesiologist brethren, you’ll never have to face such an abominable tribulation.
But my capacities are not limited to anesthesiology. I am a medical innovator in the wider sense. A breaker of new ground. Thanks to me, it has been definitively proven that baboon semen cannot impregnate human males. Yes, other scientists may have theorized that this was the case. But those were mere theories. I PROVED the incompatibility of baboon sperm and men. I am an intrepid explorer of biology. A fearless, innovative wunderkind of the medical world.
Because of my fearlessness, I have already learned something very important about coronavirus. Everyone knows not to look at coronavirus under a microscope. If you do, its radioactive emissions will interact with the lactose in your retinas, inducing terminal seizures of the most violent nature. Immediate death. Not even sunglasses block the radiation. Not even polaroid sunglasses block the radiation. Everyone who has laid eyes upon coronavirus in its magnified form is dead. But if that’s the case, how could scientists warn the public of its radioactive properties in the first place? Those who have gained said knowledge would be dead, right? See, something does not add up there. Something is off. I theorized that scientists made up the radioactive thing to discourage regular folks from handling the coronavirus. In absence of discouragement, many armchair doctors would attempt to create a vaccine themselves, would attempt to handle the virus and observe it under a microscope. And in doing so, accidentally infect themselves. Because these laymen don't know how to take proper precautions. And then these laymen: they would further infect the elderly and at-risk. Those with underlying health issues. Further inundating the already overwhelmed hospitals. Destroying the work-life balance of our virologist doctors and greatly reducing the probability of us Italians ever finding a vaccine.
So yes, the scientific establishment’s lies are backed by good intentions. Nobody wants to put the elderly and at-risk at more risk. And no one wants to force doctors to work 30 hour days when they’re already working 26 hours per day. 26 hours is enough for one day. I understand that fully. So their lies are benign in intent. “But wait!” you say. “They’re not lying. Coronavirus really is radioactive. Its properties do interact with the lactose in your retinas, inducing seizures. Their lies are not well-intentioned, for their lies are not lies in the first place. Their truths are well-intentioned!”
Wrong! You are wrong! For the thing that I have discovered is this: when viewed with the naked eye, the coronavirus does not induce seizures. It has no radioactive properties. And how do I know this? Get ready for the big reveal: I know this because I have seen coronavirus with my own eyes! Yes, that is the truth. My suspicions about its radioactivity, combined with my unconditional love for mankind and his well-being, combined with my gargantuan balls and unmatched bravery, allowed me to throw precaution to the wind and observe coronavirus under my microscope.
It was not difficult to find a sample, given that our tap water is five-parts coronavirus to every one-part H20. I dribbled water onto a slide and, body trembling (for I knew I was risking my life for the sake of saving humanity), I peered at the microscopic enemy of the world. And there they were: thousands of them flitting about in the water. They looked like little red balls with tiny mushrooms sprouting off them. 19 mushrooms sprouting from each ball—hence the name Covid-19. That’s where the 19 comes from: 19 tiny mushrooms. Each coronavirus ball/molecule/thing has a little tail, providing it freedom of movement via flagellation. They look kind of like sperm to be honest. Virus-sperm. Or perhaps, sperm are really viruses. Which would imply that we humans, along with many other life forms, are actually just complex viruses. To discover humans are viruses: that would be a world changing revelation unto itself. But I must push aside that line of inquiry. For now, I have only one task: to invent a coronavirus vaccine and save the world.
At this very moment, I’m about to dribble Extra-Chunky Praegu onto the virus. The virus lives by destroying humans. So anything that nourishes humans, I theorize, will conversely destroy the virus. And nothing is more nourishing to Italians than our beloved Extra-Chunky Praegu sauce. I, for one, cannot go a single day without ingesting this zesty—not to mention economical—delicacy.
I’ve got my dropper loaded with sauce. I’ll start by adding just a single drop to my coronavirus specimen. Gentle now…gent—
Huh? What is that? That banging!
I pull out my right earplug (I always wear earplugs when engaged in scientific experimentation [environmental noises break my concentration]).
My god, no! It’s tambourines! They’re at it again with their incessant banging and strumming and plucking and pounding and singing. How am I to concentrate when earplugs can’t even drown out the infernal racket? My neighbors are going to retard scientific progress by a century, those imbeciles. If I can’t concentrate, a cure will never be found. Never! Those tambourines will be the extinction of humanity.
I fall to me knees and cry out, “I hate tambourines! Shut up! Shut up! In the name of science, in the name of all that is good and holy, quit it with the fucking tambourines!”
Then I burst into tears. I cry for humanity. But most of all, I cry for the elderly and at-risk. Those with underlying conditions.
4. Luigi’s Resolution
Ok Luigi. It’s official now: you’ve got coronavirus.
Despondent, I return to my couch and bring the bong to my lips. A good ole rip always settles the nerves. But what if I cough again? I set the bong on the table, un-ripped.
Moments ago Lucressi announced, “I believe it was a false alarm. It wasn't a cough. Someone just banged his tambourine incorrectly. I implore you: handle your tambourines with respect and care. I have a sneaking suspicion it was you, Mamma Ravioli, on the balcony of apartment B22, who banged your tambourine erroneously, in a manner mimicking a cough. You have early onset Parkinson's, do you not Mamma Ravioli? Perhaps, due to your affliction, you should stay inside and refrain from joining us in song. The video of our playing is likely to go viral. And if our tambourines sound like coughs, the authorities will assume the infected live among us. And they will take us away to Infection Rehabilitation Centers. From which we’ll never return. And we don’t want that, do we Mamma Ravioli?
What’s that you say? Playing your tambourine is the only thing that brings you joy in this time of tribulation? It makes you feel at one with your fellow man? I personally don’t think you give a flying fuck about your fellow man. Because if you did, you wouldn’t endanger us by coughing with your tambourine. But you didn’t make a mistake, you say? You swear it wasn’t you? Liar! Selfish liar, trying to cover your tracks! You’re willing to send us all to Rehabilitation Centers just so you can have a little fun on your tambourine? You’re just as bad as the wretches who to take their dogs for walks. You’re on the same level as sheep-herding boys intent on infecting the world. What’s that? You’re sorry? You’ll go back inside and isolate yourself? Good. That’s a good girl, Mamma Ravioli. Be gone with you. Now, my brethren, let us resume playing. How about we do Shaking Hands Should Be a Capital Offense? I really love that tune. 1-2-3…”
And then they started banging away on their instruments again. That’s everything Lucressi said exactly as he said it. I have a very good memory. So for now, it seems, I am safe from suspicion. But poor Mamma Ravioli! How she loves to sing. And what a fine woman too! Before the lockdown, when I saw her around the neighborhood, she always implored me to visit her apartment for some of her world-famous cannoli. I only took her up on the offer once or twice—because I was a free man then, and I had much else to do—but boy were those cannoli delicious. Totally lived up to their reputation. I used to take those cannoli for granted, but now I’d do anything for a single bite. And honestly, it’s not the cannoli I desire. What I really want is to spend some face-to-face time with Mamma Ravioli. What a sweetheart. Reminds me of my great Aunt Helgavicci. To spend time with Mamma Ravioli—with anyone, really—to look into her eyes. To give her a kiss on the cheek. To hug her. To receive a supportive pat on the back. I’d do anything for some human contact! Anything! I haven’t touched another human in six months. Woe to me! Woe to Mamma Ravioli! Woe to Italy!
I bring the bong to my mouth, a reflexive act of consolation. But I quickly realize my error and refrain from lighting up.
I’ve got two weeks until the virus’s symptoms manifest. At that point, I won’t be able to control my coughs. And my neighbors will sniff me out. Should I just hand myself over to the authorities now? Get things over with? The Coronavirus Infection Task Force will take me away to a Rehabilitation Center…and no one comes back from those places. I’m afraid of those rehab centers. But I have a moral obligation to remove myself from this building, save my neighbors from the threat of infection. Yes, I had better hand myself in to the authorities. Admit that I licked the floor and got coronavirus. Take my fate like a man. I’m gonna die of the disease in the near future anyway. A painful, brutal death. Might as well do it in a rehab center, away from my healthy neighbors.
I recline on the couch pitifully and reflect on my existence.
I’ve lived a wonderful life these last 26 years, made innumerable good friends. Well, four friends to be exact. And two won’t speak to me anymore. But still, I’ve got friends. Not to mention a wonderful family. A father who taught me the value of corporal punishment. A mother who, despite smoking crack during her pregnancy, has many admirable qualities. She showed me how to finish a cigarette in two drags and how to make wine from fruit punch Kool-aid mixed with rotten bananas stolen from the dumpster behind the supermarket. That was quite a valuable skill…before the quarantine days. When a man still had enough freedom to steal from a dumpster. Ah, how I miss my mother. I wish I could visit her in the psych ward before I die.
And I can’t overlook my many accomplishments. 4th place in the 3rd grade spelling bee. It was ‘Botticelli’ that tripped me up, as I recall. By that’s not even a word! It’s just a last name. I still say there was a conspiracy against me. The other kids got easy words, like ‘gatta' and ‘mucca.’ It was Sig. Rossi, my language teacher and chair of the spelling bee, who plotted against me. He hated me because I preferred the Shakespearean sonnet structure over the Italian sonnet. But still I came in 4th place! I am a great man. A true success. A winner!
But what is my greatest accomplishment of all? Undoubtedly, my prolificness as a masturbator. Since the age of 12, I’d estimate I’ve beaten off 2.7 times per day. That’s roughly 13,797 ejaculations. And let’s not forget that I’ve slept with 4 different women, 7 including prostitutes. And one of those women, I banged multiple times, as we dated for a full 2 months. So that puts me closers to 13,850 ejaculations. Toss in a few wet dreams here and there, and we’re at 13,875. I wonder if I can make it to 14,000 ejaculations before I die? With hard work and determination, it can be done.
I reach into my pants, begin stroking, try to imagine a fresh, tight vagina…but images of my own demise pervade my thoughts. I see myself in a hospital bed, intubated. A ventilator breathing for me. A respirator wedged up my ass. Surrounded by impersonal doctors in masks. Who know not who I am. Who know nothing of my masturbatory virtuosity. Who have never seen my purple ribbon from the spelling bee. I will die alone. In an antiseptic rehabilitation center. Without saying goodbye to my crack-addicted, suicidal mother. Or my strop-loving father. Or my dear Aunt Helgavicci. Or my four friends, two of whom don’t speak to me but still technically count as friends.
No, I cannot allow myself to suffer that lonely fate! I will not hand myself in to the authorities. I will find a way to overcome this coronavirus. They say it can’t be done, but I will find a way. For I have much life yet to live. Many more goals to accomplish. And many more ejaculations to spurt.
5. Lucressi’s Promise
Excellent playing, my scientifically aware and morally superior brethren. That was the most beautiful rendition of 1 Billion Scientific Models Can’t Possibly Be Wrong I’ve ever heard. And what a lovely message it preaches: we no longer believe in ludicrous superstitions, worshiping some bearded old man in the clouds. The new religion is science. A religion based on 100% accurate facts. We don’t read the bible for edification. Instead, we turn to models. Generated by scientists of the highest prestige. With the most degrees. And the most smartness. With the best data. Which they input into their highly precise models, which are always correct. Did you see the latest model released by La Academia de Italiano Scientifico? It says at least 7.8 billion out of the earth’s 8 billion inhabitants will die by the end of the year. Thankfully, we are quarantining and treating the virus with due respect. So we shall be among the 200 million who live. I pity the remaining 7.8 billion heretics, who dare step outside their apartments without hazmat suits. They do not worship science. They are not wise like us. Brilliant like us. Perfect human specimens, we are. That’s how I’d describe us.”
“Yes Lucressi,” cry my neighbors in unison. “We are perfect human specimens. And you are the most perfect specimen of all!”
“Why thank you. Your compliments warm my heart. But now, the sun dips behind the smoking mountain. The night rests its dark veil upon us, and the virus comes out to play. So our musical communion is finished for this day. Everyone return inside and make preparations for bedtime. Tomorrow, we shall take up our instruments once more. And the day after that. And the day after that. And then for hundreds and thousands of days thereafter. For that is how long the quarantine shall last. Another year at the very least. But most likely decades.”
“Do you really mean it, Lucressi?” wail my neighbors.
“Yes, decades. According to the latest models. Released by La Academia of Italiano Scientifica. This is the new normal.”
“Oh joyous news! We get to spend 10 more years inside, saving our fellow man. We love saving our fellow man! And we love singing on our balconies!”
“As do I. As do I. Good night my beloveds. I will see you tomorrow. On your balconies. When the sun shines again.”
“We love you Lucressi! We love you! Thank you for keeping watch over us. Thank you for saving us from ourselves. And from Mamma Ravioli.”
“You are most welcome.”
Inside, I boil a pot of water, removing the 5-parts coronavirus. Well, that singing session went well. Once again, the rabble supports me as the #1 coronavirus eradicator and the #1 friend of the state. Their fearless protector. That bastard Marco in apartment D78: he won their favor last week by killing a dog-walking dissenter. Killed him right dead with a marble fired from a self-made slingshot. Fairly ingenious, I have to give Marco credit. I must make a slingshot myself, so I know the direct pleasure of killing dissenters. Tomorrow is my supermarket day. I’ll try to find the necessary supplies.
Yes, that prick Marco won much of their favor last week. But I won it back through devotion to my sentinel duties and the destruction of the sheep herder. And my beautiful guitar strumming—it always melts my neighbors’ hearts. And I can’t overlook the value of my innate leadership skills. Yes, thanks to my many gifts and talents, I am once again the undisputed king of this apartment block. Marco was just the flavor of the week. I am the flavor of the decade. And soon I shall have a slingshot of my own. Maybe I can kill Marco with it? Brilliant idea, Lucressi.
I take a sip of piping-hot, freshly boiled tap water. It tastes metallic. It tastes antiseptic. It tastes like the smell of a doctor’s office. And I love it. Life is good.
Except for one minor problem. Actually a major problem: the cough. Without a doubt, I heard a cough during our music session. I blamed it on Mamma Ravioli’s tambourine playing, but I know she was not the culprit. I only blamed her to put the real culprit at ease. Make him feel like the heat’s off. So that he lets his guard down. And perhaps gets careless and coughs again. At which point I will locate and eradicate him.
Among our own ranks, we harbor an untouchable. This person: he knows he must hand himself in to the police. That’s the proper protocol, the government rule. But he won’t do that. He’s not a good citizen. He does not respect the authority of the government or the health of the elderly and at-risk. He’s an evildoer: I could tell by the sound of the cough. It was the cough of the devil. Yes, the devil’s cough.
But he won’t be an issue for long. For I, Lucressi Vicente Palamaro, shall locate the menace and eradicate the threat. Stamp out the problem. Which isn’t really a problem, per se. Because, in destroying him, I shall win more of my neighbors’ respect and love. I will eternally cement my place as the leader of this apartment block. I will lay the foundation for my political career.
Cougher: your ass shall be mine. That I promise you. That I promise.
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2020.08.25 22:32 SuperHotUKDeals Xbox Gamescom 2020 Sale - Region by region comparison per game [No VPN required] for Hungary, Norway and Czech Microsoft Stores

The description of this deal was not provided by this subreddit and it's contributors.
Xbox.com Store
I thought it would be useful to put together a region by region comparison for purchasing games from the current Xbox Gamescom 2020 sale at face value from non-UK stores using any credit or debit card (fee free cards e.g. Monzo, Starling, Revolut are obviously ideal) without the use of a VPN. You are largely limited to the Hungary, Norway and Czech stores - the following list identifies which store is most cost effective per game and also notes where you are better off sticking with the UK store. Note - the following list may not be 100% up-to-date as the Xbox store has been playing up all day.
To get an idea of the savings to be made per game please refer to @DigitalKnight UK Gamescom sale post and also this week's Deals with Gold post.
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2020.08.25 17:06 sauce_murica Green and Gold Part 4 A closer look at United's Finances - Where Has the Money Been Spent?

Manchester United remain a global behemoth. With annual revenues in excess of £627m, [1] United is one of the most valuable clubs on the face of the planet. [1]
As explained in prior G&G installments, in purchasing United, the Glazer family loaded United with heavy debts. [1] The evolution of that debt over time has caused some to question how United are spending their money. For example, by June 2010, those debts had escalated to over £784m. [1] The infamous payment-in-kind loans were quietly repaid in 2010. At that same time, the cash earned from Ronaldo's sale (and the Aon shirt deal) was reportedly used to repay a significant portion of the bonds issued in February 2010. [1] In August 2012, half of the club's IPO proceeds were used for debt reduction, with the other half heading to Glazers. [1]
In total, this led to a bond debt reduction from 509m in June 2010, to 360m as of September 2012 --- resulting in some reputable sources to question whether it was "very possible that debt is virtually eliminated in the next few years." [1]
That has not come to pass. This entry into our Green & Gold Series takes aim at the following question: United remains one of the biggest and most profitable clubs in world football, with some of the largest revenues around. Where has the money gone?
We can do things others can only dream of Are United a Growing Giant or a Shrinking Violet?
In 2018, Ed Woodward famously stated to investors that "[p]laying performance doesn't really have a meaningful impact on what we can do on the commercial side of the business." [1]
There is some truth to this sentiment. From 2009 - 2019, the club's finances have grown significantly. [1] [2] In 2009, the club's commercial revenue was approximately 66 million. By 2019, that figure had more than quadrupled to 275 million. [1] [2] The club likewise benefited from the Premier League's own boon in popularity. From 2009 to 2019, TV revenues grew from 98 million to 241 million. [1] In total, from 2009 - 2019, matchday revenue decreased from 41% of the revenue base, to 19%. One of the results of this can be seen during COVID. While other clubs scrambled to secure finances, furloughing staff and cutting wages, United has to date been able to survive without such significant cuts. [1]
However, if a deeper look is taken into these figures, combined with the relative growth of similarly-situated clubs, cracks begin to appear in Woodward's "results don't matter" assertion. For example, as illustrated here, the club's on-again off-again relationship with the Champion's League has seen a drastic reduction in gate and TV revenue from the infamous Tuesday/Wednesday night matches:
Looking at it differently, as of 2014, by some conservative estimates the cost of missing out on CL football was approximately the cost of one Marouane Fellaini. [1] [2] By 2019, the figure was estimated by the club at around £65million (which figure excludes any potential reduction in the Adidas sponsorship deal). [1] Simply put, the cost of missing out on the sport's elite competition has grown alongside the expansion of the sport itself.
Comparing United's Growth Relative to That of Our Rivals
As recently as 2016, United's revenue growth continued to outpace rivals. [1] [2] [3] However, as years have gone by, that gap has shrunk. From 2017-2018, Liverpool's revenue growth increased nearly 100m, up to £455m from £364m --- taking them from 5th highest to 3rd highest in the league. [1] City's revenues likewise increased from £473m to £500m (2nd highest in the league). [1]
Thus, while United's revenue increased from £515m in 2016 to £590m in 2018, City's increased from £392m to £500m, and Liverpool's increased from £302m to £455m *within the span of two years. [1] [2] This change is highlighted in the following chart:
Club 2016 Revenue 2018 Revenue Growth % Difference
Manchester United £515m £590m £75m 15%
Manchester City £392m £500m £108m 28%
Liverpool £302m £455m £153m 51%
As for commercial revenue alone (an area United is often touted as being the best), the following chart highlights the relative growth of commercial revenue by comparing United to its biggest European counterparts: https://cdn.theathletic.com/app/uploads/2020/05/25080041/revenue-compares.png
As can be seen, over time United's closest rivals appear to be closing the gap on United's claim as one of, if not the, biggest clubs in world football. With that in mind - let's take a closer look at how United has expanded its global reach since the Glazer takeover in 2005.
A change in the club's branding/commercialization approach
Glazer acquired Manchester United in 2005. At the time of the takeover, "United's income of 171.5 million pounds ($323.8m) for the 2003-04 season kept them top of the list [of richest clubs] for the eighth year in a row." [1] Simply put: Glazer inherited a behemoth at the top of the footballing world.
Upon buying the club, the Glazer contingent reportedly met with staff, and according to a former executive indicated:
“They said, ‘Look, we’ve bought this club because we saw an opportunity.' They never came with, ‘We are fans of the club forever and always will be’. They didn’t claim to be anything other than businessmen and they are very good at what they do.” [1]
The change in tactic upon Glazer arrival allegedly prompted United Chairman Sir Roy Gardner and non-executive directors Ian Much and Jim O'Neill to offer their resignations. [1]
Concerns have been raised since regarding the manner by which the Glazer family extended MUFC's reach / image / branding. Edward Freedman served as managing director of the club's merchandising from 1992-97. [1] During his time at United, he took the club's merchandising operation "from a turnover of £1.2 million in 1992 to £28 million when he left five years later." [1] His work with Tottenham, and then United, was significant enough to merit BBC including him in their documentary titled "The Men That Changed Football." [1]
Asked to speak regarding the Glazers' work with United's continued expansion, Freedman responded:
“They haven’t got a clue what a brand is. It’s a very clever money-making move for them to get those deals. However, I’m sorry to say that, as far as enhancing Manchester United, it doesn’t work.” [1]
Freedman's ire related to the manner in which the club worked to increase the reach of its branding efforts. Freedman's aimed to maintain United's status as a "premium brand" and expand the club's reach by working with select, "high profile" branding partners (a la a Rolex or Porsche). Instead, Freedman's ire was drawn by the club choosing, after he left, to sign onto multiple, "lower-quality" partners. The result of this change in branding strategy can be seen through the years. For example:
Mr. Potato
Tomato Juice
X Men - Apocalypse
Independence Day - Resurgence
Chevrolet's Dab University
Others in the footballing world have taken issue with how the increased commercial efforts impacted the players:
One high-profile agent privately complained that the club was “obsessed with commercialism” and “one big money-making machine”. After arriving back in the early hours following a match at West Ham, some stars were required to drive mini kids’ Chevrolets in a sponsored stunt the next day instead of resting. [1]
As for Freedman's thoughts on United's approach to branding expansion, he stated “I really can’t deal with it. We were offered all that long ago and never would accept any of it. Not for all the money in the world. Then, of course, the people who understood the brand left and people came in who saw only the recompense of taking money. But taking money for things that aren’t compatible with your brand will eventually ruin your brand. That’s what I can see them doing. The whole charisma, the whole glory of Manchester United, seems to have gone.” [1]
Freedman was not alone in this concern. In April 2007, Lee Daley (a reported lifelong United supporter), left Saatchi & Saatchi UK to become United's group commercial director. [1] He resigned four months later, with one source claiming he quickly became disillusioned at becoming "a glorified sponsorship sales manager." [1]
And although United's sponsorship efforts have resulted in some successes, including what was, at the time, one of the most profitable kit sponsorship of all time, [1] those successes have not always been well-received:
On the commercial side, the shirt sponsorship struck with Chevrolet, worth £450 million over seven seasons, was a major success. But the deal will not be renewed past 2021 and the person responsible for the deal at General Motors, Joel Ewanick, was dismissed soon after its announcement in 2012, with a spokesman saying he had “failed to meet the expectations the company has of an employee”. [1] [2]
Although some have lauded the Glazers' "industrialization/branding efforts" at United, and other clubs have since copied the process, others are more critical - claiming that United's continued growth and success has resulted more from the continued growth of the Premier League than from Glazer ingenuity.
“The step-change in television income, which came out of nowhere and could not have possibly been projected in a business plan, helped them massively.” In the UK alone, Premier League rights rose from £1.024 billion to £1.706 billion in 2007 and reached £5.136 billion in 2016. [1]
Other sources insist the Glazers did project such an increase, based upon their prior experience with US sports, including their ownership of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. [1]
Not all of the Glazers' initial plans came to fruition. For example, the Glazers reportedly initially planned to increase revenues through higher matchday costs. [1] In 2006 documents, it was outlined that the cost of matchday tickets to attend games at Old Trafford was "undervalued" despite increased pricing, on average, by 12.5% in their first season at the helm. [1] The Glazer plan envisaged a further 36% increase in matchday costs prior to the start of the 2012-13 season. [1] However, that plan was not borne into action, which is one reason matchday revenues have stayed level.
Social Media The Claimed Expansion of the Supporter-Base
Alongside the club's expanding commercial revenues, the club has repeatedly touted its expanding supporter-base to shareholders as a measure of the club's off-field success. In 2013, United claimed to shareholders that it had "659 million" supporters. [1] Stated differently, United claimed that, as of 2010, approximately 1 out of every 10 human beings on the planet supported United.
To reach that figure, United hired Kantar, a market research company, who polled 54,000 adults in 39 countries in the summer of 2011. Most questions were answered online. [1] The figures were then extrapolated to produce a number for each of those countries, with that information then extrapolated to cover the rest of the world, "taking into account such things as the popularity of football in these countries, and whether players born in them had played for Manchester United in the past." Kantar director Richard Brinkman claimed he "would back my figures and argue [they are accurate] to within a 1% margin of error." [1]
The claim drew plenty of detractors. For example, Nick Harris, editor of sports finance website SportingIntelligence.com, noted at the time that:
"In five years, purportedly, Manchester United's following has gone from 333 million, or thereabouts, to 659 million. So almost a doubling of people following Manchester United in five years. This is eyebrow-raising stuff!" [1]
Mr. Harris likewise questioned other Kantar claims, such as the suggestion "that more than 30% of South Korea's total population of 49 million were followers of Manchester United." [1] Especially in light of the live viewing figures for United in the country, at the time, registering less than one million people. [1]
By 2019, United reported to investors claiming to have 1.1 billion fans. [1] Stated differently - from 2013 to 2019, United claimed to have gone from "1 in 10" people worldwide supporting United, to "1 in 7."
The survey for the 2019 report was once more completed by Kantar.
We're Man United and We'll Spend What We Want
Alongside being one of the top earning clubs in world football, United are also one of the top spending clubs. As discussed previously, [1] United are not shrinking violets in the transfer market - with one of the highest net spends over the last decade. [1] [2]
Let's take a closer look at where United, under Glazer ownership, has spent those funds.
Player Signings
United last won the Premier League in 2013 under Sir Alex Ferguson. Since that time, United have spent over £1.015 billion on player purchases. [1] [2] But let's break that down a bit further. First, let's take a look at what that billion has gotten us:
Year Signed Manager Player Position Cost
2020 Solskjaer Bruno Fernandes Mid £49.50m
2019 Solskjaer Harry Maguire CB £78.30m
2019 Solskjaer Aaron Wan Bissaka RB £49.50m
2019 Solskjaer Daniel James RW £15.30m
2018 Mourinho Fred CM £53.10m
2018 Mourinho Dalot RB £19.80m
2018 Mourinho Lee Grant GK £1.53m
2017 Mourinho Romelu Lukaku ST £76.23m
2017 Mourinho Nemanja Matic CM £40.23m
2017 Mourinho Victor Lindelof CB £31.50m
2017 Mourinho Alexis Sanchez ST Mkhitaryan
2016 Mourinho Paul Pogba CM £94.50m
2016 Mourinho Henrikh Mkhitaryan RW £37.80m
2016 Mourinho Eric Bailly CB £34.20m
2015 van Gaal Anthony Martial LW/ST £54.00m
2015 van Gaal Morgan Schneiderlin CM £31.50m
2015 van Gaal Memphis Depay LW £30.60m
2015 van Gaal Matteo Darmian RB £16.20m
2015 van Gaal Bastian Schweinsteiger CM £8.10m
2014 van Gaal Angel di Maria LW £67.50m
2014 van Gaal Luke Shaw LB £33.75m
2014 van Gaal Ander Herrera CM £32.40m
2014 van Gaal Marcos Rojo LB/CB £18.00m
2014 van Gaal Daley Blind LB/CB £15.75m
2014 van Gaal Falcao ST £6.84m (loan fee)
2014 van Gaal Vanja Milinkovic-Savic GK £1.58m
2013 Moyes Juan Mata RW/CM £40.26m
2013 Moyes Marouane Fellaini CM £29.16m
All figures in this thread are taken from Transfermarkt.
Prior to that, from 2005-2012, Sir Alex spent a total of £362.8m. Accordingly, from 2005 to date, under Glazer ownership United has spent £1.3778 billion on player acquisitions.
Player Sales
Year Player Transfer Fee
2005 Phil Neville £4.77m
2005 Kleberson £2.34m
2006 Ruud van Nistelrooy £13.50m
2006 David Jones £1.35m
2006 Jonathan Sepctor £675,000
2006 David Bellion £450,000
2006 Luke Steele £225,000
2007 Gabriel Heinze £10.8m
2007 Giuseppe Rossi £9m
2007 Alan Smith £8.1m 
2007 Kieran Richardson £7.38m
2007 Tim Howard £3.78m
2007 Phil Bardsley £2.7m
2008 Gerard Pique £4.5m
2008 Chris Eagles £1.35m
2008 Mikael Silvestre £855,000
2009 Cristiano Ronaldo £84.60m
2009 Frazier Campbell £3.69m
2009 Manucho £2.48m
2009 Lee Martin £2.03m
2009 Danny Simpson £779,000
2010 Zoran Tosic £8.55m
2010 Ben Foster £6.3m
2011 John O'Shea £4.05m
2011 Gabriel Obertan £3.06m
2011 Mama Diouf £1.62m
2011 Wes Brown £1.35m
2011 Danny Drinkwater £810,000
2011 Darron Gibson £540,000
2011 Jue Dudgeon £86,000
2012 Dimitar Berbatov £4.50m
2012 Ji-sung Park £2.79m
2012 Ritchie De Laet £1.13m
2014 Danny Welbeck £18.00m
2014 Shinji Kagawa £7.20m
2014 Alexander Buttner £4.95m
2014 Wilfried Zaha £3.42m
2014 Chicharito £2.70m (loan fee)
2014 Bebe £2.70m
2014 Michael Keane £2.30m
2014 Patrice Evra £1.71m
2015 Angel di Maria £56.70m
2015 Chicharito £10.80m
2015 Jonny Evans £7.47m
2015 Robin van Persie £5.85m
2015 Nani £5.40m
2015 Rafael £2.88m
2015 Angelo Henriquez £1.50m
2015 Reece James £1.26m
2016 Morgan Schneiderlin £20.70m
2016 Memphis Depay £14.40m
2016 Paddy McNair £4.73m
2016 Tyler Blackett £1.62m
2016 Will Keane £1.08m
2017 Henrikh Mkhitaryan Sanchez
2017 Adnan Januzaj £7.65m
2017 Andreas Pereira £2.70m (loan fee)
2018 Daley Blind £14.40m
2018 Sam Johnstone £6.62m
2018 Marouane Fellaini £6.48m
2019 Romelu Lukaku £66.60m
2019 Chris Smalling £2.70m (loan fee)
2019 Matteo Darmian £2.23m
2019 Ashley Young £1.53m
In total, United has recovered £488.42m (plus one Alexis Sanchez) from player sales/loans.
Accordingly, under Glazer ownership, Manchester United has a total net spend of £889.38m.

So Where Has the Money Gone?

The Cost of a Takeover & Multiple Re-Financings
The Glazer family acquired United in 2005. United spent more money paying the interest costs associated with the newfound debt than they spent on player acquisitions any year between 2005 - when the club was acquired - and 2013 - when the debt was refinanced. [1] [2] [3]
In 2013, United refinanced their debt. By refinancing, United repaid about half of its outstanding bonds using a new bank loan from Bank of America. [1] By doing so, United reduced the club's interest bill from around £31m per year (pro-forma post the IPO) to around £21m per year. [1]
By the summer of 2015, Manchester United refinanced the club's debt on four separate occasions - the last of which occurred in 2015. [1] In 2015, the club's debt stood at £382m, with total annual interest costs of £20m. [1] The refinancing reduced the cash interest paid.
The amount of interest paid between 2005 and 2015 can be visualized here:
Public float profits Glazers
Some have viewed the public float of the club's stock as evidence of a possible future in which the club is sold. To date, reality has not matched this expectation.
The initial public float raked in £150 million in funds. Per some reports, the initial plan was for the Glazers to pocket the full profits from the float, but the NYSE expressed reservations with that plan. [1]. Ultimately, half of the funds was used to pay off some of the club's takeover debt. [1] The remaining half landed in Glazer pockets. [1] [2]
Despite the funds realized from the float, the target price for the shares was $16-20 per share. The price was ultimately set at $14/share. [1] [2]
Hopes that the float would result in greater transparency were likewise short-lived. "Classed as an 'emerging growth' company, [1] United were exempted from having to reveal all their financial data to the market, [1] a position they reinforced by moving company registry from Old Trafford to the Cayman Islands." [1] [2] And by setting different voting rights for Class A and B shares, and retaining the Class B shares, the Glazers were able to retain a 78% ownership interest in the club - and an iron grip on the club's voting rights. [1]
Glazer Profits
Per the most recent financial reports, annual dividends total approximately £84 million. [1] In January, dividends of £11.3 million went to shareholders. [1] The Glazer family currently owns approximately 78% of the club, meaning they split approximately £8.8 million of that equally. [1]
In addition, the Glazers recovered approximately £75 million from the NYSE listing, together with loans to other companies (between 2005-'12), and further share sales. In total, the Glazers have made more than £200m selling slices of their shareholdings to investors. [1]
Upon refinancing the club's debt in 2010, the paperwork submitted revealed the Glazers had, since 2006, been paid £10m in “management and administration fees” and Kassewitz and each of her five brothers had borrowed £1.66m, £10m in total, from the club. [1] The total paid to the board and executive management in 2018-19 was £10.7m, which the accounts do not break down individually. Woodward is paid by a subsidiary company, Manchester United Football Club Ltd; his salary in 2017-18, the most recently published, was £4.152m. [1]
By comparison, in nine years at Liverpool, FSG has put in a net £100m. [1] Meanwhile, since initially purchasing the club in a £790 million leveraged takeover, the Glazers have "personally received close to £200 million from the club." [1]


In total, by some estimates the Glazers' ownership has cost the club £1.5 billion in interest, debt and other outgoing expenses. [1] By comparison, United has spent £1.3778 billion on player acquisitions, and recovered £488.42m from sales/loans, for a net spend of £889.38m. In total, Glazer ownership has cost United £610.6m more than United have spent on player acquisitions from 2005 to date.
Past Green & Gold Installments:
Part One: Who are the Glazers?
Part Two: The Takeover: How did that happen?
Part Three: The Glazer Transfer History - Can Insight be Gleaned regarding our Potential Summer Business?
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2020.08.21 21:54 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Tre Penne 1-3 Gjilani [UEFA Europa League]

FT: Tre Penne 1-3 Gjilani

Tre Penne Score Gjilani
N. Gai 16' [1]-0
1-[1] D. Nikač 24'
1-[2] F. Hajdari 64'
1-[3] A. Hila 68'
Date: 21/08/2020 — 20:00 CEST, 14:00 EDT, 19:00 BST, 23:30 IST
Competition: UEFA Europa League
Venue: Stadio Olimpico di Serravalle (Serravalle)
Referee: A. Troleis


Tre Penne Notes Gjilani Notes
Manager: S. Ceci Manager: G. Mezani
26 M. Migani 1 E. Koliçi
14 C. Genestreti 29 F. Veliu
77 R. Mezzadri YC 31' 19 E. Frashëri
7 A. Gasperoni YC 44'; SUB 68' 2 O. Rapa
8 N. Gai G 16' 3 A. Halili SUB 83'
11 L. Ceccaroli SUB 50' 77 G. Progni
21 M. Battistini 22 M. Useini YC 52'
4 L. Patregnani YC 90'+5' 8 A. Hila G 68'
19 N. Lombardi 18 F. Jonuzi SUB 50'
23 A. Chiurato SUB 74' 21 D. Nikač G 24'
10 L. Sorrentino YC 32'; 2YC 43' 11 F. Hajdari G 64'; SUB 79'


Tre Penne: E. Cibelli (SUB 50'; YC 78'), D. Cesarini (SUB 68'; YC 90'+5'), R. Pieri (SUB 74'), A. Rossi, L. Liverani, S. Nanni, M. Lanzoni
Gjilani: E. Kuč (SUB 50'), M. Dubova (SUB 79'; YC 90'+4'), Y. Kastrati (SUB 83'), A. Prekazi, E. Kçiku, P. Terziu, S. Ruçi


16': Goal! N. Gai scores — Tre Penne [1]-0 Gjilani .
24': Goal! D. Nikač scores — Tre Penne 1-[1] Gjilani .
31': Yellow card shown to R. Mezzadri ( Tre Penne).
32': Yellow card shown to L. Sorrentino ( Tre Penne).
43': Red card (2nd yellow) shown to L. Sorrentino ( Tre Penne).
44': Yellow card shown to A. Gasperoni ( Tre Penne).
50': Substitution for Tre Penne: E. Cibelli in, L. Ceccaroli out.
50': Substitution for Gjilani: E. Kuč in, F. Jonuzi out.
52': Yellow card shown to M. Useini ( Gjilani).
64': Goal! F. Hajdari scores — Tre Penne 1-[2] Gjilani .
68': Goal! A. Hila scores — Tre Penne 1-[3] Gjilani .
68': Substitution for Tre Penne: D. Cesarini in, A. Gasperoni out.
74': Substitution for Tre Penne: R. Pieri in, A. Chiurato out.
78': Yellow card shown to E. Cibelli ( Tre Penne).
79': Substitution for Gjilani: M. Dubova in, F. Hajdari out.
83': Substitution for Gjilani: Y. Kastrati in, A. Halili out.
90'+4': Yellow card shown to M. Dubova ( Gjilani).
90'+5': Yellow card shown to L. Patregnani ( Tre Penne).
90'+5': Yellow card shown to D. Cesarini ( Tre Penne).

Match Statistics

Tre Penne Stat Gjilani
1 Corners 2
1 Total Shots 7
1 Shots On Target 2
0 Shots Wide 5
10 Fouls 10
1 Offsides 0
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2020.07.02 21:26 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Atalanta 2-0 Napoli [Serie A, Round 29]

FT: Atalanta 2-0 Napoli

Atalanta Score Napoli
M. Pašalić 47' [1]-0
R. Gosens 55' [2]-0
Date: 02/07/2020 — 19:30 CEST, 13:30 EDT, 18:30 BST, 23:00 IST
Competition: Serie A (Round 29)
Venue: Gewiss Stadium (Bergamo)
Referee: D. Doveri


Atalanta Notes Napoli Notes
Manager: G. Gasperini Manager: G. Gattuso
95 P. Gollini 25 D. Ospina SUB 30'
2 Rafael Tolói A 55'; YC 88' 19 Nikola Maksimović
19 B. Djimsiti SUB 81' 6 Mário Rui YC 67'
21 T. Castagne 26 K. Koulibaly
3 M. Caldara SUB 72' 22 G. Di Lorenzo
8 R. Gosens G 55' 4 D. Demme SUB 73'
10 A. Gómez A 47' 20 P. Zieliński
15 M. de Roon 8 Fabián Ruiz
11 R. Freuler 14 D. Mertens SUB 57'
88 M. Pašalić G 47' 24 L. Insigne SUB 58'
91 D. Zapata 21 M. Politano SUB 73'


Atalanta: J. Palomino (SUB 72'), H. Hateboer (SUB 81'), L. Muriel, J. Da Riva, F. Rossi, A. Tameze, J. Iličić, E. Colley, R. Bellanova, B. Šutalo, L. Czyborra, M. Sportiello
Napoli: A. Meret (SUB 30'), H. Lozano (SUB 57'), A. Milik (SUB 58'), José Callejón (SUB 73'), S. Lobotka (SUB 73'), F. Ghoulam, K. Manolas, S. Luperto, E. Hysaj, E. Elmas, O. Karnezis, A. Younes


30': Substitution for Napoli: A. Meret in, D. Ospina out.
47': Goal! M. Pašalić scores [A. Gómez assist] — Atalanta [1]-0 Napoli .
55': Goal! R. Gosens scores [Rafael Tolói assist] — Atalanta [2]-0 Napoli .
57': Substitution for Napoli: H. Lozano in, D. Mertens out.
58': Substitution for Napoli: A. Milik in, L. Insigne out.
67': Yellow card shown to Mário Rui ( Napoli).
72': Substitution for Atalanta: J. Palomino in, M. Caldara out.
73': Substitution for Napoli: José Callejón in, M. Politano out.
73': Substitution for Napoli: S. Lobotka in, D. Demme out.
81': Substitution for Atalanta: H. Hateboer in, B. Djimsiti out.
88': Yellow card shown to Rafael Tolói ( Atalanta).
submitted by threaddo to soccer [link] [comments]

2020.06.28 21:20 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Udinese 2-3 Atalanta [Serie A, Round 28]

FT: Udinese 2-3 Atalanta

Udinese Score Atalanta
0-[1] D. Zapata 8'
K. Lasagna 31' [1]-1
1-[2] L. Muriel 71'
1-[3] L. Muriel 79'
K. Lasagna 87' [2]-3
Date: 28/06/2020 — 19:30 CEST, 13:30 EDT, 18:30 BST, 23:00 IST
Competition: Serie A (Round 28)
Venue: Dacia Arena (Udine)
Referee: M. Di Bello


Udinese Notes Atalanta Notes
Manager: L. Gotti Manager: G. Gasperini
1 J. Musso 95 P. Gollini
19 J. Larsen SUB 82' 2 Rafael Tolói
17 B. Nuytinck 19 B. Djimsiti SUB 46'
5 W. Troost-Ekong SUB 66' 21 T. Castagne
3 Samir 33 H. Hateboer SUB 59'
8 M. Jajalo SUB 82' 3 M. Caldara YC 76'
6 S. Fofana A 31' 10 A. Gómez A 8'; A 79'; SUB 80'
12 K. Sema SUB 66' 11 R. Freuler
11 Walace 88 M. Pašalić SUB 59'
91 Ł. Teodorczyk SUB 71' 18 R. Malinovskiy YC 40'; SUB 52'
15 K. Lasagna G 31'; G 87' 91 D. Zapata G 8'


Udinese: Rodrigo Becão (SUB 66'; YC 69'), M. Zeegelaar (SUB 66'; YC 77'; A 87'), S. Okaka (SUB 71'), I. Nestorovski (SUB 82'), H. ter Avest (SUB 82'), F. Mazzolo, M. Palumbo, S. Perisan, S. De Maio, Nicolas, M. Ballarini
Atalanta: J. Palomino (SUB 46'), L. Muriel (SUB 52'; G 71'; G 79'), M. de Roon (SUB 59'), R. Gosens (SUB 59'), J. Iličić (SUB 80'), B. Šutalo, M. Sportiello, R. Bellanova, L. Czyborra, A. Tameze, E. Colley, F. Rossi


8': Goal! D. Zapata scores [A. Gómez assist] — Udinese 0-[1] Atalanta .
31': Goal! K. Lasagna scores [S. Fofana assist] — Udinese [1]-1 Atalanta .
40': Yellow card shown to R. Malinovskiy ( Atalanta).
46': Substitution for Atalanta: J. Palomino in, B. Djimsiti out.
52': Substitution for Atalanta: L. Muriel in, R. Malinovskiy out.
59': Substitution for Atalanta: M. de Roon in, M. Pašalić out.
59': Substitution for Atalanta: R. Gosens in, H. Hateboer out.
66': Substitution for Udinese: Rodrigo Becão in, W. Troost-Ekong out.
66': Substitution for Udinese: M. Zeegelaar in, K. Sema out.
69': Yellow card shown to Rodrigo Becão ( Udinese).
71': Goal! L. Muriel scores — Udinese 1-[2] Atalanta .
71': Substitution for Udinese: S. Okaka in, Ł. Teodorczyk out.
76': Yellow card shown to M. Caldara ( Atalanta).
77': Yellow card shown to M. Zeegelaar ( Udinese).
79': Goal! L. Muriel scores [A. Gómez assist] — Udinese 1-[3] Atalanta .
80': Substitution for Atalanta: J. Iličić in, A. Gómez out.
82': Substitution for Udinese: I. Nestorovski in, J. Larsen out.
82': Substitution for Udinese: H. ter Avest in, M. Jajalo out.
87': Goal! K. Lasagna scores [M. Zeegelaar assist] — Udinese [2]-3 Atalanta .
submitted by threaddo to soccer [link] [comments]

2020.06.25 12:59 DealsCanada [Sony Online Entertainment] PSN - Playstation - Mid-Year Deals + Under $30

Deal Link
Expiry: July 9, 2020
Retailer: Sony Online Entertainment
Use the Summary
Just added the Under $30 list (thanks
Mid Year Deals
[428: Shibuya Scramble](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BUYASCRAUS
[Additional Character Pack Vol.1](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400022000
[Additional Character Pack Vol.2](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400023000
[Additional Character Pack Vol.3](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400024000
[Additional Character Pack Vol.4](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400025000
[Additional Character Pack Vol.5](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400026000
[Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ESTIIM0001
[Age of Wonders: Planetfall](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NETFALL000
[Age of Wonders: Planetfall Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Age of Wonders: Planetfall Premium Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... MIUM000000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... IUMFILES00
[Alekhine's Gun](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000001
[AO International Tennis](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Arc of Alchemist](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LCHEMIST00
[Ashes Cricket](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RICKET0000
[Assassin's Creed® Odyssey](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Assassin's Creed® Odyssey Gold Edition ](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NGOLD00000
[Assassin’s Creed® Origins Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... UXECANADA0
[Azur Lane: Crosswave](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NECROSSW12
[Battlefield™ V Year 2 Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... R2ED000000
[Beast Quest](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... UEST000000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... HBOOM00000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 1629633644
[BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Additional Character Pack Vol.6](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400027000
[BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Additional Character Pack Vol.7](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400028000
[BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Additional Color Set 1](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400015000
[BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Additional Color Set 2](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400016000
[BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Additional Color Set 3](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400017000
[BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Special Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S4SPEDIT00
[BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Ver 2.0 Expansion Pack](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400030000
[BlazBlue: Central Fiction](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 4000001000
[BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400001000
[BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Add. Character Pack 1-7](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S400010000
[Blood Bowl 2](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BLOODBOWL2
[Blood Bowl 2: Legendary Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... B2LEGENDED
[Bound by Flame™](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... YFLAMEGAME
[Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... STORMFC000
[Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Duke Nukem Bundle](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... STORMFCELE
[Catherine: Full Body](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... INEFBUS009
[Catherine: Full Body Digital Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... INEFBDDECA
[Civilization VI Expansion Bundle](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... AC00000000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... IFTERUS010
[Code: Realize ~Bouquet of Rainbows~](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ALIZESHPS4
[Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ALIZEFD2P4
[Conception PLUS: Maidens of the Twelve Stars](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... TION1US000
[Construction Simulator 2 US - Console Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 2CONSOLE00
[Creed Rise to Glory™](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EASE000001
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... TCRICKET19
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[CRYSTAR 4 Panel Comic Collection](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RBUNDLE003
[CRYSTAR Clothing Swap Collection](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RBUNDLE001
[CRYSTAR Holiday Collection](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RBUNDLE002
[CRYSTAR Mascot Costume Collection](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RBUNDLE005
[CRYSTAR Peddler Collection](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RBUNDLE004
[Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GAMIONLINE
[Damascus Gear: Operation Osaka HD Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... HD00000000
[Dark Rose Valkyrie](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RKROSEUSA0
[Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... IVERIOREIN
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000001
[Dead Alliance™](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... HAZARDXXXX
[Dead Alliance™: Multiplayer Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ITIONXXUSX
[Dead Cells](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LLS0000000
[Death end reQuest](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NDREQUEST0
[Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Dishonored®: Death of the Outsider™ Deluxe Bundle](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LUXEBUNDLE
[Dishonored®: The Complete Collection ](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... MPLETEBUND
[Double Dragon and Kunio-kun: Retro Brawler Bundle](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Dragon Ball Xenoverse](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BALLXV0000
[Dragon Star Varnir](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Drawful 2](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... WFULTWOPS4
[Dying Light](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... IGHTGAME00
[EA Family Bundle](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BUNDLE0000
[EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 Champions Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 5GLDPACKCA
[EA SPORTS™ FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 10GLDPCKCA
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... TSUFC3GAME
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... STERPKG000
[EARTH DEFENSE FORCE 5 Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NRAINGAME2
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NRAIN00000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EASE000001
[Elite Dangerous](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GAME000000
[Euro Fishing](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Euro Fishing: Castle Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... INGCASTLE1
[Euro Fishing: Season Pass US Edition ](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GSEASONPAS
[Euro Fishing: Urban Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... DITION0000
[Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RCHIVE0004
[Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000NA1
[Far Cry New Dawn](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BOWMORECAN
[Farming Simulator 19](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GSIMULAT19
[Farming Simulator 19 - Platinum Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ATINUMEDIT
[Farming Simulator 19 - Premium Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EMIEDITION
[Fishing Sim World: Pro Tour - Giant Carp Pack](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GIANTCARP1
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Collector's Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LECTORSDIG
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Gigantica Road Lake](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ROADLAKE00
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Jezioro Bestii](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... JEZIOROBES
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Laguna Iquitos](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LAGIQUITOS
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Lake Arnold](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... TENNESSEE0
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Lake Williams](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RNIALAKE00
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Quad Lake Pass](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... QUADLAKEPA
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Tackle Box Equipment Pack](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GTACKLEBOX
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour - Tournament Bass Pack](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... MPIONBASS1
[Fishing Sim World®: Pro Tour Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... DELUXE0001
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NCHGAMEPS4
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... QNVXNNUBQC
[Get Even](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... NGAME00001
[Ghost Parade](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ARADE12345
[Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... USTERS2019
[Gigantosaurus The Game](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... OBASEGAME0
[GOD EATER 2: Rage Burst](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RAGEBURST0
[GTAV: Premium Online Edition and Great White Shark Card](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... MPACKOGGW1
[GTAV: Premium Online Edition and Megalodon Shark Card](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... MPACKOGME1
[GTAV: Premium Online Edition and Whale Shark Card](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... MPACKOGWS1
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GEARONE000
[Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EVUS000100
[Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EV2US00100
[HITMAN™ - Game of the Year Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... S1GOTYFULL
[Ice Age Scrat's Nutty Adventure!](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BASEGAME01
[Impact Winter](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... WINTER0000
[Injustice™ 2 - Legendary Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ICE2LE0000
[Jetpack Joyride](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... KJOYRIDE00
[JUMANJI: The Video Game](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... IBASEGAME0
[JUMP FORCE - Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... THDELUXE00
[Jurassic World Evolution Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ELUXE00000
[KATANA KAMI: A Way of the Samurai Story](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... KAMI000000
[LEGO® DC Super-Villains Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LAINSDLXCA
[LEGO® Star Wars™: The Force Awakens Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... UXEEDITION
[LEGO® The Hobbit™](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BBIT000000
[Lichdom: Battlemage](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... MBTMGMMGUS
[Little Dragons Café](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... DRAGONSUS0
[Loading Human: Chapter 1](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GHUMAN0001
[Madden NFL 20 Ultimate Superstar Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... TISUPRSTAR
[Madden NFL 20: Superstar Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LSESUPERCA
[Magicka 2](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GP40000003
[Magicka 2: Special Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000001633
[Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... RADE000000
[Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000001
[Megadimension Neptunia VII](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Megadimension Neptunia VIIR](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
[Middle-earth™: Shadow of War™ Definitive Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EDITBUNDLE
[Mordheim: City of the Damned](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... IM00000001
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 20FULLGAME
[MX Nitro: Unleashed](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... OUNLEASHUS
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... UNS2000000
[NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM 3 Full Burst](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... UNS3000000
[NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja STORM](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... UNS1000000
[Need for Speed™ Heat Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EDITION0CA
[NHL® 20 Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... ELUXE000CA
[NHL® 20 Ultimate Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... LTIMATE0CA
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... G000000000
[Nidhogg 2](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... G2GAMEPLAY
[Ninjin: Clash of Carrots](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... BASEGAME01
[Omega Quintet](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EGAQUINTET
[One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... TOP3NA0000
[Overcooked: Gourmet Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... OKEDBUN001
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... CE2BUNDLE0
[PAW Patrol is on a roll!](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... 0000000000
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... UMGAMESCEA
[Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... A3DUS00000
[Persona 5: Dancing in Starlight](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... A5DUS00000
[Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville™ Deluxe Edition](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... PS4DLXLNCH
[Puyo Puyo Champions](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... AMPIONS000
[Puyo Puyo™Tetris®](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... TRIS000000
[Race with Ryan](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EGAME00001
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... GAME000000
[Raw Data](
https://store.playstation.com/en-ca/pro ... EASE000001
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2020.05.11 19:51 FrancescoAmic1 Zodiac / Monster of Florence. Further clues on the connection. The issue of the magazine the Italian serial killer used in his final letter has been discovered

Zodiac / Monster of Florence. Further clues on the connection. The issue of the magazine the Italian serial killer used in his final letter has been discovered
Edited September 8, 2020
Journalistic inquiry on the Zodiac - Monster of Florence connection
Monster's letter
«Dear sweet waters, I do not know you anymore: my childhood dream is ended here.» The main sentence the Monster of Florence cut out to compose his challenge letter sent to the investigators in 1985 is the title of an essay signed “Piero Chiara”. It appeared on pages 36 and 37 of the weekly Gente number 51 on newsstands from 14 to 20 December 1984, in an eight-page long report indicated in the summary as “My country and my lake”.
The cover of the weekly was dedicated to Gloria Guida and the little Guendalina Dorelli, wife and daughter of Johnny Dorelli, the famous “Dorellik” who parodied the main character of the comics “Diabolik” in 1967.
The discovery of the magazine was made by the documentarian Paolo Cochi and his fellows Martino Rossi and Valeria Vecchione. More than 34 years have passed since the last of the seven double murders attributed by Courts to the “Tuscan” serial killer was committed, but the origin of the newspaper clippings pasted on the envelope sent to the prosecutor Silvia Della Monica and postmarked “San Piero a Sieve, 9 September 1985” had never been ascertained.
Gente no. 51, 1984
«We worked hard to find the magazine used by the Monster, in the end here it is,» Cochi told Tempi. The documentarian has recently rewritten and expanded his book “Al di là di ogni ragionevole dubbio” (Runa, 2020).
The number 51 of Gente is a «key element in view of investigations», said the documentarian. It is also one of the most important clues in a case in which there are still six unsolved murders officially.
Cochi anticipated the discovery in February in his column in Ok Mugello and, on the contrary of what Tempi had published two years ago, he does not believe the Monster is the American serial killer Zodiac. «In my opinion, the culprit of the crimes was an individual who had to do with Mugello,» he said. «He was a native from the area and had maintained a relevance near San Piero a Sieve,» the town where the Monster mailed the letter to Della Monica. «He was a person close to a certain type of “apparatus” and tied to a certain people.» «Apart from my convictions,» explained Cochi, «in my work I stick only to documented researches and disclosures of factual data taken from records. Criminal inquiries are the responsibility of prosecutors, I only try to provide a documental contribution. I hope it will be useful to the investigators.»
How did Cochi and his fellows understand they were in front of the right magazine? «That font type was used by a few weeklies,» replied the documentarian. «Having a copy of the investigation on the envelope carried out by the scientific police with the part behind each single letter annexed, we were able to unequivocally identify the magazine, comparing the front part of each single clipping with the back part.» Although the weekly in 1984 recorded an average circulation of 667,553 copies sold (Ads data), it was very difficult to find the number 51: «We bought entire collections of various weeklies. A search that lasted a couple of years,» admitted Cochi. An enormous effort that will hopefully bear fruit.
Comparison examples
Last week, Tempi spoke with the historian Pietro Montorfani, who had quoted the article cut out by the Monster and signed Piero Chiara in his essay “I thought about it all my life – Piero Chiara and Manzoni”. Montorfani’s note referred to a text published in the collection “If not here, where? Varese’s landscape” by Chiara (Nicolini, 1997), edited by Federico Roncoroni, heir of Chiara’s work.
Contacted by Tempi, Bambi Lazzati, director of the “Amici di Piero Chiara” association, replied breathlessly: «We have a lot of work to do. We are receiving short stories by young students, in these days ... and with this mask ... ».
Association employees are scrambling aspiring writers’ works sent from all over Italy. Like it was on purpose, the theme of the Premio Chiara Giovani that will keep the jury occupied in the coming months is “the water”.Lazzati called the curator of Chiara’s books. «I read the article “Dear sweet waters ...” directly in the magazine Gente,» Roncoroni reminded Tempi. «Later I found a copy of Chiara’s article among the clippings kept in his Archive.»
Stumbled upon that essay, now lost among papers in the Lombard writer’s archive, he inserted it in “If not here, where? The landscape of Varese”, a collection of pieces «conceived to testify the great affection that bound the writer to Varese and its surroundings.»
Chiara’s text expresses a deep attachment to “his” lake. «Chiara was very close to Lago Maggiore and to the places where he spent the youth to which he always returned after each trip,» Roncoroni recalled. «It is no coincidence that many of his novels and short stories have those places as a backdrop, and it is needless to specify that those places are places of the heart.»
Piero Chiara's essay
The number of Gente dates back to nine months before the letter to Della Monica was sent, so it is reasonable to assume the magazine was carefully kept for future use. Even the choice of titles for the clippings (one of which is an offensive allusion directed to Della Monica) would seem wisely considered and substantially confirms what was published by Tempi two years ago on the common identity of the Monster and the American serial killer Zodiac.
The number 51 of Gente in 1984 was on newsstands in the week of the year which included December 20, a date that had the appearance to be symbolic for Zodiac, as Tempi reported in May 2018. On December 20, 1968, the «cipher killer» committed his first double murder in Vallejo. The same day the following year, he sent a letter to attorney Melvin Belli asking for help. «I’m drowning,» he wrote. The second occurrence is the Zodiac’s obsession with the water which Tempi had already mentioned, an element present in the phrase: “Dear sweet waters ...”. The Monster has selected from the article by Piero Chiara (photo by Gianni Minischetti), more characters than any other, including the final letter pasted on the envelope, that is the "E" of "acque" (waters).
In the late 60s and early 70s, there was a maniac who «attacks couples» and «kills on weekends, near the water» in California wrote Robert Graysmith in the 1986 book “Zodiac” (St. Martin’s Press). Graysmith contributed to the fame of the “Californian” killer who had threatened the people of the San Francisco Bay Area with his murders for a few years.
Zodiac sent about twenty letters containing puzzles and encrypted messages to the press, a lawyer and a reporter, stole his name from a brand of watches whose advertising hype at the time was focused on its articles for divers, especially the Zodiac Sea Wolf. He disappeared from the United States in 1974 claiming 37 murders and signing his farewell with a verse on a suicide by drowning taken from Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Mikado”. Thus concluded a dense correspondence in which the references to water are numerous.
The signatures left by Zodiac and by the Monster (also in crimes) present a series of affinities and analogies that do not end in the occurrences above, even if these are the most obvious. Both attacked couples at lover’s lanes, preferably before midnight and on weekends, trying to keep media attention high on themselves. Furthermore, the letter mailed to Della Monica has two other peculiarities in common with the Zodiac’s “literary style”: the missing of a double consonant and the use of the dash.
San Giorgio washing machines ("lavatrici") and household's advertisement
The word "Wash" was a reference that Zodiac used a few times instead of water. See the complete list of references to the water and "wash" by Zodiac at the bottom
At the beginning of the 1980s, the hypothesis that the Monster of Florence had emigrated to Italy was not considered science fiction, not by investigators at least. Prosecutor Silvia Della Monica, recipient of the Monster’s challenge letter, asked the Carabinieri and police to verify through the Interpol the existence abroad of criminal episodes that were “analogous for modus operandi” to the attacks of the “Tuscan” serial killer. It was July 3, 1982.
The results of the investigations were not made public, but the range of research asked by the prosecutor investigating the crimes excluded Zodiac, limiting itself to the crimes that occurred after 1970. The last crime officially attributed to the “enigmatic killer” dates back to 11 October 1969, although his parting letter after a three-year interval was sent on January 29, 1974.
The investigations that could have led abroad were abandoned.
Concomitantly with Della Monica’s request to consult Interpol, the crimes of the Monster were linked to a double murder of 1968 that occurred in Lastra a Signa and for which the husband of one of the victims, the Sardinian bricklayer Stefano Mele, had been convicted. On July 20, 1982, the investigators had found five bullets and five shell casings belonged to the Monster among the records of the trial against Mele. They were kept in the archives of the Clerk’s office at the Florence Court, where they would have been since April 1, 1974. This was not the place where they should have been, but the evidence room.
Italian actor Albertazzi: "I wish I was a woman"
The monster wrote "Dott." (male) instead of the correct "Dott.ssa" (female) in his letter. Dott. and Dott.ssa are titles that precede graduates’ names in formal communications in Italy.
The Monster had no fear of the “Sardinian” lead. He sanctioned it with the blood of six other victims in the Florentine summer nights of 1983, 1984 and 1985, making the police release the suspects of the 1968 one after the other, before concluding his grim sequence of murders with the challenge letter mailed to Della Monica. The investigating judge Mario Rotella accepted the reality. The defendants Piero Mucciarini, Giovanni Mele, and the brothers Francesco and Salvatore Vinci were acquitted on 13th December 1989.
The last real prosecuted “Monster” was Pietro Pacciani, a farmer from Mercatale in Val di Pesa. Pacciani died on February 22, 1998, before the second appeal sentence. After being sentenced at first instance, he had been acquitted of all charges in 1996 and then remanded for further judgment by the Cassation. The two alleged accomplices, Giancarlo Lotti and Mario Vanni, were definitively sentenced in 2000.
Last summer, a piece of news leaked from the Prosecutor’s Office saying Paride Minervini, ballistic expert of the prosecutor in charge of investigations on the Monster, attorney Luca Turco, had found traces of a falsification in one of the decisive evidence against Pacciani, a .22 caliber cartridge, brand Winchester "H series", found in a stake in his kitchen garden.
Zodiac Sea Wolf advertisement
According to reports drawn up by the police, at the time of his disappearance Zodiac must have been a stout, stocky built forty years old man possibly with a prominent stomach, about 5.8’ in height. Contrasting comments on hair color. One of the surviving victims saw them light brown, one other, dark brown, for other witnesses they were reddish-brown. The contradictions indicated that the killer had disguised himself in all the attacks, as he stated in a letter to the San Francisco Chronicle mailed on November 9, 1969.
Two Department of Justice’s reports dated 1970 and 1971 signed by the agent Mel Nicolai accused Zodiac of six homicides committed in California between 1966 and 1969. For detective Dave Toschi and other American investigators he had slaughtered a girl in Riverside, killed a taxi driver in San Francisco, and attacked three couples at lover’s lanes in Vallejo and Lake Berryessa.
On 14th September 1974, two teenagers were killed at the Fontanine di Rabatta, in Mugello, a few months after the last official Zodiac’s written communication. It’s the first ascertained crime of the “couples maniac”, one of his three attacks officially remained without a guilty.
Belli Envelope
References to the water by Zodiac:
  • Riverside, October 30, 1966 (the city where the murder was committed);
  • Zodiac watches, possibly the Sea Wolf, 1967 (advertisement);
  • Lake Herman Road, December 20, 1968 (crime location);
  • Blue Rock Springs, July 4, 1969 (crime location);
  • Springs Road, July 5, 1969 (phone booth location);
  • «Water hose», August 4, 1969 (letter);
  • Lake Berryessa, September 27, 1969 (crime location);
  • «I am drownding», December 20, 1969 (letter);
  • «Blue meannies», yellow submarine) (movie on The Beatles), April 20, 1970 (letter);
  • «I was swamped out by the rain», April 20, 1970 (letter);
  • «I shall listen to their pleass for water», July 26, 1970 (letter);
  • «I am crack (instead of water) proof», October 5, 1970 (postcard);
  • «By fire, by gun, by knife, by rope (on the cover he copied there was also “by water” which here is omitted)», October 27, 1970, Halloween card, (based on the cover of Tim Holt No. 30, discovery by Tahoe27 here);
  • «I am crack (instead of water) proof», March 13, 1971 (letter);
  • «Blue meannies», yellow submarine), March 13, 1971 (letter);
  • «He plunged himself into the billowy wave and an echo arose from the suicides grave» (a “death by water”, excerpt from the Mikado by William S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan), January 29, 1974 (last signature).
References to "wash":
  • Washing line ( link), September 27, 1969 (evidence);
  • Car wash (link), September 27, 1969 (phone booth location);
  • Washington Street, October 11, 1969 (crime scene);
  • «Washington street», October 13, 1969 (letter);
  • «I just washed my pen», November 8, 1969 (greeting card).
submitted by FrancescoAmic1 to ZodiacKiller [link] [comments]

2020.01.04 19:37 MilesOfPebbles Serie A January Transfer Megathread


Will be updated every day or so
31/01/2020 Rouhi Jonas Jakob Brommapojkarna > JUVENTUS Permanent
31/01/2020 Regini Vasco Sampdoria > PARMA Temporary
31/01/2020 Latte Lath Junior Imolese > ATALANTA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Agudelo Ardila Kevin Andres Genoa > FIORENTINA Temporary
31/01/2020 Cavuoti Nicolo Vastese > CAGLIARI Permanent
31/01/2020 Trovato Mattia Cosenza > FIORENTINA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Eysseric Valentini Fiorentina > HELLAS VERONA Temporary
31/01/2020 Cerri alberto Cagliari > SPAL Temporary
31/01/2020 Parigini Vittorio Torino > GENOA Permanent
31/01/2020 Yoshida Maya Southampton > SAMPDORIA Temporary
31/01/2020 Paloschi Alberto S.P.A.L. S.r.l. > CAGLIARI Temporary
31/01/2020 D'Aloia Marco Lupo Pescara > PARMA Temporary
31/01/2020 Pereiro Lopez Gaston Rodrigo PSV Eindhoven > CAGLIARI Permanent
31/01/2020 Michelotti Ivan Torino > CAGLIARI Permanent
31/01/2020 Salemaekers Alexis Jesse Anderlecht > MILAN Temporary
31/01/2020 Cancellieri Damiano Cagliari > TORINO Permanent
31/01/2020 Castro lucas Nahuel Cagliari > SPAL Temporary
31/01/2020 Paz Nehuen Mario Bologna > LECCE Temporary
31/01/2020 Palmucci Stefano Pescara > PARMA Permanent
31/01/2020 Matri Alessandro Brescia > SASSUOLO Back from loan
31/01/2020 Laxalt Suarez Diego Sebastian Torino > MILAN Back from loan
31/01/2020 Cipolletti Davide Pescara > PARMA Permanent
31/01/2020 Saro Matteo Donatello > UDINESE Temporary
31/01/2020 Corsa Matteo Donatello > UDINESE Permanent
31/01/2020 La Gumina Antonino Empoli > SAMPDORIA Temporary
31/01/2020 Rossi Riccardo Pescara > JUVENTUS Temporary
31/01/2020 Magnani Giangiacomo Brescia > SASSUOLO Back from loan
31/01/2020 Distefano Gian Marco Catania > LAZIO Temporary
31/01/2020 Morrone Biagio Salernitana > LAZIO Permanent
31/01/2020 Cicerelli Emanuele Pio Salernitana > LAZIO Permanent
31/01/2020 Novella Mattia Salernitana > LAZIO Permanent
31/01/2020 Amrabat Sofyan Fiorentina > HELLAS VERONA Temporary
31/01/2020 Angelini Francesco Rimini > MILAN Temporary
31/01/2020 Valietti Federico Virtus Entella > GENOA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Ilie Matei Christian Padova > HELLAS VERONA Temporary
31/01/2020 Malvezzi Edoardo Carpi > TORINO Temporary
31/01/2020 Piliukaitis Vilius Ascoli > TORINO Temporary
31/01/2020 Ambrogio Simone Pianese > TORINO Back from loan
31/01/2020 Klimavicius Augustinas Genoa > TORINO Temporary
31/01/2020 Dainelli Davide S.Michele C Virtus > FIORENTINA Temporary
31/01/2020 Espinoza Tenorio Emerson Leao Parma > INTER Temporary
31/01/2020 Isaia Lorenzo Lodigiani > ROMA Temporary
31/01/2020 Amrabat Sofyan Hellas Verona > FIORENTINA Permanent
31/01/2020 Barrenechea Enzo Alan Tomas Olympique Des Alpes Sa/Fc Sion > JUVENTUS Permanent
31/01/2020 Mallamo Andrea Atalanta > PARMA Temporary
31/01/2020 Madonna Simone Arezzo > PARMA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Bozhanaj Kleis Empoli > NAPOLI Temporary
31/01/2020 Ferrari Franco Bari > NAPOLI Back from loan
31/01/2020 Soumaoro Bakary Adam Losc Lille > GENOA Permanent
31/01/2020 Minelli Alessandro Parma > JUVENTUS Permanent
31/01/2020 Mitrov Zoran Afc Uta Arad > SASSUOLO Permanent
31/01/2020 Zukanovic Ervin Al Ahli > SPAL Permanent
31/01/2020 Rimpa Deimantas Torino > LECCE Permanent
31/01/2020 Candela Antonio Trapani > GENOA Back from loan
31/01/2020 De Rigo Mattia Virtus Entella > TORINO Temporary
31/01/2020 Ricci Ludovico Viterbese > LAZIO Temporary
31/01/2020 Lanini Eric Juventus > PARMA Permanent
31/01/2020 Tehe Olawale Muhamed Ponsacco > PARMA Permanent
31/01/2020 Lamanna Francesco Cremonese > JUVENTUS Back from loan
31/01/2020 Haraslin Lukas Lechia Gdansk > SASSUOLO Temporary
31/01/2020 Shehu Kristo Panathinaikos F.C. > BOLOGNA Temporary
31/01/2020 Romei Carlo Pesaro > SAMPDORIA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Cheddira Walid Arezzo > PARMA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Caprari Gianluca Sampdoria > PARMA Temporary
31/01/2020 Lovato Matteo Padova > HELLAS VERONA Permanent
31/01/2020 Dezi Jacopo Empoli > PARMA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Minelli Alessandro Trapani > PARMA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Capanni Gabriele Novara > MILAN Back from loan
31/01/2020 Kouame Kouakou Christi Genoa > FIORENTINA Temporary
31/01/2020 Furina Vincenzo Catanzaro > FIORENTINA Temporary
31/01/2020 Gomez Dutra Emiliano Ca Boston River > SASSUOLO Temporary
31/01/2020 Fiath Bence Vasas Kubala Akademia > PARMA Permanent
31/01/2020 Caissutti Manuel Pordenone > UDINESE Permanent
31/01/2020 Carcani Niccolo Follonica > FIORENTINA Temporary
31/01/2020 Laraspata Michele Parma > LECCE Temporary
31/01/2020 Trezza Pio Leonardo Lecco > PARMA Temporary
31/01/2020 Santopadre Alessandro Rimini > ATALANTA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Vaghi Stefano Inter > SAMPDORIA Permanent
31/01/2020 Duncan Joseph Alfred Sassuolo > FIORENTINA Temporary
31/01/2020 Machin Dicombo Jose Pescara > PARMA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Dos Santos Igor Julio Spal > FIORENTINA Temporary
31/01/2020 Semeraro Francesco Ascoli > ROMA Temporary
31/01/2020 D'Ambrosio Leonardo Savona > TORINO Back from loan
31/01/2020 D'Antoni Riccardo Maria Vado > TORINO Temporary
31/01/2020 Priore Edoardo Chievo > TORINO Temporary
31/01/2020 Nzonzi Steven Galatasaray > ROMA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Laraspata Michele Lecce > PARMA Permanent
31/01/2020 Romeo Davide Lecco > MILAN Back from loan
31/01/2020 Trezza Pio Leonardo Parma > LECCE Permanent
31/01/2020 Satriano Costa Martin Adrian Club Nacional de Football > INTER Permanent
31/01/2020 Mattiello Esayas Monza > ATALANTA Back from loan
31/01/2020 Tameze Aousta Adrien Fidele OGC Nice > ATALANTA Permanent
30/01/2020 Dimarco Federico Inter > HELLAS VERONA Temporary
30/01/2020 Carboni Franco Ezequiel Catania > INTER Permanent
30/01/2020 Falque Silva Yago Torino > GENOA Temporary
30/01/2020 Bellanova Raoul FC Des Girondins de Bordeaux > ATALANTA Temporary
30/01/2020 Sutalo Bosko NK Osijek > ATALANTA Permanent
30/01/2020 Valencia Chara Kener Julian Deportivo Tulua > CAGLIARI Temporary
30/01/2020 Perez Sayol Carles Barcellona > ROMA Temporary
30/01/2020 Ludviksson Anton Logi Breidablik > SPAL Temporary
30/01/2020 Belotti Maicol Uesse Sarnico > INTER Back from loan
30/01/2020 Petagna Andrea Napoli > SPAL Temporary
30/01/2020 Petronelli Fabien Sassuolo > PARMA Temporary
30/01/2020 Radu Ionut Andrei Genoa > PARMA Temporary
30/01/2020 Guerini Daniel Torino > SPAL Temporary
30/01/2020 Petagna Andrea Spal > NAPOLI Permanent
30/01/2020 Romeo Davide Carpeneto > SASSUOLO Back from loan
30/01/2020 Bechini Lorenzo Palermo > SASSUOLO Back from loan
30/01/2020 Agostinelli Nicolo' Sassari > CAGLIARI Back from loan
30/01/2020 Cucci Matteo Parma > LECCE Temporary
30/01/2020 Piazza Alessio Lecce > PARMA Temporary
30/01/2020 Villar Del Fraile Gonzalo Elche CF > ROMA Permanent
30/01/2020 Bornosuzov Yoan Atanasov PFC Cska Sofia > GENOA Permanent
30/01/2020 Rovelli Umberto Renate > BRESCIA Permanent
30/01/2020 Guerini Daniel Fiorentina > TORINO Back from loan
30/01/2020 Piazza Alessio Parma > LECCE Permanent
30/01/2020 Cucci Matteo Lecce > PARMA Permanent
30/01/2020 De Oliveira Andrad Wesley David Hellas Verona > JUVENTUS Permanent
30/01/2020 Favara Davide Vado > SAMPDORIA Temporary
30/01/2020 Settimo Pietro Maria Varesina > INTER Permanent
30/01/2020 Vrioni Giacomo Sampdoria > JUVENTUS Permanent
30/01/2020 Gerbi Erik Juventus > SAMPDORIA Temporary
30/01/2020 Francofonte Nicolo Juventus > SAMPDORIA Temporary
30/01/2020 Stoppa Matteo Juventus > SAMPDORIA Temporary
30/01/2020 Vrioni Giacomo Cittadella > SAMPDORIA Back from loan
30/01/2020 Pompetti Marco Sampdoria > INTER Back from loan
30/01/2020 Martimbianco Riccardo Mestre > BOLOGNA Permanent
30/01/2020 Comisso Riccardo Udinese > SASSUOLO Permanent
30/01/2020 Saielli Stefano Reggio Audace > SASSUOLO Back from loan
30/01/2020 Fossati Cristian Vado > GENOA Back from loan
30/01/2020 Erroi Alessio Virtus Entella > GENOA Back from loan
30/01/2020 Dimitrijevic Stefan Bologna > GENOA Temporary
30/01/2020 Radaelli Nicolò Pescara > GENOA Temporary
29/01/2020 Dagostino Samuele Cheraschese > TORINO Temporary
29/01/2020 Masiello Andrea Atalanta > GENOA Permanent
29/01/2020 Corradini Giovanni Perugia > FIORENTINA Temporary
29/01/2020 Agostinelli Vittorio Albert Roma > FIORENTINA Permanent
29/01/2020 Da Cruz Alessio Sergio Ascoli > PARMA Back from loan
29/01/2020 Rossetti Luca Sporting Franciacorta > BRESCIA Permanent
29/01/2020 Asciotti Fabiano Luciano Carrarese > GENOA Back from loan
29/01/2020 Celar Zan Cittadella > ROMA Back from loan
29/01/2020 Pesce Lucasilvio Seregno > TORINO Permanent
29/01/2020 Pezzoli Jacopo Bra Calcio > TORINO Back from loan
29/01/2020 Gennaro Giorgio Chieri 1955 > TORINO Permanent
29/01/2020 Sami Brando Inter > NAPOLI Permanent
29/01/2020 Sernicola Leonardo Virtus Entella > SASSUOLO Back from loan
29/01/2020 Ciuferri Flavio Lodigiani > ROMA Permanent
29/01/2020 Chiossi Andrea Fiorentina > ROMA Permanent
29/01/2020 Licka Kerim Real Giulianova > SASSUOLO Back from loan
29/01/2020 Avantaggiato Alessandro Nardò > LECCE Back from loan
29/01/2020 Silvestro Alessandro Nocerina > INTER Back from loan
29/01/2020 Tordini Mattia Torino > INTER Back from loan
29/01/2020 Panzani Alberto Pro Sesto > INTER Permanent
29/01/2020 Schafer Andras Chievo > GENOA Back from loan
29/01/2020 Porotto Simone Lavagnese > GENOA Back from loan
28/01/2020 Berenbruch Thomas Renate > INTER Permanent
28/01/2020 Maset Ricky Pordenone > UDINESE Permanent
28/01/2020 Barak Antonin Udinese > LECCE Temporary
28/01/2020 Breza Sebastian Potenza > BOLOGNA Temporary
28/01/2020 Askildsen Kristoffer Stabaek > SAMPDORIA Temporary
28/01/2020 Eriksen Christian Dannemann Tottenham > INTER Permanent
28/01/2020 Sekularac Kristian Servette > JUVENTUS Permanent
28/01/2020 Politano Matteo Inter > NAPOLI Temporary
28/01/2020 Sparavigna Daniele Lumignacco > UDINESE Back from loan
27/01/2020 Ibanez Da Silva Roger Atalanta > ROMA Temporary
27/01/2020 Larosa Matteo Luigi Gravina > SASSUOLO Back from loan
25/01/2020 Marques Mendez Alejandro Jose Barcellona > JUVENTUS Permanent
25/01/2020 Pereira Da Silva Matheus Sa Dijon Fco > JUVENTUS Back from loan
24/01/2020 Zeegelaar Marvin Romeo Watford > UDINESE Permanent
24/01/2020 Okwonkwo Orji Impact Montreal > BOLOGNA Back from loan
24/01/2020 Konig Lukas Agustin Club Velez > GENOA Permanent
24/01/2020 Traverso Martino Busalla > GENOA Back from loan
24/01/2020 Dini Andrea Trapani > PARMA Back from loan
24/01/2020 Abou Teher Franck Juventus > LECCE Permanent
24/01/2020 Golfo Francesco Trapani > PARMA Back from loan
24/01/2020 Bonifazi Kevin Torino > SPAL Temporary
24/01/2020 Cambiaso Andrea Alessandria > GENOA Back from loan
23/01/2020 Sartori Cherinet Carpi > SASSUOLO Back from loan
23/01/2020 Brugman Duarte Gaston Parma > PARMA Permanent
23/01/2020 Moses Victor Chelsea > INTER Temporary
23/01/2020 Eriksson Sebastian Anders Freddrik IFK Goteborg > GENOA Permanent
23/01/2020 Valentini Lorenzo Chievo > TORINO Permanent
23/01/2020 Fiorio Edoardo A.C. Bra > TORINO Back from loan
23/01/2020 Tonelli Lorenzo Napoli > SAMPDORIA Temporary
23/01/2020 Maniglio Leonardo Bastia > BOLOGNA Back from loan
23/01/2020 Massa Francesco Fidelis Andria > NAPOLI Back from loan
23/01/2020 Colosio Daniele Scanzorosciate > BRESCIA Back from loan
22/01/2020 Czyborra Lennart-Marten Quint Heracles Almelo > ATALANTA Permanent
22/01/2020 Carrozza Alessandro FC Messina > SASSUOLO Back from loan
22/01/2020 Saponara Riccardo Genoa > LECCE Temporary
22/01/2020 Busi Francesco Matelica > BOLOGNA Back from loan
22/01/2020 Nucci Mattia Sassuolo > PARMA Temporary
21/01/2020 Mazzini Stefano Pontedera > ATALANTA Back from loan
21/01/2020 Buragina Luca Alessandria > SAMPDORIA Temporary
21/01/2020 Lazri Marco Molassana Boero > SAMPDORIA Temporary
21/01/2020 Sava Razvan Sergiu Pescara > JUVENTUS Back from loan
21/01/2020 Ekuban Joseph Ansah Futboll Klub Partizani > HELLAS VERONA Back from loan
21/01/2020 Marchi Ettore Monza > JUVENTUS Temporary
20/01/2020 Jurgens Oliver Hellas Verona > ROMA Temporary
20/01/2020 Bonini Federico Virtus Entella > BOLOGNA Temporary
20/01/2020 Rrahmani Amir Napoli > HELLAS VERONA Temporary
20/01/2020 Tonoli Daniel VirtusCiseranobergamo1909 > INTER Temporary
20/01/2020 Galletti Thomas Charles Piacenza > MILAN Temporary
20/01/2020 Rudella Andrea Vigasio > HELLAS VERONA Back from loan
20/01/2020 Roversi Davide Inter > BRESCIA Temporary
20/01/2020 Cugola Gabriele Inter > BRESCIA Temporary
20/01/2020 Vignato Emanuel Chievo Verona > BOLOGNA Permanent
20/01/2020 Rrahmani Amir Hellas Verona > NAPOLI Permanent
20/01/2020 Ristic Nemanja Carpi > BOLOGNA Back from loan
17/01/2020 Di Cristifaro Davide Carpi > BOLOGNA Back from loan
17/01/2020 Young Ashley Simon Manchester United > INTER Permanent
17/01/2020 Bjarnason Birkir Al Arabi > BRESCIA Permanent
17/01/2020 Marino Andrea Salernitana > LAZIO Permanent
17/01/2020 Ntenda Wa Dimbonda Jean Claude Junior FC de Nantes > JUVENTUS Permanent
17/01/2020 Di Giuliomaria Elia Renate > INTER Back from loan
17/01/2020 Milani Nicola Virtus Ciserano Bergamo > INTER Back from loan
17/01/2020 Maffi Valerio Monza > INTER Back from loan
17/01/2020 Rizzo Nicholas Carrarese > GENOA Back from loan
17/01/2020 Barrow Musa Atalanta > BOLOGNA Temporary
16/01/2020 Benedetti Leonardo Spezia > SAMPDORIA Back from loan
16/01/2020 Tosi Emanuele Virtus Entella > SPAL Temporary
16/01/2020 Avogadri Lorenzo Atalanta > SAMPDORIA Temporary
16/01/2020 Milli Joakim Monopoli > LECCE Back from loan
16/01/2020 Avogadri Lorenzo Sampdoria > ATALANTA Back from loan
16/01/2020 Eleuteri Alessandro Feralpisalò > ATALANTA Back from loan
16/01/2020 Caon Gianmarco Torino > LECCE Permanent
16/01/2020 Deiana Testoni Gioele Olbia > CAGLIARI Back from loan
16/01/2020 Cassano Christian Modena > SASSUOLO Back from loan
15/01/2020 Mas Maciej Daniel SMS Lodz > CAGLIARI Permanent
15/01/2020 Cannas Daniele Foggia > CAGLIARI Back from loan
15/01/2020 Cauz Cristian Trapani > PARMA Back from loan
15/01/2020 Lobotka Stanislav Real Club Celta de Vigo > NAPOLI Permanent
15/01/2020 Mas Maciej Daniel SMS Lodz > CAGLIARI Permanent
15/01/2020 Traore Abdoulaye Rende > HELLAS VERONA Back from loan
15/01/2020 Brizzolara Matteo Carpeneto > SASSUOLO Back from loan
15/01/2020 Dragonetti Alessandro SanMichelese > SASSUOLO Back from loan
15/01/2020 Cazzago Angelo Giana Erminio > BRESCIA Back from loan
15/01/2020 Monachello Gaetano Pordenone > ATALANTA Back from loan
14/01/2020 Gavioli Lorenzo Venezia > INTER Back from loan
14/01/2020 Borini Fabio Milan > HELLAS VERONA Permanent
14/01/2020 Retibi Walid San Marco Assemini > CAGLIARI Back from loan
14/01/2020 Alborghetti Emanuele Calvina Sport > PARMA Back from loan
13/01/2020 Snisarcig Paolo Torino > UDINESE Permanent
13/01/2020 Bellucci Riccardo Lavagnese > SAMPDORIA Permanent
13/01/2020 Skrabb Simon IFK Norrkoping > BRESCIA Permanent
13/01/2020 Begovic Asmir Athletic FC Bournemouth > MILAN Temporary
13/01/2020 Fiumicetti Alberto Fermana > HELLAS VERONA Back from loan
13/01/2020 Maritano Pietro Chieri 1955 > TORINO Back from loan
13/01/2020 Vido Luca Crotone > ATALANTA Back from loan
13/01/2020 Kjaer Simon Thorup Sevilla > MILAN Temporary
13/01/2020 Fontana Tommaso Asti > TORINO Back from loan
12/01/2020 Dabo Bryan Boulaye Fiorentina > SPAL Temporary
12/01/2020 Caldara Mattia Milan > ATALANTA Temporary
11/01/2020 Demme Diego Lipsia > NAPOLI Permanent
10/01/2020 Cutrone Patrick Wolverhampton Wanderes > FIORENTINA Temporary
10/01/2020 Lamonica Miraglio Lorenzo Sampdoria > SAMPDORIA Back from loan
10/01/2020 Mehic Alen Savona > ATALANTA Back from loan
10/01/2020 Di Gregorio Brando ADS ISM Gradisca > UDINESE Temporary
10/01/2020 Russo Raffaele Pro Vercelli > NAPOLI Back from loan
10/01/2020 Piccaluga Giacomo Parma > BRESCIA Permanent
10/01/2020 Piroddi Roberto Cannonau > CAGLIARI Permanent
10/01/2020 Del Sole Ferdinando Juve Stabia > JUVENTUS Back from loan
10/01/2020 Kurtic Jasmin Spal > PARMA Temporary
09/01/2020 Da Silva Peres Bruno Sao Paulo > ROMA Back from loan
09/01/2020 Olivera De Andrea Maximiliano Club Deportivo Olimpia > FIORENTINA Back from loan
09/01/2020 Lora Erik Lecco > BRESCIA Back from loan
09/01/2020 Eguelfi Fabio Frosinone > ATALANTA Back from loan
09/01/2020 Cali Aimone Catanzaro > ATALANTA Back from loan
09/01/2020 Hudzik Mateusz Kacper Monterosi > HELLAS VERONA Back from loan
08/01/2020 Medja Beloko Nicky Stephane Koninklijke Atletiek Associate Gent > FIORENTINA Back from loan
08/01/2020 Eklu Shaka Mawuli Vion Zlate Moravce > SPAL Back from loan
08/01/2020 Dominguez Nicolas Martin Velez Sarsfield > BOLOGNA Back from loan
08/01/2020 Hoti Andi Zurigo > INTER Permanent
08/01/2020 Savino Gabriele Fossano > TORINO Back from loan
08/01/2020 De Letteriis Daniele Taranto > TORINO Back from loan
08/01/2020 Zamparo Luca Rimini > PARMA Back from loan
08/01/2020 Amore Jordan Pio Piacenza > MILAN Permanent
08/01/2020 Campagna Antonio Urbetevere > LAZIO Back from loan
07/01/2020 Capparuccini Giuseppe Fermana > PARMA Permanent
07/01/2020 Cotter Yannick Olympique des Alpes SA/FC Sion > JUVENTUS Permanent
07/01/2020 Lucarelli Matteo Torres > PARMA Back from loan
07/01/2020 Hecko Richard Slovan Bratislava > ATALANTA Permanent
07/01/2020 Bertini Lorenzo Atalanta > HELLAS VERONA Permanent
07/01/2020 Petronelli Fabien Arzachena Academy > SASSUOLO Back from loan
04/01/2020 Destro Mattia Bologna > GENOA Temporary
03/01/2020 Montipo Martin Poldil Lentigione > PARMA Back from loan
03/01/2020 Samake Badra Ali Lecco calcio > TORINO Back from loan
03/01/2020 Leotta Salvatore Biancavilla Calcio > PARMA Back from loan
03/01/2020 Loizzo Matteo Nibionnoggiono > NAPOLI Back from loan
03/01/2020 Nives Ruben Audace Cerignola > LECCE Back from loan
03/01/2020 Rittore Lorenzo Football Genova Calcio > GENOA Back from loan
03/01/2020 Cuomo Emanuel Cittanovese > SPAL Back from loan
03/01/2020 Allegretto Andrea Casarano > SPAL Back from loan
02/01/2020 Dos Reis Pereira Felipe Gremio > UDINESE Back from loan
02/01/2020 De Lima Costa Ewandro Felipe Fulminense > UDINESE Back from loan
02/01/2020 Kulusevski Dejan Juventus > PARMA Temporary
02/01/2020 Rocchi Gabriel Vigor Carpaneto 1922 > PARMA Back from loan
02/01/2020 Kulusevski Dejan Atalanta > JUVENTUS Permanent
02/01/2020 Kulusevski Dejan Parma > ATALANTA Back from loan
02/01/2020 Ibrahimovic Zlatan Los Angeles Galaxy > MILAN Free Agent
02/01/2020 Behrami Valon Sion > GENOA Free Agent
02/01/2020 Perin Mattia Juventus > GENOA Temporary
submitted by MilesOfPebbles to seriea [link] [comments]

2019.12.07 16:55 pastenague Post-Match Thread: Atalanta 3-2 Hellas Verona [Serie A, Round 15]

FT: Atalanta 3-2 Hellas Verona

Atalanta Score Hellas Verona
0-[1] S. Di Carmine 23'
R. Malinovskiy 44' [1]-1
1-[2] S. Di Carmine 57'
L. Muriel 64' (pen.) [2]-2
B. Djimsiti 90'+3' [3]-2
Date: 7 December 2019 — 15:00 CET, 09:00 EST, 14:00 GMT, 19:30 IST
League: Serie A (Round 15)
Venue: Gewiss Stadium (Bergamo)
Referee: P. Valeri


Atalanta Notes Hellas Verona Notes
Manager: G. Gasperini Manager: I. Juric
95 P. Gollini 1 M. Silvestri
2 Rafael Tolói A 90'+3' 15 S. Bocchetti YC 41'; SUB 46'
6 J. Palomino 5 D. Faraoni A 23'
19 B. Djimsiti G 90'+3' 13 A. Rrahmani
21 T. Castagne 27 P. Dawidowicz YC 68'; 2YC 85'
33 H. Hateboer YC 20'; A 44' 4 Miguel Veloso YC 32'
10 A. Gómez 88 D. Lazović A 57'
72 J. Iličić SUB 28' 20 M. Zaccagni YC 63'
11 R. Freuler SUB 55' 32 M. Pessina SUB 79'
88 M. Pašalić 34 S. Amrabat
9 L. Muriel PG 64'; SUB 77' 10 S. Di Carmine G 23'; G 57'; SUB 87'


Atalanta: R. Malinovskiy (SUB 28'; G 44'), M. de Roon (SUB 55'), Musa Barrow (SUB 77'), A. Masiello, S. Kjær, Ibañez, M. Sportiello, R. Gosens, R. Piccoli, F. Rossi, Guilherme Arana
Hellas Verona: Alan Empereur (SUB 46'), V. Verre (SUB 79'), C. Adjapong (SUB 87'), L. Henderson, A. Berardi, M. Stępiński, A. Danzi, L. Vitale, G. Pazzini, M. Kumbulla, G. Tutino, B. Radunović


20': Yellow card shown to H. Hateboer ( Atalanta).
23': Goal! S. Di Carmine scores [D. Faraoni assist] — Atalanta 0-[1] Hellas Verona .
28': Substitution for Atalanta: R. Malinovskiy in, J. Iličić out.
32': Yellow card shown to Miguel Veloso ( Hellas Verona).
41': Yellow card shown to S. Bocchetti ( Hellas Verona).
44': Goal! R. Malinovskiy scores [H. Hateboer assist] — Atalanta [1]-1 Hellas Verona .
46': Substitution for Hellas Verona: Alan Empereur in, S. Bocchetti out.
55': Substitution for Atalanta: M. de Roon in, R. Freuler out.
57': Goal! S. Di Carmine scores [D. Lazović assist] — Atalanta 1-[2] Hellas Verona .
63': Yellow card shown to M. Zaccagni ( Hellas Verona).
64': Goal! L. Muriel scores (Penalty) — Atalanta [2]-2 Hellas Verona .
68': Yellow card shown to P. Dawidowicz ( Hellas Verona).
77': Substitution for Atalanta: Musa Barrow in, L. Muriel out.
79': Substitution for Hellas Verona: V. Verre in, M. Pessina out.
85': Red card (2nd yellow) shown to P. Dawidowicz ( Hellas Verona).
87': Substitution for Hellas Verona: C. Adjapong in, S. Di Carmine out.
90'+3': Goal! B. Djimsiti scores [Rafael Tolói assist] — Atalanta [3]-2 Hellas Verona .
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2019.11.25 16:22 tommyblizzard 2019/20 Italian Superlega - match week 8 recap

We’re halfway through the “andata” round and here’s another big match. Modena vs Trento, a classic rivalry, with both teams sharing the same points (18), record (6-1) and, of course, standing (2nd). The team with the most blocks (Trento, 71) vs the team with the least blocks against (Modena, 30). Both teams started with their usual lineups. Modena had a better start (8-5), but Trento slowly caught up (15-15) and overtook (21-22). On 22-22 the ref passed over a blatant lift by Kovacevic and Russell’s serving turn closed the set (22-25, 0-1). Same script in the 2nd set, with Modena gaining a good lead (13-9), Trento catching up (16-16) and overtaking (17-18). Bednorz, then, suddenly changed gears and brought Modena up again with an ace (19-18). Anderson made the most from an overpass by Trento (22-20), then Cebulj went in as a pinch server, doing exactly what was required from him (23-22). On 24-23, Russell spiked out and, regardless of a double check called by both the ref and Lorenzetti, there was nothing for Trento to use (25-23, 1-1). The guests had a better start in the 3rd (5-7), but Modena immediately caught up (8-8). Mazzone’s game (3 points, 50% kills) didn’t please Giani, who sent Bossi in. Double ace by Bednorz (18-15), then, on 22-19, Holt scored a block. The 2nd ref, though, called a video check for a net touch. The only slight sign of touch emerged after the ball already touched the ground but, for some reason, the point went to Trento (22-20), with Zaytsev taking a yellow card for some harsh complaining. Candellaro blocked Holt (23-22), but the Cincinnati kid had his revenge immediately after (24-22) and his NT teammate Anderson finalized a spectacular defense by turning the first set ball into a set point (25-22, 2-1). The 4th set started with an incredible defense by Modena closed by a block by Bossi (5-4). This charged up Modena (13-9) and forced Lorenzetti to take Kovacevic out for Cebulj. Modena reached a +6 lead (22-16) but, once again, Russell’s serving created havoc in the other court (22-20). Anderson (kill) and Holt (ace) didn’t want their NT teammate to steal the scene (24-20) and Candellaro’s far too long serve closed it (25-21, 3-1). That was intense! Some pointless trivia first. Modena is undefeated at home since they lost 3-0 last year right against Trento. Their last win against the Alps guys was dated almost exactly 3 years ago. Modena’s last win against one of its “3 sisters” was dated February 2018 (3-2 home vs Perugia). Finally, in the 24 months preceding yesterday, Trento had never lost twice in a row in RS. Now, back to the game. Modena edged Trento by only 6 points (97-91). They kept the best blocking team in Superlega to only 6 in 4 sets (their average before yesterday was 2.54 blocks/set). In turn, Trento almost edged the best serving team in Superlega. They scored 3 aces in the 1st set leaving Modena empty handed, then the hosts scored 10 in 3 sets and the guests “only” 6 more. In a match where both offenses were on fire (58% kills for Modena, 51% for Trento), 2 things made the difference. First, errors. Modena, once again, missed 20 serves but made only 3 spiking errors (21 and 6 for Trento), finishing with an impressive 55% offensive efficiency. Second, defense. As Giani pointed out in his post-game interview, Modena let some defendable balls fall to the ground in the first 2 sets and, as a result, they lost one set and barely won the other. Then, they started diving for real and the match took another direction. Also, even without producing many direct points, in the 2nd half of the game Modena’s block touched a lot more balls allowing for more defenses and break points. Speaking of single players, reading his stat sheet, it’s hard to believe that Bednorz (16 points, 67% kills with no errors or blocked spikes, 6 aces) didn’t play very well in the 1st set and a half. That’s maybe why the MVP went to Zaytsev (18 points, 59% kills, 2 blocks), who was more constant throughout the game. After a subpar season, the whole Lube drama and a bad EC with Italy, many people were waiting for him. Well, so far, he’s having career highs in kills (60%), errors (5%) and spiking efficiency (55%). Kudos to Bossi as well (3 points, 50% kills, 2 blocks), who is proving once again to be a worthy sub. Few people remember this, but he was the starting middle in 2016, when Modena won the Scudetto, because Piano was injured. In Trento, Russell (17 points, 55% kills, 6 reception errors, 5 aces, 1 block) tried to keep up with Bednorz and Vettori (17 points, 52% kills, 2 aces, 1 block) surely felt the game against his former team and the NT starting OPP. Lisinac (13 points, 67% kills, 1 ace, 2 blocks) was unreal for 2 and a half sets. Once again, though, when Kovacevic plays badly (9 points, 36% kills), Trento loses.
Lube traveled to Vibo, wanting to take advantage from the face-off between their main followers. Still without Juantorena, De Giorgi kept Kovar in the lineup, rested Anzani for Diamantini and left the rest unchanged. Basic lineup for Vibo. The 1st set was very balanced, but the first couple of set ball was for the hosts (24-22). Lube canceled both (24-24) but, on 4th attempt, Abouba’s ace closed it (27-25, 1-0). Lube didn’t appreciate it and torched Vibo in the following 2 sets (18-25, 17-25, 1-2). The 4th set was more balanced, with a lot of overtakes and Vibo going up 18-16, until Leal broke havoc from the line (21-22) and Kovar started blocking everything in his path (21-25, 1-3). Lube made 10 errors in the 1st set, then 13 in the following 3, keeping their undefeated status with their 8th consecutive win. 63% kills, never under 57% and 3 sets over 60%. Oh, and please add 65% positive reception (never under 50%) to the list. Leal (25 points, 72% kills, 62% positive reception, 1 ace, 1 block) was on fire and found a great companion in Kovar (14 points, 69% kills, 65% positive reception, 1 ace, 2 blocks). Ghafour (13 points) wasn’t great on offense (42% kills) but much better on front row (4 blocks). Vibo didn’t play bad at all (52% kills, 51% positive reception), but failed to be effective from the line and, after 4 blocks in the 1st set, they scored just 1 in the rest of the match. Abouba (17 points, 62% kills, 2 aces) seems to have adjusted to Superlega, as well as Carle (17 points, 62% kills, 1 ace). I didn’t expect Vibo to beat Lube, but I do expect them to perform way better in other games.
After forcing Lube to tie break, could Ravenna do another hero game against Perugia? The answer is no (3-0, 75-50). The home team dealt with the guests in little more than an hour despite being still without both Ricci and Atanasijevic. Another solid game for Hoogendoorn (14 points, 63% kills, 2 aces) and the usual León (13 points, 60% kills, 1 block) were more than enough to edge Ravenna. After scoring 7 aces vs Lube, Vernon-Evans went 0/9 with 4 errors from the line, but he wasn’t as bad as his teammates (9 points, 50% kills).
Verona hosted Monza, with both teams eager to climb up their below-par standings. Expected lineup for both teams. Verona started better (5-1) but Monza caught up soon (9-9). Verona went back up (18-15), but Monza’s block was solid (19-19) and Dzavoronok was in good shape (20-21). Only 1 serving error for Verona, but 5 missed spikes gave Monza the 1st (21-25, 0-1). The guests kept the momentum and were able to shut the hosts down (0-3), going back home with 3 heavy points. Monza compensated their 45% kills with 9 blocks, thanks mainly to Yosifov (12 points, 73% kills, 1 ace, 3 blocks), who seems to be back to his normal level, and the usual Kurek (19 points, 42% kills, 1 ace, 3 blocks). Verona was a total disaster, with neither Boyer (16 points, 44% kills) nor Solé (6 points, 63% kills, 1 ace) able to score a single block.
Sora was determined to use the home factor to move the chain in the standings, but Milano is not exactly the easiest opponent. The 1st set was pretty balanced (19-19), but despite Milano leading for most of the time, Sora gained the first set ball (24-23) and closed it on 3rd attempt (26-24, 1-0). The guests didn’t like it one bit and torched the hosts in the following sets (53-75, 1-3). Sora’s hopes for points were crushed by Milano’s 56% kills and 11 blocks. Once again, Abdel-Aziz (28 points, 52% kills, 1 ace, 3 blocks) was a bulldozer, but this time he was well assisted by both Clevenot (13 points, 69% kills, 2 blocks) and Petric (15 points, 54% kills, 1 block), well hidden by Gironi and Pesaresi on back row. Sora relied heavily on Miskevich (17 points, 46% kills, 1 ace) but it wasn’t nearly enough to give headaches to Milano.
Finally, on Saturday, Padova hosted Latina, looking for continuity after the Trento sack. Baldovin gave a chance to Randazzo, benching Barnes in the process, while Tubertini recovered Van Garderen but kept Palacios and Karlitzek in the lineup. Great start by Latina (7-12), then Padova caught up (19-19) and overtook (21-19). Rossi’s error closed the set (25-20, 1-0). The hosts torched the guests in the 2nd (25-15, 2-0), but Latina reacted in the 3rd (18-25, 2-1). The 4th set seemed like a walk in the park for Padova (21-16), then Latina came back (23-21), but it was too little too late, and Polo’s block terminated the game (25-22, 3-1). Padova took 3 points and the 6th spot in the standings, only 1 point shy of Milano, with solid offense (57% kills) and back row (58% positive reception). Ishikawa’s magic moment continued (22 points, 68% kills, 62% positive reception, 3 blocks) and Hernandez (21 points, 54% kills, 1 ace, 1 block) was the usual scoring machine. Tubertini tried 3 different lineups in 4 sets, but to no avail, despite Karlitzek’s efforts (14 points, 52% kills, 2 aces, 1 block).

Pallavolo Padova 3-1 Top Volley Latina (25-20, 25-15, 18-25, 25-22)
Padova: Travica 1, Ishikawa 22, Polo 7, Hernandez Ramos 21, Randazzo 8, Volpato 11, Bassanello (L), Danani La Fuente (L), Cottarelli, Casaro.
Latina: Sottile 3, Palacios 8, Rossi 6, Patry 14, Karlitzek 14, Szwarc 5, Rondoni (L), Cavaccini (L), Van Garderen 1, Elia 5, Peslac.
MVP: Yuki Ishikawa (Padova)

Argos Sora 1-3 Power Volley Milano (26-24, 18-25, 17-25, 18-25)
Sora: Radke 2, De Barros Ferreira 11, Caneschi 10, Miskevich 17, Fey 6, Di Martino 6, Mauti (L), Grozdanov 2, Sorgente (L), Scopelliti.
Milano: Sbertoli 4, Gironi 5, Clevenot 13, Abdel-Aziz 28, Petric 15, Kozamernik 9, Pesaresi (L), Basic, Izzo.
MVP: Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Milano)

Callipo Vibo Valentia 1-3 Lube Civitanova (27-25, 18-25, 17-25, 21-25)
Vibo: Baranowicz, Defalco 13, Chinenyeze 9, Aboubacar Neto 16, Carle 17, Mengozzi 4, Sardanelli (L), Rizzo (L), Hirsch, Vitelli, Marsili, Pierotti, N’gapeth 1.
Civitanova: Bruno 2, Kovar 14, Diamantini 6, Ghafour 13, Leal 25, Simon 11, Marchisio (L), Balaso (L), Rychlicki, D’Hulst.
MVP: Yoandy Leal (Civitanova)

Sir Volley Perugia 3-0 Porto Robur Costa Ravenna (25-14, 25-18, 25-18)
Perugia: De Cecco 1, León 13, Podrascanin 8, Hoogendoorn 14, Lanza 7, Russo 9, Plotnytskyi 1, Zhukouski, Colaci (L).
Ravenna: Saitta, Lavia 7, Cortesia 3, Vernon-Evans 9, Ter Horst 8, Grozdanov 2, Stefani, Kovacic (L), Bortolozzo 4, Batak, Recine 3, Alonso 2.
MVP: Sjoerd Hoogendoorn (Perugia)

Modena Volley 3-1 Trentino Volley (22-25, 25-23, 25-22, 25-21)
Modena: Christenson 4, Anderson 14, Mazzone 3, Zaytsev 18, Bednorz 16, Holt 11, Rossini (L), Kaliberda, Bossi 3.
Trento: Giannelli 2, Kovacevic 9, Lisinac 13, Vettori 17, Russell 17, Candellaro 5, Grebennikov (L), Cebulj 1.
MVP: Ivan Zaytsev (Modena)

Blu Volley Verona 0-3 Vero Volley Monza (21-25, 19-25, 21-25)
Verona: Spirito 2, Muagututia 7, Birarelli 7, Boyer 16, Asparuhov 9, Solé 6, Donati (L), Marretta, Bonami (L).
Monza: Orduna, Louati 6, Beretta 3, Kurek 19, Dzavoronok 13, Yosifov 12, Federici (L), Sedlacek, Goi (L), Galassi.
MVP: Bartosz Kurek (Monza)

Civitanova (9-0) – 26
Modena (7-1) – 21
Perugia (7-2) – 19
Trento (6-2) – 18
Milano (4-3) – 12
Padova (4-3) – 11
Verona (3-5), Monza (2-5) – 9
Ravenna (2-6) – 7
Latina (2-5) – 6
Piacenza (2-5) – 5
Vibo (1-6) – 4
Sora (1-7) – 3

Points (match day): Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Milano) – 28
Points (Superlega): Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Milano) – 161
Points per set: Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Milano) – 7.00
Aces (match day): Bartosz Bednorz (Modena) – 6
Aces (Superlega): Wilfredo León (Perugia) – 21
Aces per set: Matthew Anderson (Modena) – 0.67
Blocks (match day): Amir Ghafour (Civitanova) – 4
Blocks (Superlega): Srecko Lisinac (Trento) – 21
Blocks per set: Edoardo Caneschi (Sora) – 0.74
Most times MVP: Nimir Abdel-Aziz (Milano) – 4

Kill % (match day): Civitanova – 63 %
Kill % (Superlega): Modena – 56.2 %
Aces (match day): Modena – 10
Total aces: Civitanova, Modena – 63
Aces/set: Modena – 2.52
Blocks (match day): Milano – 11
Total blocks: Trento – 77
Blocks/set: Trento – 2.41

NEXT ROUND (November 27th, 8.30 pm CET)
Perugia – Sora
Civitanova – Monza
Milano – Vibo (December 4th)
Ravenna – Verona
Latina – Trento
Piacenza – Padova (November 28th, RaiSport)
BYE: Modena
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2019.08.19 14:09 pegi3 Interesting read on how Schumi's first retirement came about (Credit to Tom Rubython, BusinessF1)

(Credit to Tom Rubython, BusinessF1)
The dramatic circumstances of the Italian Grand Prix and Michael Schumacher’s retirement will live on for a long time. After his rival was sidelined by a bizarre stewards’ decision, Schumacher won the race and then announced his retirement. But it was an amazing few hours, worthy of a scripted piece of drama. BusinessF1 retraced the moves that led to that startling finish.
On Sunday 10th September 2006 at 3:25pm, precisely the same time as Michael Schumacher passed the checkered flag to win the Italian Grand Prix, the staff of Ferrari’s press supremo, Luca Colajanni, started handing an A4 sheet of paper to journalists outside the team’s motorhome. It was a one-page press release announcing the retirement of the most successful racing driver in history, a driver at the top of his game challenging for the world championship. Colajanni had been given precise orders by Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo about just what he had to do and when he had to do it.
It was strange timing, as Schumacher was about to make the announcement himself in the winner’s press conference after the podium ceremony. Normally press releases are handed out after an announcement has been made, or during it – but rarely before. It takes away the point. As so it turned out when half an hour later Schumacher found himself announcing what everybody already knew.
The Ferrari team’s haste to announce its driver’s retirement was indeed bizarre. Colajanni had wanted to pre-empt the driver’s own announcement as if to make sure there was no turning back.
Montezemolo had exercised a strong presence in the Ferrari garage at Monza Park all weekend. On qualifying day he hovered around the Ferrari motorhome waving away journalists’ enquiries about what was going on. On race-day he had arrived with John Elkann, the most senior member of the Agnelli family working at Fiat, and Sergio Marchionne, the chief executive of Fiat. He also had Piero Ferrari in his party. One observer was mystified at the presence of all these big guns and said: “It was as though Luca wanted reinforcements.” But reinforcements for what? It was soon to become clear. Although everything looked normal in the Ferrari garage and motorhome, underneath the surface a civil war was concluding, in Montezemolo’s favour. It had run all summer, but was finally coming to an end. All that Montezemolo now required was for Jean Todt, the team principal, and Michael Schumacher, the number one driver, to run up the white flag.
In truth no one knew what was about to happen. Schumacher didn’t want to retire, at least not that day. And he thought he still retained enough power to get his way. But Montezemolo had long before given him a deadline of Monza and told him (expressly against Jean Todt’s wishes) that it was either driving alongside Kimi Räikkönen in 2007 – or retirement.
In a previous age no one had dared tell Michael Schumacher what to do. He had been king of Formula One for 12 years and for half of them was easily the sport’s most powerful man, eclipsing even Bernie Ecclestone.
Montezemolo hated this situation and had also come to resent Jean Todt’s role in the Michael Schumacher show. He took the Enzo Ferrari view that drivers were employees who performed at the behest of their employers. Todt on the other hand took a collegiate view; the top people at the team, including Schumacher, were his close friends and far from being his employees.
But there is no doubt that this combination of opposing management styles got the job done. And for that reason each had tolerated the other.
Only once before in the 11 seasons that Schumacher had been a Ferrari driver, in 1999, had Montezemolo insisted on getting his way.
Officially, of course, none of the above occurred. The official line was that Schumacher had simply decided to retire many months before and that Ferrari had signed Räikkönen to take his place, end of story. In fact, Todt suggested anyone who thought any different was “stupid”.
Everyone, then, is stupid.
There was clearly tension between Todt and Montezemolo that weekend in Monza. On Friday and Saturday, there had been an uneasy peace as both men went about their business. Then, on race-day, with less than 15 minutes to the start, Montezemolo broke away from Ferrari on the grid and went up to Räikkönen’s car. He leaned over the cockpit and gave a thumbs-up sign, as if indicating that all was going to plan. It was a strange action to pursue with his team’s close competitor at Ferrari’s home race.
After Schumacher’s race victory, Montezemolo was delirious with joy and, flanked by Elkann and Marchionne, in the full glare of television, he embraced Jean Todt and kissed him. But as Montezemolo kissed him Italian style and threw his arms around his shoulders, Todt quickly turned away. It resembled the scene in ‘The Godfather Part III’ when Michael Corleone embraces his brother Fredo whilst whispering his death sentence.
Then it was Michael Schumacher’s turn. After being pecked by Montezemolo, he too resisted his boss’s celebratory embraces and looked blankly over his shoulder. For Montezemolo, as he embraced the two men he knew the press release signalling his victory was being handed out to journalists.
It was now clear to insiders that Montezemolo had won his internal battle with Todt to turn Räikkönen’s option into a firm contract drive for Ferrari in 2007. And it was clear that Schumacher’s ultimatum of ‘Räikkönen’s or me’ had been ignored.
It was a battle Montezemolo had been determined to win. Six years earlier, to give the team the very best chance of winning, he had wanted to hire Mika Häkkinen as team-mate to Schumacher. But he had been blocked by the twin powers of Schumacher and Todt. This time he was determined to prevail. He wanted Räikkönen, and if that meant Schumacher’s departure, then so be it. And he also made it clear he was not prepared to carry on paying Schumacher his US$45 million a year in his twilight years. In any case that money was no longer available, it had been allocated to Räikkönen in a deal skilfully negotiated by the driver’s manager David Robertson.
In truth Schumacher was not simply being pushed out of Ferrari, he was not prepared to carry on under the terms that were being offered. So he reluctantly decided to retire. And in any event it was good timing – he was going out at the peak of his powers.
Naturally, in the circumstances, the two press conferences, first for TV and then for the press were sad affairs. Schumacher was very morose. He clearly saw no happiness in retirement. But he played the company line and did not vent any feelings of being pushed out. That was not Schumacher’s way. And the timing of the press release before his own announcement had given him no room for manoeuvre. It was done on the express orders of Montezemolo to ensure that he, and not Schumacher, was setting the agenda.
The sense of despair from Schumacher was obvious. He is the one driver on the grid who genuinely loves Formula One. He lives and breathes it. Whilst some other multiple world champions have rushed into retirement, he seemed set to drive on into his 40s. He was clearly not ready to retire after 16 seasons of racing, nearly double the average career span and equalling the career of Ricardo Patrese.
But at the age of 37, he found, like many others, that as far as Montezemolo was concerned he was past his sell-by date. As Schumacher’s long-time manager, Willi Weber, woefully observed in a passing comment to a journalist at Monza: “Michael found he no longer has the power he thought at Ferrari.” So Schumacher’s retirement was just as controversial as his entry into the sport at the Belgian Grand Prix in first practice on Friday 23rd August 1991.
The countdown for Schumacher’s demise had begun on 25th August 2005 when Räikkönen signed a one-year option which gave Ferrari the right, within a certain time period, to employ him, at a salary of around US$45 million, for three years from 2007 to 2009 with options to renew beyond that. The option price had never been confirmed but was rumoured around the paddock to be US$5 million.
Everybody knew that the drivers’ market was headed for a shake-up in 2007. It became clear that the contracts of the three best drivers in the world, Schumacher, Räikkönen and Fernando Alonso were all expiring at the same time – at end of 2006. It was a unique event in Formula One history and meant that all three could be driving at different teams in 2007. In normal circumstances one or two of the top drivers might be out of contract at the same time, but never three. However, in truth nobody expected any of the three to move from their incumbent teams. Schumacher was an absolute fixture at Ferrari and showing no sign of retiring. Alonso was winning everything at Renault so why would he move, especially as Flavio Briatore, the Renault team principal, was his manager? And Räikkönen, despite coming to the end of his contract, had options for the future and really nowhere else to go.
And that was how it looked in the summer of 2005 as Räikkönen’s manager, David Robertson, and McLaren Mercedes team principal, Ron Dennis, sat down to discuss the Finnish driver’s future. It was to be the first of the big driver negotiations for 2007.
As far as Robertson was concerned, it was all going to be pretty straightforward. He couldn’t comprehend Räikkönen leaving. The contract was up but Dennis had options to renew it well into the future. These options all stemmed from the original contract Räikkönen had signed in September 2001. Dennis had paid a small fortune to secure Räikkönen’s services including a rumoured US$14 million to compensate Peter Sauber. It was a complex contract – two years (2002 and 2003) at a modest salary and then three years (2004-2006) for a much larger retainer culminating in the near US$45 million he was being paid in 2006. But Räikkönen was far from a free agent at the end of his McLaren contract. By all accounts it was at Dennis’s option to take up another three years if he was willing to pay an escalating salary.
Dennis had security, but at a price. There is no way of telling what that price was but it was likely to mean Räikkönen receiving at least US$60-US$70 million a year by 2009. But Dennis, who had been bamboozled into agreeing the high price four years before in 2001, just before the 9/11 terrorist attacks when economic conditions had been very different, did not want to pay, although he still wanted Räikkönen to drive for him.
By all accounts Robertson was somewhat surprised, even if he didn’t show it, when Dennis said he wasn’t taking up the option. Although there is no independent confirmation of this it appears that Dennis believed he could cancel the option, and thereby his commitment, and open negotiations with Robertson at a more sensible retainer. After all Dennis believed, and it certainly looked the case, that Räikkönen had nowhere else to go.
It appears Dennis genuinely believed Robertson would simply agree a lower retainer, probably something nearer US$35 million. But it proved Dennis did not know the man at all. Robertson is an extremely shrewd individual. Even his critics say he can read the minds of team principals. He is believed to study their psyche in his spare time so that he can deal with them more effectively. In his short career in the paddock he has already negotiated with Frank Williams, Flavio Briatore, Ron Dennis and Jean Todt, and bested all of them.
Anyone who has had negotiations with him of any kind is aware of his skills. As one associate says: “He is the sort of man, and this is not said impolitely, with whom one counts ones fingers after shaking his hand. He probably secretly relishes that reputation.”
It is important to emphasise that at that stage of the 2005 season, in spite of Robertson’s reputation, Dennis thought he held all the cards. Räikkönen was dominating the latter half of the 2005 season and McLaren was the top team. Conversely Ferrari was in the doldrums – why would Räikkönen want to go there even if he could?
And Renault was out of the equation. Everyone thought Alonso was a fixture at Renault. When Dennis let Räikkönen’s option lapse he knew, or at least thought he knew, that he could simply wait for Robertson to accept his offer.
But Robertson sensed something different. He sensed discontent in the McLaren organisation, a sense of drift. He had picked up that Adrian Newey was leaving and that Nick Tombazis might do the same. He also thought most of Ferrari’s problems were tyre related and solvable; he knew that Ross Brawn and Rory Byrne had not suddenly become bad engineers. But Robertson kept his counsel with Dennis and said he would get back to him.
Robertson considered his options and marched over to the Ferrari motorhome to get the lie of the land. He imagined negotiations with Todt alone would be a waste of time. So he sought to engage Montezemolo and Todt together. Again the wily operator had picked up their differences on his radar and thought he might be able to divide and conquer. He was absolutely correct. Whilst Todt was cool to the idea of hiring Räikkönen, Montezemolo was more than keen. But there were complications. Ferrari already had an option with Valentino Rossi and Todt doubted openly that Schumacher would want Räikkönen alongside him. But Robertson spoke privately to Montezemolo. Soon the two men agreed to sign Räikkönen to an option in Ferrari’s favour for a year, and to pay for the privilege.
But Robertson was not out of the woods. At that point he did not think Ferrari would actually sign Räikkönen. But it was his leverage on Ron Dennis. Robertson made sure by judicious leaks to journalist friends that it got around the paddock about Ferrari’s option. Dennis’s bluff had been publicly called.
And so matters rested, until the end of the season when Dennis heard on the grapevine that Räikkönen had signed for Ferrari. Although it was only an option he guessed immediately what was going on and decided he was not about to be kept on a string for a year whilst Ferrari decided his future.
By then the situation with the third driver in the loop, Fernando Alonso, was becoming clouded as rumours spread that Renault would withdraw from Formula One at the end of 2006. One very highly placed pundit whispered in Dennis’s ear that he had heard this would definitely happen. As sad as that might be for Formula One, Dennis realised it was very good news for him. As the rumour gained currency, whatever its truth, it effectively put Alonso into play.
Dennis made an approach for Alonso. He understood, as did everyone else in the paddock, that at around US$6 million a year, Alonso was underpaid. Dennis offered Alonso US$16 million a year. The timing of the move was perfect.
At that point Renault’s prospects for 2007 were at their lowest and McLaren’s, after its storming season, at their highest. McLaren had also just announced it had signed Vodafone as title sponsor for 2007; it had more cash than ever. With all things considered Alonso’s manager Flavio Briatore had no choice but to advise his driver to accept Dennis’s offer. He knew Renault at that moment in time would not match it (although later the situation was to change).
Dennis attached one condition to his offer – he wanted to announce it immediately despite the disruption it would cause to his existing drivers. Close friends say he was driven by a desire to get back at David Robertson and tell the Formula One world how clever he was.
Alonso’s signing was announced to an unsuspecting world just before Christmas 2005. It caused a sensation, mainly revolving around Briatore’s position and the obvious conflict of interest. Briatore took it all in his stride. Interestingly he and Dennis came up with entirely different stories of how Alonso was signed. But by then it didn’t matter. After the ravages inflicted on his bank account by David Robertson, Dennis considered it a good day’s work to get Alonso for just US$16 million.
But Dennis had seriously piqued his existing drivers and when they heard the news both vowed to leave the team at the end of 2006. They felt they had been double-crossed. Räikkönen’s position for 2007 suddenly looked precarious.
Over at Ferrari, Michael Schumacher was as entrenched as ever and the Italian team had signed an option with Valentino Rossi for 2007, this one at the driver’s behest. If Rossi decided to take up his option there would be no room for Räikkönen. The situation was slightly complicated when Rubens Barrichello read the tea leaves and saw that he also would be out at the end of 2006. Honda was desperate to sign him and he negotiated a release from his contract to take a big money, three-year deal. To replace him the team signed Felipe Massa on a one-year contract as a stop-gap. Schumacher expected that it would be him and Rossi in the cockpit for 2007.
But as 2006 began, Montezemolo realised he didn’t want that. Signing Rossi was Todt and Schumacher’s plan. He wanted Räikkönen, his man, in the car for 2007, and started scheming to get his way.
It may seem ridiculous that Montezemolo had effectively to politic within his own company, but that is the way it was. Todt had made Ferrari his own fiefdom, much to the annoyance of Montezemolo. The two had already clashed earlier this year when Montezemolo wanted to take Marlboro off the car for 2007 and find a non-tobacco sponsor. Todt wanted to stay with an eager Marlboro. Montezemolo tried everything he could to find an alternative and even invited Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP Group, the world’s biggest advertising agency group, to visit him in Maranello. Ostensibly he wanted to discuss whether WPP and its network of sponsorship agencies could help with finding a new title sponsor for 2007.
But Todt found out about Sorrell’s visit. And when Sorrell arrived at Maranello, he did not meet with Montezemolo but with the Frenchman. Predictably the discussions went nowhere. Todt told Sorrell he already had a title sponsor for 2007 and asked him why he was there. Sorrell wondered that himself and the visit had effectively been a waste of his time. But as Sorrell was leaving, walking down the corridor on his way to Ferrari’s reception, Montezemolo jumped out of a door in front of him and ushered him into a small adjacent conference room. He asked him what had been discussed with Todt and when Sorrell told him, begged him to find an alternative to Marlboro. It was all over in 10 minutes and Sorrell left Maranello shaking his head at the shenanigans he had witnessed between the two men. Sorrell had no intention of wasting his time trying to find a title sponsor for a team that already had one. Todt had already told Sorrell he had done a deal with his friend Louis Camilleri, the chairman of Altria, the Marlboro parent company. Camilleri had agreed a five-year deal from 2007 to pay US$200 million a year. It was the biggest sponsorship deal ever in Formula One and an offer the team could not turn down.
Montezemolo was in despair after the Marlboro deal was signed. It made Todt, now seen as a top rainmaker, even more powerful inside the team. In fact Montezemolo had begun to feel like a stranger in his own factory. Continually away on Fiat and Italian business, Montezemolo realised he had made a mistake when he had promoted Todt the year before to head the whole Ferrari car factory. He had expected him to fall flat on his face but instead he rose to the task and Ferrari, which had been in the financial doldrums, began a remarkable recovery under Todt’s stewardship.
Montezemolo felt he had created a monster in Todt that he could no longer control. Although the two men had worked together for more than a decade, they were like chalk and cheese. Behind the rough exterior, Todt is a self-made, cultured man, an art lover with impeccable taste. In 2005 he had teamed up with Hollywood actress, Michelle Yeoh, got engaged to her and was in many ways beginning to outshine Montezemolo himself.
By contrast Montezemolo is a proud aristocrat. A member of the Agnelli family by any other name, he is regarded within the Fiat empire as a marketing wunderkind.
No one in Maranello can understand why the Todt-Montezemolo alliance has lasted so long. One observer said: “It is a mystery, Todt’s not Luca’s sort of person and vice versa.”
It was never part of Montezemolo’s plan to get rid of Todt, he simply wanted to break up the Todt-Brawn-Schumacher alliance that so effectively controlled the team. And it appears that the battleground was drawn over Michael Schumacher, with both men determined to get their way.
But Montezemolo was more determined.
Montezemolo was not overawed by Michael Schumacher as so clearly was Jean Todt. That was shown in 1999 when the two men faced up to each other after Schumacher broke his leg at the British Grand Prix. Even after he had recovered enough to go testing Schumacher announced on Sunday 3rd October that he would not be fit enough to take part in the remaining two races of the year in Malaysia and Japan.
After the accident Eddie Irvine had taken up the running for the world championship title and badly needed the help of a strong team-mate. But the last thing Schumacher appeared to want was his team-mate to win the world championship and he had clearly decided, with Todt’s collaboration, to see the last two races out. Irvine pleaded with Montezemolo to intervene.
What happened next was instructive in the differing relationships Schumacher enjoyed with Todt and Montezemolo. On the afternoon of Tuesday 5th October 1999, Montezemolo rang Schumacher at his home in Switzerland to ask if he would change his mind and drive. But Schumacher’s young daughter Gina-Maria answered the phone and told Montezemolo that her Daddy was “getting out of his football boots”. Montezemolo questioned the little girl more closely and ascertained that she and her brother had been enjoying a rough game of football in the garden with their father. When Schumacher finally came to the phone, Montezemolo asked him if indeed he had been playing football. The German had no choice but to be truthful. Once Montezemolo heard that, he said to him that if he was fit enough to play football he was fit enough to drive in Malaysia and Japan. When Schumacher resisted, Montezemolo reminded him that he was being paid US$2 million a race and would do as he was told. Schumacher had no choice but to comply and on Friday 8th October the team announced he would indeed be returning for the last two races.
The incident had been a lesson for Montezemolo, who realised that a secret conspiracy existed between Todt and Schumacher.
He had run up against it before when he had wanted to hire Mika Häkkinen to partner Schumacher. Then Todt had told Montezemolo that Schumacher would not have it and would leave. In effect Schumacher was so powerful he could dictate terms and Montezemolo could not risk calling his bluff. But Montezemolo believed Schumacher would have stayed and was left smarting by his rebuttal at the hands of the two men.
So when the chance came to sign Kimi Räïkkönen in the summer of 2005, Montezemolo was determined to grab it. After a poor season when the team had won nothing bar the controversial United States Grand Prix, Montezemolo sensed that Schumacher’s reign was coming to an end. He would be nearly 38 when his last contract ended in 2006.
So when David Robertson came calling, Montezemolo was all ears. Robertson brilliantly played off Montezemolo and Todt against each other. According to sources at Ferrari, Montezemolo didn’t want to get into a situation next year where he was looking for a top-line driver and everyone was signed up. Montezemolo is in instinctive man and, as one person close to Ferrari observes: “He decided to put the bunsen-burner under the situation.”
That person confirms that Montezemolo had been bitterly disappointed when he couldn’t sign Häkkinen and it had always rankled: “The aggravation with Todt has been there the whole time but came to a head at Monza. Luca had wanted to see Häkkinen in the other car. He believes it is 200 per cent about the drivers.”
During the 2005 season Montezemolo decided he didn’t want Valentino Rossi even though he had a firm option to join the team. He persuaded Rossi not to take it up and stay in MotoGP. This decision upset Schumacher who could see what it meant. Rossi had had a programme mapped out to familiarise himself with the car prior to a 2007 debut.
Schumacher said at the time: “We are sad not to see him here. I think he has a very high talent and could have done it in terms of driving.” Ross Brawn, the Ferrari technical director and a strong Todt-Schumacher ally was also upset and said: “We were very impressed with what he was able to do. It would have been very exciting. He was very impressive in all the running we did, otherwise we wouldn’t have taken him so seriously. It would have been a nice challenge to have. It’s a shame.”
Rossi’s announcement fuelled speculation that Ferrari had already decided upon its 2007 driver line-up and that Kimi Räikkönen would be named as Michael Schumacher’s team-mate for next season. But by midsummer it was far from decided and a full-scale battle was going on inside Ferrari. There was a stand-off, which would continue until the deadline to take up Räikkönen’s option.
Meanwhile, David Robertson was sensing that Ferrari might not take up Räikkönen’s option and that Schumacher would not drive alongside him. That prompted him to renew relations with Ron Dennis and make sure his options were still open there. But with McLaren’s 2006 car having flopped and the three top technical men, led by Adrian Newey, having left the team, conditions were totally different. So in May, Robertson started serious negotiations with Flavio Briatore to take Räikkönen to Renault. Robertson found a team principal who very badly wanted to do a deal. The downside was that the retainer was half what he had been getting at McLaren and half of what he had been offered at Ferrari. But against that was a very competitive car; in May it was the most competitive car.
The negotiations were a surprise as Briatore had clashed with Robertson in 2001 and openly criticised him and his methods. But now the Italian turned on the charm offensive and entertained Robertson, and his son Steve, on his boat in Monte Carlo. He also introduced them to his ravishing new girlfriend, Elisabetta Gregoracci, and she worked her own charms on the two men as they toured the Renault team principal’s new yacht in Monaco harbour.
Briatore was ready to forget the past if there was a deal to be done. And he badly needed the deal. By this time his position was very different to how it had been in December 2005. Now the future was clear and Carlos Ghosn, the Renault chairman, had made a long-term commitment to the team and even turned on the cash spigot. Briatore was able to offer Räikkönen a decent retainer, said to be US$21 million but with the added opportunity to accept outside endorsements, which could have been worth another US$10 million.
The two men held detailed negotiations and Briatore personally spent a lot of time wooing Robertson. Later Briatore would angrily tell friends that he felt Robertson had been wasting his time and had been committed to Ferrari at the same time as he was offering Räikkönen to Renault. However, this was not the case. Robertson had been negotiating in the genuine belief that Ferrari would not take up its option because of Schumacher.
All through the early summer, civil war raged behind the scenes at Maranello. But Schumacher found his power to get his way had gone. Montezemolo appeared not to care whether he stayed or went. At the German Grand Prix, which Schumacher won with Massa second and Räikkönen third, the Ferrari number one driver put on a very public show of affection for his team-mate and totally ignored Räikkönen. It was a classic Schumacher display: he was demonstrating publicly to Montezemolo how he wanted it to be and how good it could be. But Montezemolo was totally unmoved. In fact insiders say it hardened his resolve to dislodge the superstar. And in August, Robertson was proved wrong when Montezemolo signed the contract with him. No one close to Ferrari was surprised, as one insider says: “Luca, being the politician that he is, closed off every rat hole.”
When Schumacher learned the news, he told Montezemolo he wanted until the end of the season to make up his mind about whether he would stay and partner Räikkönen. In the meantime, he didn’t want any announcement made about Räikkönen. But Montezemolo was not having any of that. He wanted the situation resolved and told Schumacher he wanted his decision by Monza, when he would announce Räikkönen. By then it appears Ross Brawn had also decided he would leave if Schumacher did. That news was leaked to journalists to pile pressure on Montezemolo.
The writing was on the wall. Montezemolo had come this far and was not about to turn back.
Montezemolo won the battle: Schumacher would not drive with Räikkönen and would instead announce his retirement. But the decision was very much against his will.
He would have rather carried on with Felipe Massa as his team-mate. Now the seven times world champion, still only 37, has to decide what to do next and where life will take him.
Meanwhile, none of the pronouncements so far can be taken for granted. Despite the 17 years since Enzo Ferrari’s death, Ferrari is still a very Machiavellian organisation and Jean Todt, predictably, is seething about losing this public battle with Montezemolo. He knows he will never have the same type of relationship with Räikkönen that he has had with Schumacher. Insiders, however, insist that Todt’s job is safe and that he has too many friends inside Fiat for Montezemolo to contemplate sacking him. And they add that Montezemolo, who is not regarded as malicious, genuinely doesn’t want that and knows Todt is the best man to run Ferrari. One says: “Whatever Luca is, he isn’t stupid.”
But another outside observer says that Todt has been wounded by what has transpired and doesn’t believe the story is concluded, as he says: “Todt is the most malicious person on two legs and he will hold that against Luca.”
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2019.06.01 16:16 AutoModerator 2019 Italian GP: MotoGP, Moto2 & Moto3 Pre-Race Discussion

Welcome! to the /MotoGP pre-race thread for the Italian GP!
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Moto3 WUP 08:40 - 09:00
Moto2 WUP 09:10 - 09:30
MotoGP WUP 09:40 - 10:00
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Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley
Length: 5.2 km (3.26 miles)
Distance: MotoGP: 23 laps, 120.6 km (75.0 miles) Moto2: 21 laps, 110.1 km (68.5 miles) Moto3: 20 laps, 104.9 km (65.2 miles).
All Time Lap Record: MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, 2018, 1'46.208 Moto2: Sam Lowes, Speed Up Racing, 2015, 1'51.514 Moto3: Danny Kent, Leopard Racing, 2015, 1'56.615.
2018 Pole Position: MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Yamaha, 1'46.208 Moto2: Mattia Pasini, Kalex, 1'51.575 Moto3: Jorge Martin, Honda, 1'56.634.
2018 Fastest Lap: MotoGP: Danilo Petrucci, Ducati, 1'48.001 Moto2: Miguel Oliveira, KTM, 1'52.337 Moto3: Fabio Di Giannantonio, Honda, 1'56.628.
2018 Winners: MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo, Ducati Team Moto2: Miguel Oliveira, Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3: Jorge Martin, Del Conca Gresini Moto3.
Italian GP Weather: Here
Italian GP Track Map: Herehttps://gyazo.com/7c7f08637977700638d1502242cdc9ff)
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Welcome! to the /MotoGP Saturday MotoGP, Moto2 & Moto3 Free Practice & Qualifying thread for the Italian GP!
Class Session Time (Local Time GMT+2)
Moto3 FP3 09:00 - 09:40
MotoGP FP3 09:55 - 10:40
Moto2 FP3 10:55 - 11:35
Moto3 Q1 12:35 – 12:50
Moto3 Q2 13:00 - 13:15
MotoGP FP4 13:30 - 14:00
MotoGP Q1 14:10 - 14:25
MotoGP Q2 14:35 - 14:50
Moto2 Q1 15:05 - 15:20
Moto2 Q2 15:30 - 15:45
Convert session times to your local time: Here
Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley
Length: 5.2 km (3.26 miles)
Distance: MotoGP: 23 laps, 120.6 km (75.0 miles) Moto2: 21 laps, 110.1 km (68.5 miles) Moto3: 20 laps, 104.9 km (65.2 miles).
All Time Lap Record: MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, 2018, 1'46.208 Moto2: Sam Lowes, Speed Up Racing, 2015, 1'51.514 Moto3: Danny Kent, Leopard Racing, 2015, 1'56.615.
2018 Pole Position: MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Yamaha, 1'46.208 Moto2: Mattia Pasini, Kalex, 1'51.575 Moto3: Jorge Martin, Honda, 1'56.634.
2018 Fastest Lap: MotoGP: Danilo Petrucci, Ducati, 1'48.001 Moto2: Miguel Oliveira, KTM, 1'52.337 Moto3: Fabio Di Giannantonio, Honda, 1'56.628.
2018 Winners: MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo, Ducati Team Moto2: Miguel Oliveira, Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3: Jorge Martin, Del Conca Gresini Moto3.
Italian GP Weather: Here
Italian GP Track Map: Herehttps://gyazo.com/7c7f08637977700638d1502242cdc9ff)
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Welcome! to the /MotoGP Friday Free Practice 1 & 2 thread for the Italian GP!
Class Session Time (Local Time GMT+2)
Moto3 FP1 09:00 - 09:40
MotoGP FP1 09:55 - 10:40
Moto2 FP1 10:55 - 11:35
Moto3 FP2 13:15 - 13:55
MotoGP FP2 14:10 - 14:55
Moto2 FP2 15:10 - 15:50
Convert session times to your local time: Here
Gran Premio d'Italia Oakley
Length: 5.2 km (3.26 miles)
Distance: MotoGP: 23 laps, 120.6 km (75.0 miles) Moto2: 21 laps, 110.1 km (68.5 miles) Moto3: 20 laps, 104.9 km (65.2 miles).
All Time Lap Record: MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Movistar Yamaha MotoGP, 2018, 1'46.208 Moto2: Sam Lowes, Speed Up Racing, 2015, 1'51.514 Moto3: Danny Kent, Leopard Racing, 2015, 1'56.615.
2018 Pole Position: MotoGP: Valentino Rossi, Yamaha, 1'46.208 Moto2: Mattia Pasini, Kalex, 1'51.575 Moto3: Jorge Martin, Honda, 1'56.634.
2018 Fastest Lap: MotoGP: Danilo Petrucci, Ducati, 1'48.001 Moto2: Miguel Oliveira, KTM, 1'52.337 Moto3: Fabio Di Giannantonio, Honda, 1'56.628.
2018 Winners: MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo, Ducati Team Moto2: Miguel Oliveira, Red Bull KTM Ajo Moto3: Jorge Martin, Del Conca Gresini Moto3.
Italian GP Weather: Here
Italian GP Track Map: Herehttps://gyazo.com/7c7f08637977700638d1502242cdc9ff)
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2019.03.06 01:56 tombstoneshadows28 Every horror film listed on IMDB for the calendar year 2019 (grouped by current state of completion as of time of this posting.) Part 1 of ?)

Currently In Pre-Production for 2019
  1. Help Wanted (2019/Dave Bundtzen)
  2. From Me to You (2019/Simret Cheema-Innis)
  3. Helping Hands (2019/Benji Sandergaard)
  4. Help Wanted (2019/Dave Bundtzen
  5. Uncle Avery (2019/Charles S. Frank)
  6. Guys at Parties Like It (2019/Colton David Coate and Micah Coate)
  7. Aim for the Eye (2019/Peter Gamble Robinson)
  8. Deadtime Travels - Dead Before Dusk (2019/George Meyers)
  9. It's All Fun and Games (2019/James B. Thomasson)
  10. Das Mädchen und der Bulle (2019/Dominik Heit)
  11. Apparitions (2019/Perri Cummings and Paul Anthony Nelson)
  12. Still (2019/Jeff Kapp)
  13. 360 Seconds of Nothing (2019/10m/Preston Hazard)
  14. Devil (2019/Nathan Frankowski)
  15. Untitled Dream Film (2019/Patricio Gonzalez)
  16. Clowns (2019/Nikki Tomb)
  17. What Remains of Us (2019/Scott W. Perry)
  18. A Christmas Past (2019/Cheyanne Marie Smith)
  19. Disturbed Remains (2019/Michael Jamal Mitchell)
  20. Addition By Subtraction: The Rise To Power (2019/Terrell Williams)
  21. Inaudible Screams (2019/Todd Bagley and W. Abbey Mercando)
  22. Upon Arrival (2019/Scott W. Perry)
  23. The Man (2019)
  24. Dog Skin (2019/Tiago Teixeira)
  25. A Deal with Death (2019/Chrissie Harper)
  26. Hand Painted Coffin (2019/Ian Spencer Holt)
  27. Before Nightfall (2019/15m/Daniel Bushen)
  28. Ghost Babes (2019/K.H. Orth)
  29. Grotesque (2019/Brandon Rhiness)
  30. Doomed (2019/Kevin Brame)
  31. The Matriarch (2019/Bianca Crespo)
  32. Await the Dawn (2019/Pablo Macho Maysonet IV)
  33. Blind Date (2019/Maurice Nix)
  34. Red Eleven: Starry Eyes (2019/Jesse Haaja)
  35. Hosts (2019/Adam Leader and Richard Oakes)
  36. Z: The Story Of What A Zombie Feels Once It's Reanimated (2019/Daniel Mart)
  37. New Tale: The Demon of Elm Street (2019/Chris R. Notarile)
  38. Candle in the Dark (2019/Jonny White)
  39. Caminos Separados (2019/Henri Escoto)
  40. Hazard (2019/Henri Escoto)
  41. Soulless (2019/Dominic Brunt)
  42. Add fel! (2019/Vilmos Heim)
  43. Violet (2019/Samuel Vainisi)
  44. Stringer (2019/Colten Dietz)
  45. Ramona (2019/Nicki Harris)
  46. Confessions of a Teenage Satanist (2019/Steve Custodio)
  47. Bourgeois Absolutie (2019/Jorrit Bouwmans and Jasper Koopmans)
  48. Devil Music (2019/Jim O'Rear and Scott Tepperman)
  49. Faces of the Dead (2019/Will Collazo, Jr.)
  50. The Haunting of Pottersfield (2019/Andre Dixon)
  51. It's Personal (2019/Claire Chubbuck)
  52. Paimon (2019/Jorden Pasols)
  53. Optic Nerve (2019/Peter Hartsock)
  54. The Dracula Cult (2019/91m/Stanley Joseph)
  55. Winter Blood (2019/ Pre-production/Jermaine Nix and Austin Bitikofer)
  56. Silver (2019/Guy Soulsby)
  57. Something Wrong (2019/110m/Azhar Hussain)
  58. To Devon with Love (2019)
  59. Baba Yaga (2019/Richard John Taylor)
  60. Hellbilly Hollow (2019/Kevin Wayne)
  61. Bad Deal (2019/Derek Dodder)
  62. Pure (2019/Derek Dodder)
  63. Dead Dicks (2019/Chris Bavota and Lee Paula Springer)
  64. Doorway (2019/Joe Hammerstone)
  65. Doll House (2019/Steven M. Smith)
  66. Return to Sender (2019/8 min/Haley Noelle Cummings)
  67. The Moon, The Bat, The Monster (2019/Robbie Dias)
  68. Help Me: Begins (2019/Marco Bottiglieri)
  69. Desert Shadows (2019/Tyler Bourns)
  70. The Regret (2019/Bruce Troxell)
  71. Murmur (2019/Natalie McCoy)
  72. Little Darling (2019/Samuel Gonzalez, Jr.)
  73. Repression (2019/3m)
  74. The Ungulate (2019/Davy Lantz, Jr.)
  75. Project Asylum (2019/Robert Gillings)
  76. Halloween: Unforgiving (2019/Ryan Gregory)
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  79. The Defiler (2019/Marvin Williams)
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  82. The Nasty Little Sex Perv Next Door (2019/30m/Michael Sean Erickson)
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  88. The London Tombs (2019/John K. Webster)
  89. Trick (2019/Patrick Lussier)
  90. Cremated (2019/K.J. Karving)
  91. Slumber Party Slaughter Party 2 (2019/DeWayne Etheridge)
  92. Young Blood (2019/Blair Hoyle)
  93. Resurgent (2019/Keith Parmer)
  94. ZELL 2 (2019/Alexzander Rogers)
  95. Halloween Night (2019/Brittani Baloga)
  96. Single Family Home (2019/Bel Deliá and Tara C. Hall)
  97. Swine Ear (2019/Cullen Ritchie and Phoenix Wilson)
  98. Clown vs. Vampires (2019)
  99. Clown vs. Vampires (2019/Michael Worth)
  100. Michael Myers vs Freddy Kruger (2019/Lazaro Diaz)
  101. Freddy Kruger (2019/Lazaro Diaz)
  102. Michael Myers Comes Home 2 (2019/Lazaro Diaz)
  103. The Dark Sins of the Flesh (2019/Kevin Hernzorth)
  104. 13: Fanboy (2019/Deborah Voorhees)
  105. Relic (2019/Natalie Erika James)
  106. Deep Hatred (2019/Daniela Carvalho)
  107. Landgraves (2019/Jean-François Leblanc)
  108. Create Your Killer (2019/Sarah Giercksky)
  109. Merry Christmas, Mofos 3.0: Next GEN (2019/Cheyanne Marie Smith)
  110. Suffer (2019)
  111. Merry Christmas, Mofos 2.0: New Year's Eve (2019/Cheyanne Marie Smith)
  112. Horror by Midnight (2019/92m/Barry J. Gillis)
  113. Setan Munafik (2019/Yosua Rocky and Majed Salleh)
  114. Forbidden (2019/Edwin Legette)
  115. Seclusive Fright (2019/Benjamin Baker and Parker Knight)
  116. Turno Nocturno (2019/Post-production/J. Luis Rivera)
  117. Patina (2019/Alan Maxson)
  118. Shadowland (2019/Post-production/Simon Kay)
  119. Broken Down (2019/Alejo Vega)
  120. This Guest of Summer (2019/Graham McTavish)
  121. The Jonestown Haunting (2019/85m/Andrew Jones)
  122. From Darkness (2019/Ryan Woebbeking)
  123. Uncle Otto's Truck (2019/Dan Sellers)
  124. Kill Giggles (2019/Jaysen P. Buterin)
  125. A Girl Lost (2019/Priscilla Walton)
  126. The Session (2019/Rhiannon Moller-Trotter)
  127. My Personal Slave (2019)
  128. Bikini Ghost Girls (2019/Kev V. Orth)
  129. Three Black Roses (2019/Kev V. Orth)
  130. Road Head (2019/David Del Rio)
  131. The Woods (2019 Video/60m/Ryan J. Lewis and Brooklyn Valera)
  132. Night of the Living Dead Part II (2019)
  133. Uroboro (2019/110m/Roberto Valdés)
  134. The Embraced (2019/Johnny Holiday
  135. L'intruso (2019/Francesco Roder)
  136. Inhumane (2019/Caleb Vetter)
  137. Nightmare (2019/Diablo Vilhelm)
  138. Ruby (2019/Roger Sampson)
  139. Camp Site (2019/Jerry Collins and Hershel Layne)
  140. Tourette's and Zombies, the Musical (2019/Zak Ferguson)
  141. Repeat. (2019/Adam McCabe)
  142. Must Escape from the Slaughtercity (2019/Hank Biro)
  143. A Wicked Breed (2019/Derek Talib and Rebekah Hart Franklin)
  144. Tweed (2019/Alexander Wraith)
  145. Harp Brothers (2019/David Risotto)
  146. The Evil That Came to Denham (2019/Sharlene Humm)
  147. The Gladds (2019/Dominic Wieneke)
  148. Cattre: The Death Lullaby (2019/Edo Tagliavini)
  149. Ravage (2019)
  150. Death Care (2019/Daniel Murphy)
  151. The Rage 2 (2019/Joshua Cleave)
  152. Carver Cove (2019/Preston Walden)
  153. The End Was Then (2019/Rocky Karlage)
  154. Blue Eyes (2019/Chris Alexander)
  155. Kawaii (2019/10m/Gabriella Kapsaski)
  156. The Final Rose (2019/ Pre-production/Michael Davis)
  157. Ankou (2019/Dave Stishan)
  158. BLACK I IS LEE (2019/Mackey Lavond)
  159. Survival of the Apocalypse (2019/Anthony Caban)
  160. The Surreal Project (2019/József Gallai)
  161. The Barricade (2019/Curtis Carnahan)
  162. Bickle (2019/P.M. Lipscomb)
  163. Lycanthrope (2019/Roger Sampson)
  164. A Spriggan (2019/Keir Burrows)
  165. Darkest Light (2019/Francisco Matias)
  166. Winterwood (2019)
  167. Lux is Mortem (2019/Cain McMillan)
  168. Department 666 (2019/Adam York)
  169. The Evil Marriage (2019/Abrar Rana)
  170. The Russian Razor Massacre 3: The Last Razor (2019/Evgeniy Mishukhin)
  171. Wicked Ones (2019/Tory Jones)
  172. Teacher Shortage (2019/Troy Escamilla)
  173. Boogeyman 2: Curse of the Monster (2019/Evgeniy Mishukhin)
  174. They Came from the Woods (2019/Devin Hansen)
  175. The Necroplasmic Massacre (2019/Sébastien Godin)
  176. Folklore (2019/Michael A. Isaacs)
  177. Desper Hollows (2019/Michael Lindsey)
  178. Omnicron (2019/Caillou Pettis)
  179. Ex Oblivione (2019/Aaron Franke)
  180. Watchmen: Los Vigilantes (2019/189m/Jose Luis Garcia Baylon)
  181. Down There (2019/Adam Hartwick)
  182. Videoteka (2019/Luka Bursac)
  183. Trap House (2019/Steven Metcalf)
  184. The Existence (2019/Buppha Witt)
  185. Snarl (2019/L.J. 'Stark' Greenwood)
  186. Drain Away: Is Pure Longing a Sin? (2019/108m)
  187. Eternal Night of the Dead (2019/Mathew Kister)
  188. The Thing That Keeps You (2019/Preston Walden)
  189. Untitled Horror Project by IndustryWorks Studios (2019/Chris Alexander)
  190. Unnatural Selection (2019/Garth Maxwell)
  191. Batman: Year One (2019/Jose Luis Garcia Baylon)
  192. Call Workshop (2019/Jason Ledford)
  193. Hero and the Girl (2019/Rubén Arnaiz)
  194. Fright Force 2021 (2019 Video/65m/Ernest Serrano)
  195. S.O.H.N.: The Rise of Achak (2019/Chad Ferrin and Justin Price)
  196. Hellion a Horror Anthology (2019/120m/Matthew Dixon)
  197. Something Crashed in the Woods (2019/Jeff Profitt)
  198. The Twin (2019/Max Derin)
  199. Whispers in the Basement of Darkness (2019/Jeff Profitt)
  200. The House Across the Lake (2019 Pre-production/Jennifer Dawn and Russell Hoffman)
  201. Forest of Paranormal (2019/Jeff Profitt)
  202. Cool Air (2019/Scott Young)
  203. The Music of Erich Zann (2019/Scott Young)
  204. In His Name (2019)
  205. Bigfoot Bachelor Party Massacre (2019/Ryan Lightbourn)
  206. The Treasure Box (2019/Servet Dean Sari)
  207. The Picture Man (2019/Servet Dean Sari)
  208. Hunting Season (2019/Megan Freels Johnston)
  209. Slaughter Horse (2019/Toby Johansen)
  210. Safe Space (2019)
  211. Scout (2019)
  212. Junction Murders (2019/90m)
  213. Walk with Me (2019/8m/Ellier Dov)
  214. Accidental Death (2019/85m/Seric Drac)
  215. Eat Lead (2019/Bryan Bockbrader)
Currently-Filming for 2019
  1. High Priest (2019/Roderick E. Stevens)
  2. Terror at Bell's End (2019/Chrissie Harper)
  3. Leaper (2019/Ryan John)
  4. Scar (2019/Evgeniy Vaganov)
  5. Rise of the Mummy (2019 /Kevin McDonagh)
  6. Night (2019/Nicholas Michael Jacobs)
  7. Bekçi (2019/35 min/Turgut Eryilmaz)
  8. Haunted Cries (2019/Nik Rasmussen)
  9. The Haunting at Beverly Mansion (2019/70m/Lee Jones)
  10. The Last Christmas (2019/10 min /Ryan Port)
  11. Crimson Clinic (2019/Jeffrey Arsenault)
  12. Infamous Six (2019/Anthony Hickox)
  13. The Haunting of Amelia (2019/K.H. Orth)
  14. Voorhees (2019 Video/Cody Faulk)
  15. Desert Wolf (2019/Beau Yotty)
  16. Where Blood Lies (2019/12m/Byron Q.)
  17. The Man With The Balloon (2019/Derrick Perez)
  18. Heartless (2019/Harris Goodkind)
  19. Pandamonium (2019/Mj Dixon)
  20. Tales of the Creeping Death (2019/John Williams)
  21. The DVD (2019/Cody Clarke)
  22. Jac Kessler's Popsy (2019/Jac Kessler)
  23. Camp Terror (2019/90m/Sam Winters)
  24. Nachtschicht (2019/Claudio Sipka)
  25. Empty Roads (2019/Benji Tucker)
  26. Dhampirica (2019/Felipé Ruiz)
  27. Host (2019/Kyle Stoutz)
  28. Gone (2019/Felix Martiz)
  29. D.E.M.O.N.I.C. Stories (2019/Kii Hornick)
  30. A Night at the School (2019/Vinson Russell, Jr.)
  31. Drain Away - Would you die for me? (2019/24m/Reila Aphrodite)
  32. Iruttu (2019/Durai)
  33. GetAWAY (2019/Blayne Weaver)
  34. Deathcember (2019/Steve De Roover, Ruggero Deodato, Florian Frerichs, Rémi Fréchette, Trent Haaga, Ama Lea, Sang-woo Lee, John Lynch, Andreas Marschall, Pollyanna McIntosh, Lucky McKee, Chelsea Stardust Peters, Bob Pipe, Julian Richards, Jason A. Rostovsky, Vivienne Vaughn, Sam Wineman, Lazar Bodroza, B.J. Colangelo, Sonia Escolano, Isaac Ezban, Sadrac González-Perellón, Juergen Kling, Annika Marx, Dominic Saxl, R. Zachary Shildwachter, Milan Todorovic and Michael Varrati)
  35. Empty House (2019/Rabbi Khan)
  36. Devil in the Woods (2019/Terence Elliott)
  37. Released (2019/Maverick A Bolen)
  38. The Party (2019/Julianna Robinson)
  39. Outcast (2019/John Bennett)
  40. Dwellers (2019/Drew Fortier)
  41. Johnny Z (2019/Jonathan Straiton
  42. Voices (2019/15m/Jetto Dorsainville and Ron Weisberg)
  43. The Landlord (2019/Brett Droege)
  44. Halloween Creep Tales: Part 2 (2019/Bayden Ray Redshaw, Andrea Ricca and John H. Shelton)
  45. Cinderella (2019/Vinoo Venketesh)
  46. Night of the Wicked (2019/Shane Grant)
  47. Tokyo Ghoul 2 (2019/Kentarô Hagiwara)
  48. Blood-Red Ox (2019/Rodrigo Bellott)
  49. Charles (2019/Luis Serrano)
  50. Slayer (2019/Christopher Wall)
  51. Paintball Massacre (2019/Darren Berry)
  52. Fried Barry (2019/Ryan Kruger)
  53. The House on Plant (2019/Itchy)
  54. Dark 72 (2019/65m/Nicholas Grant)
  55. The Purge: Survival (2019/Sara Jimenez)
  56. The Unhaunted (2019/K.J. Karving)
  57. Lucifer's Satanic Daughter (2019/Chandler Thistle)
  58. Teen Tragedy (2019/Mitchell McKechnie)
  59. Nomad (2019/120 min/Sara Elizabeth Joyce)
  60. Dead Presidents (2019/Scott A. Best)
  61. Kreepie's Kurse (2019/Cameron Daboin)
  62. A Cry in the Night-The Legend of La Llorona (2019/David Jones and Joseph Cournoyer)
  63. Hell Girl (2019/Kôji Shiraishi)
  64. Harvest of Horrors (2019/Brad Twigg)
  65. Arbitrium (2019/Jonny Woollett)
  66. Philia (2019/Sam Mason-Bell, Maude Michaud, Chris Milewski, Tony Newton, Mike Peter Reed and Tyler Sage)
  67. The Diminished (2019/Mig Windows)
  68. All Who Follow (2019/Derek Hummel)
  69. Blacktop Massacre (2019/Christopher R. Sloan)
  70. Lisaa (2019/Raju Viswanath)
  71. Z Dead End (2019/Robert Resto)
  72. Indestructible: Reckoning (2019/Matt Spease)
  73. The Lost Reel (2019/Simon Cluett)
  74. Spring Fever (2019/Izzy Sutton and Chris McElyea)
  75. The Eidolon Inquest (2019/Mikeal Burgin)
  76. Attack of the Killer Chickens the Movie (2019/Genoveva Rossi)
  77. Boo (2019/Rakefet Abergel)
  78. The Trap (2019/Charlie Alejandro)
  79. Attack of the Unknown (2019/Brandon Slagle)
  80. Vengeance (2019/Jeremy W. Brown and Dustin Montierth)
  81. Something in the Shadows (2019/Cameron Grimm)
  82. Jade's Asylum (2019/Alexandre Carrière)
  83. The Good Things Devils Do (2019/Jess Norvisgaard)
  84. 12 Midnight (2019/Nicholas Molinari)
  85. Teenage Zombies (2019/Orlando Eastwood)
  86. The Snaker (2019 Filming/Tim Goodfellow)
  87. The Dark Web Tapes (2019/Jason Harlow and Jake Zelch)
  88. Goth Zombie (2019)
  89. Petrified (2019/Jacob Detheridge and Jared Marino)
  90. Essence (2019/Jeff Kacmarynski)
  91. The Shed (2019/Frank Sabatella)
  92. Home Videos 2 (2019/Gavin Damerell, Dustin Ferguson, Jason Figgis, Steven Longhurst, Sam Mason-Bell, Tony Newton, Mark Oakley, Mike Peter Reed and Gary Whitson)
  93. The Tokoloshe (2019/Richard Green)
  94. Secret of Selfie (2019/120m)
  95. Water Dawg (2019/Christopher Baiza)
  96. Fantastic Women (2019/João Pedro Fleck, Felipe M. Guerra and Nicolas Tonsho)
  97. Blood Tales (2019/96m/Jason Figgis, Jarrett Furst, József Gallai, Tony Newton, Edward Payson, Jocelyn Reynoso, Kai Undrell and Jonathan Zaurin)
  98. Parallel (2019)
  99. Dark Trepidation 2 (2019/Jason Bigart)
  100. Return of the Lost Movie: The Making of Mutant Swinger from Mars (2019 Video/60m/Michael Kallio)
  101. Willowvale Harbor (2019/Timothy Davis)
  102. The Exchange (2019/Henry Nader)
  103. Red Oedipal (2019/Shane Ryan)
  104. John in the Woods (2019)
  105. Baby Monitor (2019/Ryan Barton-Grimley)
  106. Full Circle: A Documentary (2019/Michael Kallio)
  107. Last Village on the Right (2019/James Crow)
  108. The Resellers Movie (2019/Jerome Cloutier)
  109. Surrealistic Nightmares: An In-depth Look at Walloon Horror Cinema (2019/101m/Steve De Roover and Jérôme Vandewattyne)
  110. Saving Grace (2019/90m/Gareth Carr)
  111. Blue Caveman (2019/Mike Delaney)
  112. UnDeadDeat Dad (2019/90m/Paul Overacker)
  113. Rotten Cotton (2019/Kasper Lewis)
  114. One Winter Night (2019/Ryan Callaway)
  115. Kecksburg (2019/Cody Knotts)
  116. Scenes of a Ghostly Nature (2019/C.R. Krishnan)
  117. Jack the St. Ripper (2019/George Nevada)
  118. The Harvest (2019/Daniel Brown and Joshua Brown)
Currently In Post-Production for 2019
  1. La Hermosa (2019/Lorian Gish and Justin Knoepfel)
  2. Bos/Taurus (2019/8m/Javier Cobo)
  3. I'll See You Next Week (2019/10m/Rodrigo Badoino)
  4. Stare (2019/Shawn Adams)
  5. Red Moon Lake (2019/Tim Vigil)
  6. The Last Leaf (2019/12m/Sia Aleskovskaya)
  7. A Creature Is Stirring (2019/Jeremy Ashley Pair)
  8. Toilet Trolls (2019/Hannah Kornberg)
  9. The Box (2019/Corey Slater)
  10. Blood Spirit (2019/Anthony Allin)
  11. The Children of the Night (Teaser) (2019/Frank Ponce)
  12. Enigma (2019/Aaron Paul Mendoza)
  13. Heavy Handed (2019/11m/Maitee Leonie)
  14. Satan’s Barn (2019/Thea Hvistendahl)
  15. Creepy John (2019/Shawn Robinson)
  16. Miranda Veil (2019/Levin Garbisch)
  17. The First Seal (2019/Ben Mathus)
  18. Me and the Devil (2019/88m/Dario Almerighi)
  19. Amme (2019/Fýr Romu)
  20. Maddong P.I. (2019/10 min/Nic Bonesteel)
  21. Lilith (2019/Mikel Thomas)
  22. A Night at the Table (2019/9m/Tamara S. Hall)
  23. Maya (2019/Karin Hallén)
  24. Wither (2019/3m/Ethan Evans)
  25. The Assent (2019/Pearry Reginald Teo)
  26. Bad House (2019/Charlie Steeds)
  27. Friend Zone (2019/8m/Isiah Miller)
  28. Caitlín (2019/Emer Conroy)
  29. Here in the Dark (2019/Gabriel Saint)
  30. The Nest (2019/Scott A. Martin)
  31. Majnun (2019/28m/Omer Naot)
  32. La venganza de Jairo (2019/Simon Hernandez)
  33. Tool Shed (2019 Video/4m/Rob Filios and James Filios)
  34. The Housewife (2019/Chloe Carroll)
  35. The Picture in the House (2019/42m/David Lapuch)
  36. Sacrificial Lamb (2019/Hayden McComas)
  37. Phlo (2019/J. Wilson Fielder)
  38. The Boy in the Picture (2019/60m/Ashley Dahl)
  39. Rotting Beauty (2019/Nyri Yaghoobian)
  40. Scuttle (2019/Harry Crossman)
  41. Charlotte The Return (2019/76m/Nathan Crooker, Kayden Phoenix and Ruben Rodriguez)
  42. Marika The Aatrupt (2019/Mohammad Zahid Ahmed)
  43. Eye Without a Face (2019/Ramin Niami)
  44. Anna 2 (2019/Michael Crum)
  45. The Dream II (2019/Tamás Körmendi)
  46. Cult of Nightmares (2019/David Paul Scott)
  47. Fifty Six (2019/James Mudge)
  48. Kronin (2019/Antony Smith)
  49. Flesher (2019/John Johnson)
  50. Knifecorp (2019/Zach Zorba Grashin)
  51. No Good Deed (2019/8m/Ethan Hanson)
  52. Deep Web (2019/Jessy Dupont)
  53. Nightmare (2019/Jason Smith)
  54. Devil's Revenge (2019/Jared Cohn)
  55. Mania (2019/Edson da Conceicao)
  56. Most Steps Ever (2019/4m/Nesib Shamah and James Allen Smith)
  57. Corvid's Head (2019/Sam Bhattacharjee)
  58. Playhouse (2019/90m/Fionn Watts and Toby Watts)
  59. Inflatio (2019/9 minPost-production/Bryon Evans)
  60. Dolls (2019/Cuyle Carvin)
  61. The God Man (2019/Jon Jacob Turner)
  62. Kara (2019/Catherine Kerr-Phillips)
  63. Daddy's Coming Home (2019/Brandon Rhiness)
  64. Verotika (2019/Glenn Danzig)
  65. Night Out (2019/Drew Maxwell Weiss)
  66. Empty Nest (2019/Joe Craib)
  67. Fatal Declare (2019/15m/Liam Pinheiro-Rogers)
  68. Hands Up (2019/Jeffrey Battie)
  69. Anything You Can Do (2019/Isla Sinclair)
  70. Mourning Meal (2019/Jamal Hodge)
  71. La Casa (2019/Jorge Olguín)
  72. Sahara Hellen: El Regreso del Vampiro (2019/Roger Asto Leon)
  73. Axiom (2019/Dimitri Voutsinos)
  74. Goodbye Mary (2019/Eva María Fernández)
  75. Punkin (2019/Carrie Keagan)
  76. The Knot (2019/Rebecca Schwab)
  77. Dreamcatcher (2019/Jacob Johnston)
  78. Indolence (2019/8m/Aidan Weaver)
  79. The Humming (2019/Austin Bitikofer and Jermaine Nix)
  80. With The Right Conditions (2019/Emma Jayne Lloyd and Sam Mason-Bell)
  81. The Truth Will Out (2019/Jessica Hunt and Sam Mason-Bell)
  82. More Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark: Something Was Wrong (2019/Steven Porras)
  83. Kaaku? (2019/Mohamed Aboobakuru)
  84. Darkfruit (2019/23m/Maria Wilson)
  85. Trakt X (2019/Dino Stahl)
  86. Stitched to Perfection (2019/Jeremy Berg)
  87. Eat Me Out (Of House and Home) (2019/Damon Rickard)
  88. Twelve Gauge Garden (2019/James Wakileh)
  89. Endgame (2019/Magalie de Genova)
  90. Lullaby (2019/Sevag Aksu)
  91. Fused (2019/Patrick Rea)
  92. Killer Date (2019/Colton Tran)
  93. Unicorn (2019/Harry Crossman)
  94. Viola (2019/Paul W. Franklin)
  95. Threshold (2019/Powell Robinson and Patrick Robert Young)
  96. Kathaputali (2019/90m/Veemsen Lama)
  97. Tam Lin (2019/Sean Mo Williams)
  98. Housekreeping (2019/Kyle Dunbar)
  99. You Too, Chuckles (2019/Kevin Hartford)
  100. Teddy (2019/Mark Clauburg)
  101. Necro-Sexual (2019/Brian Rosin)
  102. The Rejected (2019/60m/Onur Dogan)
  103. The Garlic Bulb Challenge (2019/Brian Carlin)
  104. Trapped (2019/Billy Chizmar)
  105. Mama's Boy (2019/James L. Edwards)
  106. Blood from the Shoulder of Pallas (2019/16m/Scott Morris)
  107. Dwellers: The Curse of Pastor Stokes (2019/DeShon Hardy)
  108. The Killer Plumber 2 (2019/Ross Heath and Chris John Livermore)
  109. Lethal Procedures (2019/Jahmar Hill)
  110. Continuance (2019/Tony Olmos)
  111. Fear PHarm (2019/Dante Yore)
  112. Jerky (2019/18 min/Greg Dodder, Russell Wilhite)
  113. The Curse of Halloween Jack (2019/85m/Andrew Jones)
  114. Dolly (2019/Alex Kontakos)
  115. Separation (2019/William Brent Bell)
  116. Gas Gets In Your Eyes (2019/13m/Madeline Leshner)
  117. Ghost Tour (2019/Joey Mosca)
  118. Morbid Colors (2019/Matthew Packman)
  119. Dark Light (2019/Padraig Reynolds)
  120. The Awakening of Lilith (2019/Steven Adam Renkovish)
  121. The Fallen Woman (2019/30m/Kelly Smith)
  122. The Camping Discovery (2019/Jamie Franz Hoover)
  123. The Special (2019/94m/B. Harrison Smith)
  124. Hidden Gene (2019/Jade Hassett)
  125. Buru (2019)
  126. Andhaghaaram (2019/V. Vignarajan)
  127. Find A Penny (2019/Shaun Swift)
  128. 19 Willock Place (2019/82m/John Justice)
  129. To Kill the Dragon (2019/Jimena Monteoliva)
  130. Fire Girls (2019/9m/Chell Stephen)
  131. Homocide (2019/Alex Dickerson)
  132. Nicole, her Ex & the Killer (2019/Bob Akins)
  133. Darlin (2019/Jackson Brown)
  134. The Fires of Soledad (2019/16m/Daniel Eduvijes Carrera)
  135. Death Trap (2019/Deandra Spinner)
  136. After School Lunch Special (2019/Andrew J Chambers)
  137. Return to Clark County (2019/Shawn Uebele)
  138. Come Be Creepy With Us (2019/Elizabeth Fletcher)
  139. Sick Minded (2019/LeVar Leo)
  140. Hall (2019/Francesco Giannini)
  141. Everybody Gets Stabbed (2019/Levon J. Polinelli)
  142. Beautiful Day (2019/TJ Marchbank)
  143. Killer Therapy (2019/Barry Jay)
  144. Bottom Feeders (2019/Nicholas W. Callais)
  145. Bliss (2019/Joe Begos)
  146. Girl on the Third Floor (2019/Travis Stevens)
  147. Koud Licht (2019/Michael van Den Eynde)
  148. Not For The Faint Hearted (2019/Stuart Stanton)
  149. Broil (2019/E.J. Drake)
  150. When She Wakes (2019/91m/David Arthur Clark)
  151. The Light (2019/Zack Inglis)
  152. There He Is Now (2019/Jörg Viktor Steins-Lauss)
  153. Sweet Taste of Souls (2019/Terry Ross)
  154. The Recovery Call (2019/Blake Rice)
  155. Under the Bed (2019/Justin Nelson)
  156. Conversion Therapist (2019/20m/Bears Rebecca Fonté)
  157. SOS (2019/Bryan Martin)
  158. Vampires Vs. the Bronx (2019/Osmany Rodriguez)
  159. Project Aegis - Angel In The Ashes (2019/Rode Ferland)
  160. Murderabiliac (2019/Richard Karpala)
  161. Slender's Park Chapter II (2019/Matteo Finozzi)
  162. Shortcut (2019/Alessio Liguori)
  163. The Girl Upstairs (2019/Kristopher Wile)
  164. The House of Locke (2019/Tony London)
  165. Dead End (2019/30m/Victor Gaspar)
  166. Human Hibachi (2019/Mario Cerrito III)
  167. Unleashing the Demons (2019/Callum Knox)
  168. Gustav D. (2019/Nikolas Sels)
  169. The Hunt (2019/Aaron Mirtes)
  170. Divination (2019/Er Guan)
  171. Torment (2019/Eddie Poletto)
  172. Dorcha (2019/Tharun Mohan)
  173. The Jäger Within (2019 Post-production/Ivan King and Francesco Sanseverino)
  174. Churi (2019/Carlos Pino)
  175. Hush Little Baby: Welcome To The Family 2 (2019/Jonathan Hamblin)
  176. Ouija Mummy (2019/Sébastien Godin)
  177. Adam (2019/Gemma Paul)
  178. In the Dark (2019/Adam King)
  179. Cryo (2019/Barrett Burgin)
  180. Stakeout (2019/John Otteni and Paul Otteni)
  181. Don't Move (2019/Cassie Hay)
  182. The Lady of Silence (2019/Wes Sutton)
  183. Violet (2019/Madeline Graham and Christopher Whiteside)
  184. Yes, Mother (2019/Jennifer Enskat and Cynthia Gray)
  185. Hannah (2019/Jacob Kiesling)
  186. Bad Witch (2019/Victor Fink and Joshua Land)
  187. Midsommar (2019/Ari Aster)
  188. Her Lips are Mine (2019/Ken Cohen)
  189. Butchers (2019/Adrian Langley)
  190. Hungry Joe (2019/Samuel Dawe and Paul Holbrook)
  191. Edgar Allen Poe's Ligeia (2019/100m/Griffith Mehaffey)
  192. El Vestido (2019/Roque Falabella)
  193. Monstrum (2019/Anthony Pernicka)
  194. Washed (2019/9m/Michael Bartolomeo)
  195. Becky (2019/Lane Fobbs)
  196. Space (2019/91m/Monte Light)
  197. I Trapped the Devil (2019/Josh Lobo)
  198. Blood lots (2019/Rode Ferland)
  199. Roach (2019/Trent A Johnson)
  200. The Dead Don't Die (2019/Jim Jarmusch)
  201. Teacher's Lounge (2019/Josh Mruz)
  202. Child's Play (2019/Lars Klevberg)
  203. Museum Madness (2019/Joseph Dutra)
  204. Interment (2019/61m/Sean Murray)
  205. Handy Dandy (2019/Jeff Broadstreet)
  206. Bannister DollHouse (2019/Mj Dixon)
  207. The Utah Cabin Murders (2019/85m/Andrew Jones)
  208. Blood Money (2019/45m/Chas Burns)
  209. Let's Scare Julie to Death (2019/Jud Cremata)
  210. Pay to Stay (2019/12m/Heather Taylor)
  211. Satanic Panic (2019/Chelsea Stardust Peters)
  212. Neuroxica (2019/Cameron Dozier)
  213. Night Mistress (2019/Philip Cable)
  214. A Psycho's Path (2019/Rocky Costanzo)
  215. Porno (2019/98m/Keola Racela)
  216. A Giant Without a Head! (2019/80m/Jorge Xolalpa, Jr.)
  217. Occurrence at Mills Creek (2019/Don Swanson)
  218. Patients of a Saint (2019/Russell Owen)
  219. The Heiress (2019/Chris Bell)
  220. Darlin' (2019/Pollyanna McIntosh)
  221. Miss Janet (2019/Stephen Mickelsen)
  222. Queen of Spades: The Looking Glass (2019/Aleksandr Domogarov)
  223. Attic (2019 Post-production/Ronnie Minder)
  224. Crawl (2019/Alexandre Aja)
  225. Get Gone (2019/91m/Michael Thomas Daniel)
  226. Untitled Annabelle Film (2019/Gary Dauberman)
  227. The Last Frankenstein (2019/David Weaver)
  228. Tone-Deaf (2019/Richard Bates, Jr.)
  229. Best Actress (2019/8m/Sadrak Zmork)
  230. The Sleep Experiment (2019/John Farrelly)
  231. Slash (2019/Jonathan Rowan)
  232. The Faceless Man (2019/James Di Martino)
  233. Victim of love (2019/Jesper Isaksen)
  234. The Invader (2019/Anthony Ashmore)
  235. Do Not Reply (2019/Daniel Woltosz and Walter Woltosz)
  236. Follow Me (2019/Will Wernick)
  237. 3 from Hell (2019/Rob Zombie)
  238. The Seven (2019/Richard Colton)
  239. Millennial Killer (2019/Sam Mason-Bell)
  240. Howl (2019/Michele Martin)
  241. Room 9 (2019/Thomas Walton)
  242. Kanchana 3 (2019/Lawrence Raghavendra)
  243. Twins (2019/Lamberto Bava)
  244. A Last Laugh (2019/Chris Marciante)
  245. Baba Yaga: Terror of the Dark Forest (2019/Svyatoslav Podgaevskiy)
  246. The Lighthouse (2019/Robert Eggers)
  247. Silver Stars on Red Velvet (2019/70m/RJ Cusyk)
  248. Expira (2019/Leopoldo Laborde)
  249. Ma (2019/Tate Taylor)
  250. Delphine (2019/Fábio Brandão)
  251. Life After Man (2019/Gareth Carr)
  252. The Purple Iris (2019/Arif Khan)
  253. Toof (2019/Louisa Warren)
  254. The Last House on Wilkins Street (2019/4m/Cody Kuehn)
  255. Soul Catcher (2019/Melody Tash)
  256. Awoken (2019/95m/Daniel J. Phillips)
  257. Red 11 (2019/77m/Robert Rodriguez)
  258. Dead Space (2019/125m/Diego Palma)
  259. Home with a View of the Monster (2019/Alex Greenlee and Todd Greenlee)
  260. Ground Floor (2019/George Henry Horton)
  261. Brightburn (2019/David Yarovesky)
  262. Hacksaw (2019/75m/Anthony Leone)
  263. The Remnant (2019/17m/Navin Ramaswaran)
  264. The Night They Knocked (2019/Sean F. Roberts, Jr.)
  265. The Format (2019/Vimalraj Jayaseelan)
  266. Made Vicious (2019/David Prindle)
  267. Infernum (2019/Dutch Marich)
  268. Kill Me If You Can... (2019/11m/Katheryn R. Bryant)
  269. Witch Tales (2019/Mike Lyddon)
  270. The House Next Door (2019/Deon Taylor)
  271. Into the Night (2019/Walter Perez)
  272. The Dawn (2019/90m/Brandon Slagle)
  273. Her Name Was Christa (2019/James L. Edwards)
  274. Doll Cemetery (2019/Steven M. Smith)
  275. The Harbinger (2019/Will Klipstine)
  276. The Krampus Carol (2019/87m/Jake Zelch)
  277. The Ghost Outside (2019/Jazz Virk)
  278. Nice Mike (2019/Kelly Smith)
  279. It: Chapter Two (2019/Andy Muschietti)
  280. 47 Meters Down: Uncaged (2019/Johannes Roberts)
  281. AQUASLASH (2019/Renaud Gauthier)
  282. Mother and Daughter (2019 Post-production/Ricardo Santos)
  283. Irl (2019/Jennifer Harrington)
  284. Aiyai: Wrathful Soul (2019/116m/Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam)
  285. Acid Pit Stop (2019/Jason Wright)
  286. 3 Days (2019/90m/Kristina Aponte and Jose Hernandez)
  287. Final Cutz (2019/Liam Lockhart)
  288. Deadly Callback (2019/Scott Jeffrey)
  289. Nuns: An Italian Horror Story (2019/Giovanni Aloisio)
  290. Blood Tulips (2019/Randy Kent and John Luksetich)
  291. Blood of Drago (2019/90m/Homer Broadnax)
  292. Morte à l'avance (2019/45m/Raphael Desbordes)
  293. Cherrypicker (2019/Bennet De Brabandere)
  294. One for the Road (2019/Joseph Horning)
  295. Coven (2019/Margaret Malandruccolo)
  296. C.L.E.A.N. (2019/Aurelio Toni Agliata)
  297. No Sin Unpunished (2019/Matt Green)
  298. HEN (2019 Post-production/Janna Kemperman)
  299. Yuraq (2019/110m/Pierre Taisne)
  300. HAGER (2019/Kevin Kopacka)
  301. Wait for It (2019/12m/David J. Stieve)
  302. Scavengers (2019/Oliver Griffiths)
  303. Angela (2019/Chris Bucher and Severin Gmünder)
  304. The Sleep (2019/Devin Rice)
  305. Fingers (2019/87m/Juan Ortiz)
  306. Kill Dolly Kill (2019/Heidi Moore, Daniel Murphy and Tony Walters)
  307. Malady (2019/85m/Nick Kane and Brian Frank Visciglia)
  308. Whisper (2019/Christopher Jolley)
  309. The Dare (2019/Giles Alderson)
  310. Behind the Sightings (2019/Tony Cadwell)
  311. Candy Corn (2019/Josh Hasty)
  312. My Little Baby (2019/Giorgio Bruno)
  313. Paranormal Worlds: Based On True Events (2019/120m/Sanjay Sharma)
  314. Schism (2019/Michael Storch)
  315. The Clouding (2019/Dorian Louis)
  316. Z (2019/Brandon Christensen)
Completed and set for release sometime within 2019
  1. Side-B (2019/10m/Vanessa Williams)
  2. Shapes (2019/4m/Dhruv Suri)
  3. Keeper (2019/7m/James Mentzinger)
  4. Out from Within (2019/12m/Vincenzo Nappi)
  5. Edge of the Woods (2019 Video/12m/Phranque Wright)
  6. Deliver Us (2019/12m/Kevin McCormack)
  7. Auopssessed (2019/8 min/Emil Levin)
  8. Return (2019/19m/Sangwon Park)
  9. Messed Up (2019/Lucé Tomlin-Brenner
  10. Mateo (2019/4m/Fernando Perezgil)
  11. Hear Me (2019/Jesse Haaja)
  12. If Not for my Demons (2019/12m/Kenneth Ryan)
  13. Headcleaner (2019/Nick Scott)
  14. Dust to Dust (2019/9m/Mitch Urban)
  15. Sticky (2019/3m/ Completed/Ashley Good)
  16. Finley (2019/25m/J. Zachary Thurman)
  17. Sub Umbra (2019/19m/René Schweitzer)
  18. Flesh (2019/25m/Poon Tsz Yin)
  19. Furniture (2019/6m/George A. Pitsilos)
  20. Delivery (2019/Brad Milne)
  21. The Smiling Strangers (2019 Video/5m/Tom Bragg)
  22. Cached (2019/13m/Daniel Lake)
  23. Parasite (2019/Michael Davis Fármako)
  24. Kushtaka (2019/15m/Cameron Currin)
  25. L.A. Haunted (2019/15 min Completed/Arthur Mountaniol)
  26. Baby (2019/8m/Anthony Leone)
  27. The Terrible Old Man (2019/Tyler McAlister)
  28. Black Cat In A Dark Room (2019/15m/Leland Montgomery)
  29. Dark Christmas (2019/Unrated Completed/Manny Velazquez)
  30. Jeanine (2019/Mike Villani)
  31. Nightshocker (2019/7m/Donald Zirlin)
  32. The Phone Dead (2019/4 min/Josh Hoffman)
  33. 8 Ball Clown II (2019/97m/Erik Kristopher Myers)
  34. Still Water (2019/5m/Ryan Kramer)
  35. The Allendale Curse (2019/84m/Matondo Kiantandu)
  36. The Dark Recess (2019/Oliver Jolliffe)
  37. Eiga: Toshimaen (2019/81m/Hiroshi Takahashi)
  38. Revenge of the Pontianak (2019/92m/Glen Goei)
  39. Pig (2019/8 min Completed/Evan Powers)
  40. Deep Tissue (2019/9m/ Completed/Meredith Alloway
  41. Opening the Mind (2019/115m/Michael Todd Schneider)
  42. Cleavers: Killer Clowns (2019/Mj Dixon)
  43. The Dreamer (2019/14m/Kenneth Karlstad)
  44. Crazy 2 Crazy (2019/92m/Greg Daniel)
  45. Mushkil (2019/130m/Rajiv S. Ruia)
  46. Baby (2019/8m/Mark Melville)
  47. Requiem (2019/5m/Daniel Abatan and Thomas R. Burke)
  48. The Secret Game (Dating App) (2019/Raaw Horan)
  49. Piano (2019/Richard Schertzer)
  50. The Unspoken Sin (2019/Marvin J. Harrell)
  51. Sacren (2019/83m/Alexander Henderson)
  52. Il signor Diavolo (2019/Pupi Avati)
  53. Watched (2019/15m/Joshy Lee)
  54. Repossession (2019/Ming Siu Goh and Scott C. Hillyard)
  55. How to Be Alone (2019/11m/Kate Trefry)
  56. Countdown to Midnight (2019/13m/Dan Sellers)
  57. Rubes (2019/7 min/Nathan Alan Bunker)
  58. Robert Reborn (2019/85m/Andrew Jones)
  59. Limbo (2019/David Barrera)
  60. The Horror of Making My Film (2019/79m/Kyan Kiani)
  61. J'Tree (2019/33m/Anthony Ficco)
  62. Phonomanie (2019/90m/Mr. Zito)
  63. The Haunting of Sharon Tate (2019/Daniel Farrands)
  64. The Super (2019/Emeson Nwolie)
  65. House Of Setnakht (2019/95m/Ahmed Aqle and Asmaa Abdel Nabe)
  66. Hallowed Ground (2019/117m/Miles Doleac)
  67. Hellbox II: A Dimensão Negra (2019/25m/Rui Constantino)
  68. Blood Craft (2019/94m/James Cullen Bressack)
  69. Killerhertz (2019/Colin Bishop)
  70. The Massacre on Cielo Drive (2019/90m/Andrew Jones)
  71. Art of the Dead (2019/Rolfe Kanefsky)
  72. Straight Edge Kegger (2019/Jason Zink)
  73. Return of the Slasher (2019/Anthony Ashmore)
  74. Xpiation (2019/90m/Domiziano Cristopharo)
  75. 13 Graves (2019/John Langridge)
  76. Willa (2019/12m/Corey Mayne)
  77. The Gallows Act II (2019/Travis Cluff and Chris Lofing)
  78. One Remains (2019/90m/Josh Hodgins)
  79. The Silence (2019/PG-13/John R. Leonetti)
  80. Nun's Deadly Confession (2019/Stuart Paul)
  81. (Hashtag)Followme (2019/90m/Sam Hardy)
  82. Menantico Blues (2019/Ricky Whitehead)
  83. Paranoia Tapes 2: Press Play (2019/Steven Daemers, Stephen Gallen, Douglas A. Plomitallo, Maurice Hooks and Brad Ryal)
  84. Triggered (2019/114m/Chris Moore)
  85. Ghost in the Graveyard (2019/Charlie Comparetto)
  86. Restricted Area (2019/Christopher M. Don)
  87. Us (2019/120m/Jordan Peele)
  88. Fading Flowers (2019/90m/Jeffrey Schneider)
  89. Preparation (2019/Mark Clauburg)
  90. On Halloween (2019/92m/Timothy Boyle)
  91. The Maya Tape (2019/100m/Nikhil Allug)
  92. The Luring (2019/95m/Christopher Wells)
  93. Possession Diaries (2019/93m/Juan Frausto)
  94. Psychedelic Psychopaths (2019/Tom Zarzecki)
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2019.01.26 06:28 SpamMan53 Series Rewatch 'Employee of the Month' (S3, Ep4)

This sodding ep.
Melfi attempts to convince Richard that their recent rapprochement and her treating Tony again isn't some kind of simultaneous leveling off effect. Her formerly estranged husband uses the conversation to vent his continuing (and continuing) frustration with the prevalence of anti-Italian stereotypes as she reminds him of their personal Italian-American success story. Over chopped garlic and chives he tries to convince her that Tony's condition precludes him from the medical deferment to behavioral therapy she proposes. I think I'd find this dinner date night more engaging if one of them wasn't a turtleneck plot device and the other the awesome Lorraine Bracco. At any rate after enduring further stop-starts from her patient she concedes defeat to her psychiatrist. After accidentally (or very possibly intentionally) revealing her patient's identity Eliot redoubles her intention to graduate Tony to a behaviorist. Richie never mentioned another brother...
Tony's attempts to cull the potential shitstorm from his big sister's bottomless greed. Her comment about Tony's likely chomping at the bit himself to look for the family fool's gold is as telling as it is obnoxious. (Not for nothing my newfound regard for her character is falling off a cliff at this point.)
Ralphie meanwhile makes more headway with Ro's asshat son indulging bad business than with 'civilian' dinner banter. Fittingly it's this kind of behavior that gets Ralph passed over for captain in addition to his generally obstinate attitude. Tony incidentally does admit to a crew based bias for Gigi, however. The Lupertazzi's Underboss moves onto DiMeo property. Tony resists further deferment from Melfi.
I'd made a boogeyman of this ep all the while forgetting the particulars of it's worst scene: Melfi's rapist impudent anger towards her, her worthless screeching pleas but not least of all the brief opportunity she'd made for herself to escape. I'll be honest the conclusion of this ep threw me off my first rewatch for a good while. I'd actually begun new programs and even wasted time with low grade fanfics.
At the hospital Melfi's son vows unattainable revenge while Richard seems more jarred by the suspect's Italian last name. A bit of levity follows afterward with Tony attempting to make casual convo about Melfi calling to cancel, yet another woman making house calls as far as Carm's concerned. Her face is priceless when he mentions Melfi suggesting she take part in therapy.
Melfi's attacker is released in a somewhat half explained mumbled narrative. Her and Richard devolve into base recrimination that dovetail with his persisting (i.e. tiresome) ethnic anxiety.
An unnecessarily abrasive Johnny Sack walks in at the tail end of an impromptu roast of his, uh... rubenesque wife and mentions that ground is about to be broke in the new Esplanade project. Richard offers some half cast sentiment towards Melfi which she accepts. I'm not sure what to think about Romanus' choice of beleaguered anger here. Is he alpha posturing in front of his ex or can he just not muster the same righteous anger towards Italian on Italian crime. Meh. Meanwhile, Christopher tries to make himself a maifoso martyr out of his uncle's repeated admonishments to keep Jackie out of OC business. ('The life's good enough for me but not for Fuckpants? ' Ugh, shut your gob and smoke a cigarette in the rain.)
Melfi meets with Tony for the first time after her attack and they inadvertently mimic the conversation the writer's imply the audience wants them to have. Melfi responds to Tony's incidental imploring about honing in one's anger by comparing ideations of revenge to the discombobulating effects of his panic attacks. At Casa Soprano Tony reminds Jackie of his status after voicing his opinion about Ralph's position as well as his old man's wishes (which Tony previously answered with sputtered misremembering...?). Meadow intervenes and makes some nice with his Lordship Fuckpants. His misspent generosity in not mentioning his daughter dating a 'Noah' just makes piss-in-pants look like more of a pissant. Melfi sees her attacker's photo in an employee of the month placard at a fast food shop. Later, she relates to her psych her resolve to abide by the law with the powerful knowledge that she can have her attacker in cement shoes all the reinvigoration she needs.
I'll admit to feeling some sympathy towards Janice as she's practically dragged across town by Svetlana's Russian goons to retrieve her leg. It's richly deserved in a way while being altogether gross and unnecessary. This ep has that effect on you. As Tony mounts his frustration at her endless stream of nonsense she forges a new personality almost comically as it is disingenuous in front of her brother.
Later, Tony attends a housewarming party for a newly arrived John Sacrimoni. In the midst of everything else I really liked this scene. I know it's only supposed to make for a nice contrast to the barely there tension between NY and Jersey but seeing Chris and Ade so in love and Ralph and Ton cracking jokes really makes you think about what's in store. Melfi remains true to her word about unleashing her attack dog on Rossi (which will have certain ramifications on her treatment of Tony).
Might as well throw in my two cents in about Melfi's decision. A relatively reasonable person could defend Melfi's tasking Tony with fitting her attacker for an Italian necktie if only to relieve future women of her own misery. I'm not so sure. As dramatic as it sounds it is a necessary evil to have to arm designated officers of the law at all. Is an emotionally shattered rape victim deputizing a guy like Silvio Dante to garrote her attacker a step above that? (This is of course assuming he doesn't accidentally murder some innocent Hispanic immigrant while their delivering take out in Montclair.) At the end of the day Melfi's decision was the right one because it was hers. She knew she wouldn't have been able to emotionally survive that level of culpability. It would have been handing the animal that attacked her the power to destroy her even deeper. Salud.
Edit: added final paragraph, added Melfi's convo with Eliot link.
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2019.01.23 22:39 AhuwahZeus Gaetani Crime Family

The Gaetani or Caetani family are a bloodline of the Black Nobility and part owners of the Italian Mafia. Their ancestry goes back to the Tribe of Getae in the Black Sea region which moved into Rome establishing the Duchy of Gaeta. The Getae were originally from the Massagetae clan of Scythia. The Massimo and Gaetani families both originated from this clan. They migrated into Italy and mixed in with Roman gentile families like the Maximii, Catii, and Anicii families. The Cattaneo family of Genoa and Naples also have a similar ancestry as the Gaetani or Caetani family. Prince Bonifacio Gaetani-Dell'Aquilla-d'Aragona is a member of this nobility and is married to Ginevra Elkann of the Agnelli-Elkann billionaire family. The Gaetani family are part owners of the Gambino crime family through the Gotti family. Gotti means Goth and the Gothic tribes were often connected with the Getae tribe and Geats of Gotland that settled up in Scandinavia. The Goths and Gaeta have been intermixed for thousands of years. The Gaetani family also established the Gatti-Grami family of Lombardy in northern Italy likely through a marriage with the Gotti family. The earliest documented Gotti was Vincenzo Gotti from northern Italy during the 16th century and he migrated to Rome and then to Naples. John Gotti Jr. works under the Gaetanis and also works under the Gambinos which are owned by the Massimos. When I first went after Gotti Jr. he got scared and pointed at Prince Roffredo as his boss. Prince Gianluigi Gaetani D'Aragona is a member of the Naples branch of Gaetanis and the consul to South Africa. Prince Gherardo Fedrigo Gaetani Dell’Aquila Aragona is a high level member of the Roman Gaetanis. The Gotti family of the Gambino crime family originated in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, Naples. Prince Roffredo Gaetani dated Ivana Trump and is friends with Donald Trump. Donald Trump has several connections with the Italian Mafia and Gambino crime family like using the mafia lawyer Roy Cohn and using the Genovese-Gambino owned S&A Concrete to build his Trump Towers in Manhattan. Prince Roffredo Gaetani-d'Aragona-Lovatelli paid off people on the internet to spread rumors that he died which is not true. His brother Luca Gaetani of L'Aquila d'Aragona Lovatelli also faked his death just over a year after Roffredo's fake death and they are hiding out in Switzerland and northern Italy. They need to be hunted down and violently executed. The Gaetani-d'Aragona-Lovatelli family are owners of the Philly Mob with Joey Merlino as the top boss. Philadelphia is nicknamed the "City of Brotherly Love" similar to Lovatelli. Brotherly love really refers to homosexuality which is common in prisons. Gangsters use rape to dominate over other men. That is what faggotry really means.
The Gaetani family had two popes with Pope Gelasius II or Giovanni Gaetani of the 11th century and Pope Boniface VIII or Benedetto Gaetani of the 13th century. Pope Boniface VIII was taken out of power for opposing the French monarch which was allied with the Colonna family of Rome. The Gaetani family have often conflicted with the older families of the Black Nobility. The Black Nobility have run the foreign monarchs as proxies which they use against their rivals. In more recent centuries the Gaetani family have married in with the House of Colonna. The family have been the Dukes of Sermoneta in Lazio, Italy. This family gained more power by marrying in with the Aragona family of Spain which ruled in Sicily establishing the Gaeatani-d'Aragona name. They became the Dukes of Laurenzana a town in southern Italy. The Gaetanis had two marriages with the Canossa family of northern Italy and have an alliance with the Canossas today with Marquis Sigifredo di Canossa as the current head with his wife Ghilla Gaetani dell'Aquila d'Aragona. Onorato Gaetani was a mayor of Rome in the 19th century and Prince Michelangelo Gaetani was a governor of Rome and gained more power by supporting the House of Savoy. Michelangelo's daughter established the Gaetani-d'Aragona-Lovatelli family branch today with Prince Roffredo Gaetani-d'Aragona-Lovatelli and Prince Gelasio Gaetani-d'Aragona-Lovatelli. Prince Gelasio Gaetani refers to himself as the "Wizard of Wine" and he is involved in trafficking of adrenochrome and human blood. Prince Onorato Gaetani was Minister of Foreign Affairs in Italy during the 20th century and his son Prince Leone Gaetani worked in the Italian government and traveled to the Mid East making various connections. Leone's mother was Lady Constance Adela Bootle-Wilbraham of British nobility and Leone later moved to Canada. Ndrangheta clans have large operations in Canada. The financier Prince Andrea Cattaneo-Della Volta founded Zenith Energy which is headquartered in Canada and does business in Azerbaijan. The Cattaneos own the Azerbaijani mafias which specialize in kidnappings and extortion. The Cattaneo family of Naples are also covert managers of some Ndrangheta and Camorra clans. John Travolta who played Gotti Jr in a movie is related to the Cattaneo della Volta family.
The House of Gaetani have part shares in the businesses of the Caltagirone family with Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone worth over 2 billion. The Caltagione family own Cementir Holding which runs subsidiaries involved with international cement production with a large operation in Scandinavia. Flavio Cattaneo is a board member of Cementir. The Cattaneo family are a similar bloodline that ruled in Genoa with Prince Carlo Gregorio Catteneo and Prince Andrea Cattaneo-Della Volta as current members. The Cattaneo family operated as debt collectors for Genoese bankers. The Italian Mafia has been continually connected with concrete, cement, and construction companies. They use these types of businesses for disposing of bodies and also so they can construct hidden ways to infiltrate into buildings for espionage, assassinations, and extortion. Around 2013 there were dozens of "suicides" of bankers. The mafia were throwing bankers off of buildings to cover up an international banking scandal including the Libor Scandal. The mafia often build banks and business buildings with secret underground entrances. In Italy the mafias like Ndrangheta have constructed entire towns with hidden passage ways, underground bunkers, and tunnels for hiding out, escaping, and storing drugs, weapons, and contraband. Michele Zagaria was a top boss for Camorra and was found hiding in a reinforced bunker under his home. Ndrangheta boss Francesco Pesce was found living in a bunker underneath a junkyard and equipped with high tech surveillance and a trap door. The Gaeatani family are top management and command over the international Ndrangheta clans and they manage the gatekeepers which protect the Black Nobility and higher level mafias. Ndran-gheta like Gaeta. The Gaetani family manage mid level Black Nobility which operate as gatekeepers for higher level families like the Savoy, Massimo, Colonna, Borghese, and Torlonia families. The Gaetanis pretend to be the head of the Black Nobility. They are not. They also manage gatekeepers for Switzerland and the Bank for International Settlements which is financing their criminal agenda and their attempt at taking over. Gaetani refers to gate.
Prince Roffredo Gaetani with Ivana Trump. Prince Roffredo is one of the most vain and egotistical beings on the planet. His ego and vanity is disgustingness.
Prince Roffredo with Ivana and Donald
In this set of photos you can see Prince Roffredo Gaetani with his hands all over Ivana and Ivanka during Ivanka's birthday with Trump present. Ivanka Trump is a child murdering pedophile and was initiated by Prince Roffredo.
The Roman Prince Marcantonio Colonna with Ivana Trump. Baron Niccolo Turrisi Colonna was suspected of being the head of the Sicilian Mafia during the 19th century.
Jesuit Fordham educated Donald Trump with Princess Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies the family that are direct descendants of the Farnese family that established the Jesuits
The spouses: Claudia di Canossa, daughter of the Marquises Sigifredo and Ghilla Gaetani of L'Aquila d'Aragona, and Raffele Maria Maiorano, President of Confagricoltura giovani
The ceremony took place inside the Jesuit Church
Sigifredo di Canossa
50 Cent, Victoria Gotti, Kelly Preston, John Travolta, and Gotti Jr. 50 Cent manages Bloods and Crips on the East Coast and serves the Gottis. John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston sacrificed their son. There was an extortion plot over their son's death. The media and courts covered up the reason why they were able to extort Travolta and Preston which was their involvement in his death.
Andrea Cattaneo Della Volta
Oilman & Government Advisor
I developed an understanding of the Country whilst negotiating the loan with Vietcombank, short name for ‘Bank for foreign Trade of Socialist Republic of Vietnam’, and by meeting with Government officials. Whilst I was working on this loan the Government asked me if I was interested in trading Vietnamese petroleum.
Zenith was incorporated, as Canoel International Energy Ltd., under the Business Corporations Act (British Columbia) on September 20, 2007, and fully listed on the TSX-V (Toronto Stock Exchange- Venture) on December 5, 2008. The Company changed its name to Zenith Energy Ltd. on September 30, 2014.
Zenith operates the largest onshore oilfield in Azerbaijan and has a number of gas producing concessions in Italy. The Company’s Italian operations include the production of electricity and condensate.
Flavio Cattaneo (born 27 June 1963, in Rho, Italy) is an Italian manager, CEO of NTV, Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori, the first private company of High Speed Trains in Europe.
Cementir Holding S.p.A. (independent director and member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Control and Risks Committee, from January 2008 to April 2015).
Board of Directors
Chairman & CEO Francesco Caltagirone Jr.
Deputy Chairman Carlo Carlevaris (Independent)
Directors Alessandro Caltagirone Azzurra Caltagirone Edoardo Caltagirone Saverio Caltagirone Fabio Corsico Mario Delfini Veronica De Romanis (Independent) Paolo Di Bendetto (Independent) Adriana Lamberto Floristan (Independent) Chiara Mancini (Independent) Roberta Neri (Independent)
Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone (Italian pronunciation: [franˈtʃesko ɡa.eˈtaːno kaltadʒiˈroːne]; born 1943) is an Italian businessman. He controls the holding company Caltagirone S.p.A. with interests in cement manufacturing, real estate, construction and publishing (with Caltagirone Editore).
As of 2015, Caltagirone was ranked number #894 on the 2015 Forbes billionaire list and #19 in Italy, with an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion.[3]
In 1992 he took over Cementir S.p.A, the fourth biggest Italian company in the cement industry
While at least 40 bankers have killed themselves in the 17-month period starting in March 2013 in the wake of the global banking scandal, the circumstances of Rossi’s death — and two others — stand out as particularly mysterious.
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2019.01.22 12:10 CleverLime Last hat-trick conceded/scored by each Serie A team

Last hat-trick conceded by each Serie A team:

Player Nationality For Against Result Date
Antonio Nocerino Italy Milan Parma 4–1 26 October 2011
Edinson Cavani Uruguay Napoli Roma 4–1 6 January 2013
Giuseppe Rossi Italy Fiorentina Juventus 4–2 20 October 2013
Nikola Kalinić Croatia Fiorentina Internazionale 4–1 27 September 2015
Dries Mertens Belgium Napoli Cagliari 5–0 11 December 2016
Dries Mertens Belgium Napoli Bologna 7–1 4 February 2017
Éver Banega Argentina Internazionale Atalanta 7–1 12 March 2017
Grégoire Defrel France Sassuolo Torino 3–5 28 May 2017
Paulo Dybala Argentina Juventus Genoa 4–2 26 August 2017
Mauro Icardi Argentina Internazionale Milan 3–2 15 October 2017
Ciro Immobile Italy Lazio SPAL 5–2 6 January 2018
Fabio Quagliarella Italy Sampdoria Fiorentina 3–1 21 January 2018
Mauro Icardi Argentina Internazionale Sampdoria 5–0 18 March 2018
Jordan Veretout France Fiorentina Lazio 3–4 18 April 2018
Giovanni Simeone Argentina Fiorentina Napoli 3–0 29 April 2018
Josip Iličić Slovenia Atalanta Chievo 5–1 21 October 2018
Dries Mertens Belgium Napoli Empoli 5–1 2 November 2018
Duván Zapata Colombia Atalanta Udinese 3–1 9 December 2018
Josip Iličić Slovenia Atalanta Sassuolo 6–2 29 December 2018
Duván Zapata Colombia Atalanta Frosinone 5–0 20 January 2019

Last hat-trick scored by each Serie A team:

Player Nationality For Against Result Date
Orlando Rozzoni Italy SPAL Vicenza 3–0 28 January 1968
Nicola Pozzi Italy Empoli Cagliari 4–1 9 December 2007
Adaílton Brazil Bologna Genoa 4–3 28 February 2010
Amauri Italy Parma Torino 4–1 10 March 2013
Antonio Di Natale Italy Udinese Sampdoria 3–3 17 May 2014
Albin Ekdal Sweden Cagliari Internazionale 4–1 28 September 2014
Suso Spain Genoa Frosinone 4–0 3 April 2016
Carlos Bacca Colombia Milan Torino 3–2 21 August 2016
Mohamed Salah Egypt Roma Bologna 3–0 6 November 2016
Roberto Inglese Italy Chievo Sassuolo 3–1 12 February 2017
Grégoire Defrel France Sassuolo Torino 3–5 28 May 2017
Ciro Immobile Italy Lazio SPAL 5–2 6 January 2018
Fabio Quagliarella Italy Sampdoria Fiorentina 3–1 21 January 2018
Mauro Icardi Argentina Internazionale Sampdoria 5–0 18 March 2018
Andrea Belotti Italy Torino Crotone 4–1 4 April 2018
Paulo Dybala Argentina Juventus Benevento 4–2 7 April 2018
Giovanni Simeone Argentina Fiorentina Napoli 3–0 29 April 2018
Dries Mertens Belgium Napoli Empoli 5–1 2 November 2018
Duván Zapata Colombia Atalanta Frosinone 5–0 20 January 2019
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2019.01.01 18:07 Blubbey Transfer rumour collection thread winter 18/19 1st January week 1

Any and all help is appreciated, sources from bad newspapers are the lower limit - no random clickbait blog type sites. Sources from December onwards only.

Sources are shite do not take any of them seriously

Dates are dd/mm

x = no
? = dunno
~ = eh
✓ = yes
The incomplete list of not completely terrible sources are:
Evening Standard
Darren Lewis (sometimes write for mirror)
Kicker (german)
Mohamed Bouhafsi (french)
Kristof Terreur (belgian players)


Name Age Club Est. Fee Date Source Reliable?


Name Age Pos. Club E. Fee Date Source Reliable?
Kelly 20 cb bristol ? 08/12 mirror x
Bellanova 18 RB AC Milan ? 19/12 milannws x
Hummels 30 CB Bayern ? 19/12 bild ~
Andersen 22 cb sampdoria ? 18/12 infut x
Aarons 18 rb norwich ? 25/12 sun x


Name Age Pos. Club E. Fee Date Source Reliable?
Rabiot 23 cm psg ? 03/12 sun x
Vilhena 23 cm feyenoord ? 08/12 mirror x
Gomes 25 CM Barca ? 14/12 sun x
grillitsch 23 cm Hoffenheim ? 14/12 bild ~
Ndombele 21 cm lyon ? 17/12 mirror x
Puig 19 cm barca ? 17/12 standard x
allan 28 cm napoli ? 17/12 devlive x
Berge 20 dm genk 25m 28/12 TMW x
kessie 22 cm ac milan ? 02/01 express x
doucoure 26 cm watford ? 04/01 skyports ~
van de beek 21 cm ajax ? 04/01 skysports ~
zakaria 22 cm gladbach ? 04/01 skysports ~
weigl 23 cm bvb ? 04/01 sportbild ~
de jong 21 cm ajax ? 12/01 mirror x
zielinski 24 cm napoli ? 16/01 mirror x
hoffman 26 cm gladbach ? 19/01 bild x


Name Age Pos. Club E. Fee Date Source Reliable?
asensio 22 am Real M ? 11/12 mirror x
man 20 am FCSB ? 11/12 DM x
under 21 fw roma ? 19/12 dm x
maja 19 fw sunderland £1.5m 24/12 mirror x
hazard 25 fw gladbach ? 28/12 flond x
bowen 22 fw hull ? 30/12 sun x
werner 22 stri/fw leipzig ? 09/01 express x
brooks 21 am bmouth ? 12/01 sun x
clarke 18 winger leeds ? 15/01 flond ~
malcom 21 winger barca ? 15/01 telegr x
wilson 26 striker bmouth ? 15/01 flond x
origi 23 striker lpool ? 16/01 telegraph x
rossi 31 striker n/a free 16/01 men x
sanabria 22 striker betis 30m e 17/01 independent ~
carroll 30 striker west ham ? 21/01 mirror x
rodriguez 27 am RM ? 21/01 express x

not happening

Name Age Pos Club E. Fee Date Source Reliable?


Name Age Pos Club E. Fee Date Source Reliable?
Wanyama 27 dm ? ? 27/12 DM x
GKN 23 winger ? ? 27/12 DM x
Llorente 33 striker ? ? 27/12 DM x
Vorm 35 gk ? ? 27/12 DM x
Janssen 24 striker ? ? 27/12 DM x




Name Age Position Club E. Fee Date Source
Brown 19 LB Hudd. ? 01/01 spurs
Dembele 31 cm ?/monaco/b. guoan ? 27/12 DM
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2018.12.29 18:12 AstaCSGO American Formula Racing Series (AFRS)

The American Formula Racing Series (AFRS) is the first championship being governed by the newly founded American Racing Association (ARA). The series consists of 11 rounds, and features open-wheeler race cars, powered by V8 Hybrid engines, supplied by three different manufactures, Honda, Ford, and Renault. The aero will be quite simple, not creating too much dirty air, however still able to turn at high speeds. Each team runs two cars in a single race. 8 teams are confirmed for the first season of the AFRS. Pre-season Testing is set to start on February 12, 2019.
The 2019 AFRS Entry List:

Team Driver 1 Driver 2 Engine Supplier
RedBull Racing Max Verstappen Dan Ticktum Honda
Honda Motorsport Brendan Hartley Jenson Button Honda
SMP Racing Sergey Sirotkin Nikita Troitskiy Ford
Barrichello Racing Alexander Rossi Sébastien Buemi Renault
Turing Motorsport Bruno Senna Juan Pablo Montoya Renault
BMW Racing Team Lucas di Grassi Pascal Wehrlein Ford
Lamborghini Motor Racing Alexander Albon Charles Leclerc Renault
Virgin Racing Max Chilton Marcus Ericsson Honda

Race Calendar

Name Track Date
United States Grand Prix South Circuit of the America March 3rd, 2019
United States Grand Prix West Laguna Seca March 24th, 2019
Canadian Grand Prix Circuit Gilles Villeneuve April 21st, 2019
Mexican Grand Prix Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez May 19th, 2019
Brazilian Grand Prix Autódromo José Carlos Pace June 16th, 2019
United States Grand Prix North Indianapolis Motor Speedway (Road Course) July 7th, 2019
United States Grand Prix East Miami Street Circuit July 28th, 2019
Sonoma Grand Prix Sonoma Raceway August 18th, 2019
Atlanta Grand Prix Road Atlanta September 15th, 2019
New York Grand Prix Watkins Glen International October 3rd, 2019
Daytona Grand Prix Daytona Road Course November 11th, 2019
(This is my first real attempt at making a fictional racing series so I may make some mistakes)
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